Best Dog Food for Great Danes 2020

Finding the right type of food can be difficult for any dog owner, but those of you with Great Danes know that this particular breed requires special care and attention.

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They grow at amazingly fast rates and for the sake of their health, you need to be well informed when it comes to organizing a meal plan.

We’ll help you with that in our guide below, so keep reading to find out, which is the best dog food for Great Danes of all stages!

Important Things to Consider for Great Danes Food

Here are a few of the most important things to consider as you approach a dog food for your Great Dane:

  • Quality. You need to be prepared to spend the money on a quality diet. Opting for cheap, low-quality grocery store finds isn’t good for any dog, but it can be especially detrimental to a breed like the Great Dane with such specific needs.
  • Ask a Vet or Breeder. If you obtained your Great Dane directly from a breeder, then they’ll be able to instruct you on the proper nutrition for the dog, but if you didn’t, it’s still a good idea to contact one for some quality advice.

Your vet is another good place to start, however, if they only offer you general info on giant dog breeds and not specifically Great Danes, seek out more expert advice elsewhere.

Top 6 Dog Foods for Great Danes Table

PictureNameQuantityPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameQuantityPriceRating (1-5)
1. Holistic Select Large & Giant Breed30 pounds$$$4.7
2. Ideal Balance Large Breed27 pounds$$4.6
3. Precise 726331 Holistic Complete Large/Giant Breed30 pounds$$$$4.5
4. Eagle Pack Natural Dry Dog Food30 pounds$4.5
5. Chicken Soup for the Soul Large Breed30 pounds$$4.5
6. TUFFY'S PET FOOD 131105 Nutrisource Large Breed33 pounds$$$4.4

The Dog’s Life Stage

Each stage of the dog life requires the right kind of food, and that’s not even taking into consideration any sort of special dietary needs that your Great Dane might have!

  • Puppies. Quantity and frequency of meal times each day must be altered throughout your puppy’s growth stages.

Some feel that feeding a Dane puppy specially formulated puppy food is wrong. Most breeders and those who know the breed agree, however, there are some who do like to use puppy food up until a certain point. The important thing is to make sure you check the protein (which should be between 23-26%) and the fat levels (which should be between 12-16%)

  • Adults. Protein levels, while some may agree and disagree with the percentages, are recommended between 20-25% for an adult Great Dane.

As always, it depends on the dog’s activity level and overall health, but generally speaking, this is the average percentage recommended for the breed.

Feed adults two times a day.

  • Senior. For most Great Danes, an adult formula is fine if you cut back on the quantity (if you have, for example, an overweight senior), but some senior formulas are good for Great Danes.

Precise Holistic makes a senior large/giant breed formula that you might want to check out in addition to the adult formula we suggested on our list above (number 3).

Top 3 Best Dog Food for Great Danes Reviews

1. Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food

For adult Great Danes, Holistic Select is an excellent choice.

Protein Level – no less than 24%
Fat Level – no less than 14%

This kibble is loaded with ingredients that support good digestive health (active probiotics, fiber and digestive enzymes), it has a healthy blend of proteins to help support their muscles and glucosamine for healthy hips and joints.

No meat by-products, wheat, wheat-gluten or artificial colors, flavors or fillers; just natural, quality ingredients fit for a Great Dane!

2. Ideal Balance Large Breed

Ideal Balance makes this great puppy food if you’re interested in a puppy formula for your growing Great Dane.

Protein Level – 30%
Fat Level – 15%

While this is slightly high in the protein area for a Great Dane puppy, some find that it works out great for a short time in puppy’s development until they’re ready to switch to adult food.

This chicken formula has plenty of ingredients to promote healthy digestion, healthy skin and coat, a strong immune system and strong bones and teeth.

A great option for those in need of a quality puppy food!

3. Precise 726331

Breeders and Great Dane owners will all tell you that Precise Holistic is another great option for Great Danes.

Protein Level – minimum 25%
Fat Level – minimum 15%

The calcium and phosphorus levels have been adjusted in this food for adults that have reached their full size (so the amounts aren’t excessive).

The formula is ideally balanced (probably the best dog food for Great Danes) so if you haven’t yet tried it, we highly recommend that you do!