6 Best Cat Litter Mats 2020

Between each litter box and the floor lies the litter mat: that useful layer that prevents dirty chunks of cat litter from travelling too far from the litter box.

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How do you know which ones will actually keep the litter in the contained area and which ones are better left on the shelf? We’ll show you.

We’ve researched the top picks of cat owners and highlight the best cat litter mat brands in our list.

No more trails of litter wandering their way around the house and onto the furniture. Once in the litter area, always in the litter area.

Before You Select

Here are a few features to pay attention to as you compare and contrast mats:

  • Litter Trapping Level. Some mats are better at trapping litter than others. We like the
    perforated mats (some are honeycomb-shaped and others are round) which allow the litter to fall down onto the second layer.

There are also mats with a random stringy pattern that grabs and traps the litter. Both are excellent options.

  • Material. As you look at the material use to make the mat, think about cleaning (will you be able to easily clean off cat urine and feces) and clawing (if you have a clawer, then they’ll rip the softer materials to shreds). PVC is durable but some cats don’t like it. You can try softer materials (such as number 5) if you don’t like PVC mats.

Some cats prefer a softer feel and others don’t mind the rigid feel of those rubber perforated mats (like the ones we just mentioned).

Cats can be very picky about their bathroom set up, so you might even need to try a few different arrangements in order to find the right one for them.

Top 6 Cat Litter Mats Table

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
1. XL Cat Litter Trapper$$$$4.8
2. Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat$$4.6
3. Blackhole Cat Litter Mat$$$$4.5
4. Two Meows Litter Mat$$$4.5
5. PetFusion SmartGrip Cat Litter Mat$$$4.1
6. Van Ness Trackless Litter Mat$4.1

We wanted to give you a close up view of the different options in order to help you find the best cat litter mat for your feline friend.


Some mats are small and some are pretty big, so you’ll need to think about your cat and the litter area in general in order to choose the right sized mat.

  • Smaller Mat. Smaller mats are great if you have a tidy kitty and if you don’t have a lot of space available around the litter box.Number 6 is good if you’re looking for a smaller mat.
  • Large Mat. For a messy kitty, the small mat won’t cut it. You’ll need something larger that can help you catch all of the stray chunks of litter.

If you have the space and a messy cat, then it’s worth it to spring for a larger one.

Top 3 Best Cat Litter Mat Reviews

1. XL Cat Litter Trapper

Mat Size: 30” x 23”

This is our favorite one on the list. It’s a dual-layer mat made of durable PVC and has the honeycomb pattern we mentioned earlier. Kitty steps out of the litter box and onto the mat and any litter stuck to their paws will fall down into the holes and remain on the protective base layer until you clean it.

It will also help you with messy cats that don’t always have the best aim when sitting in the litter box. It’s easy to clean and the size is purr-fect!

2. Easyology Premium Cat Litter Mat

Mat Size: 35” x 23”

No, this isn’t bunch of ramen noodles flattened and made into a litter mat (although that is certainly what it looks like).

This mat is made of PVC and the ramen noodle-like pattern on the top is what helps prevent the litter from traveling around the house. The surface is rubbery, which helps grip larger pieces of litter, and the small spaces between the PVC ramen noddle patter will trap all of the smaller particles.

It’s nice that they come in different colors, too, so it’s not such an eyesore in your home.

3. Blackhole Cat Litter Mat

Mat Size: 30” x 23”

Blackhole is another favorite of cat owners. It’s similar to number 1 above, but the holes and design are slightly different. It’s made of a rubber EVA material (same stuff they use in the soles of shoes), which is soft yet durable.

The main difference is that three sides are sewn together in order to form a pocket. This allows you to move it more easily and empty it without anything falling out.

The mat is excellent and the biggest complaint people have with it is the size. We also wish it were slightly larger, but overall, it does its job well. We were pleased with it!