10 Best Canned Cat Foods 2020

Whether you’re on the hunt for the best canned cat food or the best wet cat food, we have what you’re looking for below.

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It’s important to prioritize your cat’s nutrition and understand the ingredients that go into these foods, which is exactly what we’ll help you with in our guide.

We’ll be highlighting quality brands only, so you won’t be finding any Friskies or Fancy Feast here, cat lovers!

If you really want to show your cat you love them, invest in a quality food.

Your Food Checklist

Start by making a checklist so you can narrow down the food choices:

  • Age. Are you in search of something for your kitten, adult or senior cat?
  • Activity Level. House cats have much different needs than outdoor cats, so make sure you get a canned food that provides them with the right amount of fat and calories based on their activity level.
  • Allergies. If your cat has any known allergies, make sure you read the ingredients labels thoroughly in order to make sure none of the allergens are present.
  • Dietary Needs. For cats with special dietary needs (sensitive stomachs, urinary tract infections, hairballs, etc.) you may need a special food that your vet recommends.

These foods may be temporary for some cats and permanent for others, so if you plan on making a brand switch, be sure to check with your vet first.

Top 10 Canned Cat Foods Table

PicutureName# of CansPriceRating (1-5)
PicutureName# of CansPriceRating (1-5)
1. TIKI CAT, Queen Emma Luau, Variety Pack, Cat Food, 2.8-Ounce cans, 12 Count12$$$4.4
2. Fussie Cat Premium Tuna with Chicken Canned Cat Food - 24 - 2.82-oz. Cans24$$4.4
3. Best Feline Friend Canned Cat Food12$$4.4
4. Weruva Cat Food24$$$4.3
5. Purina Beyond Natural Grain Free Wet Cat Food12$4.3
6. Wellness Complete Health Natural Wet Canned Cat Food12$$4.2
7. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Wet Canned Cat Food, 5.5-Ounce Can (Pack of 24)24$$4.2
8. Newman's Own Organics Canned Premium Cat Food24$4.2
9. Halo Spot's Pate for Cats Grain-Free Ground Chicken, 5.5oz/12 Cans (Pack of 12)12$4.1
10. Nature's Variety Instinct Grain-Free Canned Cat Food12$$4.0


Do you read the ingredients label on the back of the food? Good for you, if you do!

If you don’t, then we have some extra homework for you.

It’s important to understand what is going into your cat’s body, so here are a few things you should understand when it comes to ingredients:

  • Grains. Cats, as you know, are carnivores. Do carnivores eat plants? Yes, but only a very, very small percentage. We know that cats will eat grass (and so do dogs) in order to help them regurgitate fur balls and possibly a variety of other reasons, but it is their instinct that draws them to the grass.

Grains, on the other hand, have been introduced to cats by humans: through manufactured cat food. They are not a natural part of kitty’s diet so foods that contain a high amount of grain can create all sorts of problems.

  • Taurine. This is an amino acid that helps metabolize fats, making it an essential part of a cat’s diet. Taurine deficiencies can create all sorts of problems, ranging from heart failure or blindness.
  • Corn & Soy. Corn and soy are not good for cats, so if you see them on the label (corn meal, corn, etc.), don’t buy them. If your current food contains either of these ingredients and your cat has frequent skin problems, they very well could be the cause.

Eliminate them from their diet completely and you will probably notice an improvement (that is, if there isn’t anything else causing their skin problems).

Switch Things Up

It never hurts to switch food flavors (from meat to poultry, poultry to fish, etc.) however changing brands is a different story.

If you want to change brands, do so gradually.

Feel free to rotate flavors of the same brand in order to prevent your cat from getting bored with their food and to give them a more well balanced diet.

Don’t Forget the Dry Food

Many agree that feeding dry food is just as important as feeding wet food.

Set all the same standards for dry food as you would wet food and make sure that there is plenty of fresh water available on days when you don’t give wet food.

The wet food has a higher moisture content and since cats are famous for not drinking enough water, you need to keep a closer eye on them with the dry stuff.

Top 5 Best Canned Cat Food Reviews

1. TIKI CAT, Queen Emma Luau, Variety Pack

Tiki Cat recipes are both grain-free and gluten-free and one of few canned foods that shreds their meats rather than cutting them down into a big pile of mush. It’s closer to nature for your cat this way and causes them to use those kitty teeth of theirs, which is why we love it!

This is a good starter pack since it has a mixture of flavors that you can introduce to kitty to see if they like them.

You get:

  • Succulent Chicken w/ Egg
  • Wild Salmon
  • Regular Succulent Chicken
  • Ahi Tuna & Chicken
  • Ahi Tuna & Mackerel
  • Wild Salmon & Chicken

They have healthy doses of protein and taurine and quite a variety of flavors available in addition to the ones we highlighted.

Cat owners are happy to pay a little more for this quality stuff since it keeps their cat happy and healthy!

If you tried this already and didn’t find that it was the best canned cat food for your kitty, have a look at the next one.

2. Fussie Cat Premium Tuna with Chicken Cat Food

Fussie cat is the runner up on our canned cat food list. They also shred their foods, they don’t use potatoes and this is also a grain-free formula. All things we like to see in a good cat food!

There are actually quite a few flavors available but this Tuna and Chicken recipe seems to be a real hit with cats. If yours doesn’t like it, there are plenty of other tuna mixture recipes to choose from.

Here is a list of the ingredients in the Tuna with Chicken formula:
And the guaranteed analysis…

3. Best Feline Friend Canned Cat Food

One of the things we like about Weruva is that their food is well monitored by the British Retail Consortium, which has very high standards for pet food processing.

This is a grain-free formula that has tuna as the main protein source, and here is a quick peek at the ingredients so you have an idea of what all is in it:
Some cat owners have noticed that the formula doesn’t agree with their kitty while others find it to be a huge success.

It’s always hit and miss when you’re trying new foods, which is why we still have two more foods to show you!

4. Weruva Cat Food

Thankfully, Weruva has other canned foods to choose from that are all grain free. They have unique flavors such as Meow Luau, Mideast Feast, Asian Fusion and On the Cat Wok plus many more, so you can find the right flavors for your kitty (or kitties).

Same great standards as above, only large cans and different recipes. Definitely worth a try if the previous B.F.F. Weruva recipes didn’t work!

5. Purina Beyond Natural Grain Free Wet Cat Food

The Purina Beyond Natural recipes are grain-free and they don’t contain any corn or soy, either, which is one thing we like.

We also like that they use real salmon and don’t use any artificial colors, flavors or preservatives.

The one thing we didn’t like is the added salt in the recipe, which you can see in the ingredients label below.
For the price, we must say that the recipes is pretty good.

Are there higher quality foods available? Yes, but if you’re on a budget and can’t spring for the more expensive brands, this is a good alternative.