Best Cat Food for Older Cats 2020

Your special senior kitty requires an extra special type of food, so if you’re not quite sure which is the best cat food for older cats, we’re here to help you.

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Check out our list below of the top brands that cat owners trust for their feline friends. We’ve carefully reviewed the ingredients labels of each one and offer you some insight into what other cat owners have experienced while using them.

There are a few things to consider before you choose, so be sure to read our guide thoroughly in order to make the best selection!

Dry Food or Wet Food

There are plenty of great options for dry and wet food, both of which you’ll find below.

One of the biggest worries of cat owners is feeding dry food to a senior cat with little to no teeth, when actually, some are able to manage it just fine.

Keep an eye on your cat to see if he or she is able to break down the kibbles (swallowing them whole may result in regurgitated food later), and if for some reason they can’t handle dry food, stick with the wet.

Wet food is especially beneficial to cats that don’t drink enough water, as well.

General Health

The food you choose depends on your cat’s general health. Do they suffer from any kidney diseases, thyroid diseases, liver diseases or heart diseases? Arthritis or dental issues?

Everything affects your food choice.

Keep an eye on kitty’s weight, as well. As they age, their metabolism slows down and they’re more likely to gain weight. If you find that they’ve gained too much, look for a weight control formula that will help them slim down safely and gradually.

Top 6 Cat Foods for Older Cats Comparison Chart

PictureNameWeight/ QuantityPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameWeight/ QuantityPriceRating (1-5)
1. Ideal Balance Natural Chicken and Brown Rice Recipe Dry Cat Food7 pounds$$4.6
2. Hill's Science Diet Indoor Dry Cat Food7 pounds$$4.6
3.Wellness Complete Health Natural Dry Cat Food5.9 pounds$$$4.5
4. Nutro Senior Indoor Cat Dry Food6.5 pounds$$$4.4
5. Nutro Canned Wet Cat Food3-ounce cans$$$4.4
6. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Senior Cat Food7 pounds$$$4.3

What Senior Cats Need

A good source of protein is always important for cats, so make sure you’re providing them with a quality source of meat or fish. If you care about your cat, then spend a little extra on a higher quality product.

Extra Vitamin E is great for senior cats in order to help strengthen their immune system, a good source of fiber to prevent constipation and food that contains cranberries is great for urinary tract health.

Remember to feed your cat small portions frequently throughout the day rather than one large portion once a day. It will help the digest more easily.

Top 3 Best Cat Food for Older Cats Reviews

1. Hill’s Ideal Balance 2298

Both you and your cat will appreciate the quality source of protein used in Ideal Balance’s Natural Chicken and Brown Rice mature adult formula.

Made mostly of chicken, along with some dried egg product, this dry food also offers your cat brown brewer’s rice (natural fiber for healthy stool); plenty of vitamins to keep their immune system strong and it’s corn-free, soy-free and wheat-free. No artificial preservatives, flavors or colors, either!

If you’ve already tried this brand and your cat wasn’t a fan, have a look at the next two options.

2. Hill’s Science Diet 2530

Hill’s Science Diet is probably the best cat food for older cats who spend most (or all of) the day indoors.

If your kitty doesn’t have any grain allergies, then this mixture of quality chicken, whole grain wheat, vegetables, fruits and vitamins is great for those cats over the age of 11.

The formula is designed to promote healthy kidneys and joints; plenty of fiber for a healthy digestive system, Vitamins C and E to support the immune system and it is easily digestible.

An ideal mix for senior kitties!

3. Wellness 89372

For less active senior cats, try the Wellness Complete Health dry food.

This low-calorie formula is great for overweight or less active kitties who also need some extra joint support. The cranberries used are also great for urinary tract health and the food is free of soy, corn and wheat.

It’s just as great as the number one option on our list, so if you find that your cat wasn’t a fan of Ideal Balance, give this one a try!