6 Best Beddings for Guinea Pigs 2020

While your 4-year-old may feel that the best bedding for guinea pigs is in his bed (he can sleep with me, mom!), you probably have a more sensible (and lifesaving) solution for the family’s furry little critter.

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In our table, below, we’ll take a look at some of the top bedding solutions for guinea pigs and review a few that should be avoided.

If you’re a new guinea pig owner, then our tips will be especially helpful to you!

What to Use

Here are some materials that are safe for guinea pigs:

  • Hay. Grass hay is most effective when used with another type of bedding (some use it together with layers of other materials such as newspaper and pine shavings).

Guinea pigs also eat and burrow in the hay, so it’s definitely a top pick of guinea pig owners.

Remember that if you choose an alfalfa hay or a clover hay that they are richer in protein, so if you have a portly guinea pig, you might avoid these. For skinny pigs or pregnant pigs, this might be just what they need.

  • Towels or Fleece. Terry cloth (the fabric used for towels) and fleece make excellent cage liners. You can wash and reuse them (much like a cloth diaper for babies), which decreases the amount of waste and money you have to spend on disposable ones.
  • Paper. You’ll find a few specialty paper products that are specifically designed for small critters like guinea pigs that work great as bedding.

Some use newspaper to line the bottom of the cage but as actual bedding, we wouldn’t recommend it.

Top 6 Best Guinea Pig Bedding Options

PictureNameType of BeddingPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameType of BeddingPriceRating (1-5)
1. Washable Fleece Cage Liner for Midwest Guinea HabitatFleece$$$$4.7
2. carefresh Complete Pet BeddingNatural Paper$$$4.5
3. Kaytee Pine Bedding for Pet CagesKiln-dried Pine$4.5
4. Kaytee All Natural Timothy Wafer-Cut Hay for Rabbits & Small AnimalsTimothy Grass Hay$$4.4
5. Living World Wood Aspen Shavings, 1220-Cubic InchAspen Shavings$$4.3
6. Kaytee Soft Granule Blend Bedding for Pet CagesWood Fibers$$4.3

The Wood Debate

Some feel that pine shavings contribute to health problems in guinea pigs (respiratory problems and fungal infections) while others have never had any issues with it.

If you do prefer to use pine, opt for high-quality kiln-dried shavings that are smooth and that don’t have a strong pine odor.

Cedar shavings should not be used (ever) for guinea pigs, as they can cause skin allergies and other serious health problems.

Aspen is an excellent alternative if you prefer to use wood shavings.

Top 3 Best Bedding for Guinea Pigs Reviews

1. Washable Fleece Cage Liner

If you’ve decided that fabric is the way to go for your furry little friend, then this fleece liner is perfect for you.

The benefit of fleece is that it is soft on your pig’s feet and it will absorb urine. All you need to do is remove the droppings with a mini hand vac or sweep them up and you can wash the liner once a week.

Many are surprised by the price of this, but it isn’t just the fleece you’re getting. The middle layer is made of a super absorbent textile designed specifically for urine absorption, and then the bottom layer is made of a medical grade waterproof fabric that prevents urine leakage.

Definitely a great investment for the serious guinea pig owner, but not right for everyone. If you prefer a more natural bedding choice, have a look at the next two options.

2. carefresh Complete Pet Bedding

Carefresh has the best bedding for guinea pigs who prefer a more natural environment. Here, they can burrow and walk comfortably on material that is more absorbent than shavings and keeps the odor at bay fairly well.

One thing to remember with this is that it will expand once you take it out of the packaging. In fact, it’s printed on the front:

Some have complained about the smell of the actual product, which is different than its ability to mask urine odor (which it happens to do very well). Others don’t have a problem with the smell of the product. Each nose is different!

If you’re interested in paper bedding, we definitely recommend that you give this one a try.

3. Kaytee Pine Bedding

There is also the pine bedding!

This is available in different quantities: 4 cubic feet, 2500 cubic inches, 1200 cubic inches or 600 cubic inches, which is nice so you can buy the right amount for your cage size.

As we mentioned earlier, if you’re going to opt for pine, it’s best to get kiln-dried pine shavings like these. In order to prevent any dust issues, these have also been cleaned an filtered, so you can feel safe about having your piggy run around on them.

While these are excellent shavings, those of you who don’t like pine can also check out number 5 (aspen shavings).