Best Dog Food for Maltese 2020

Finding the right kibble for your Maltese isn’t so difficult if you refer to our guide below.

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We’ll take a look at the specific types of food that work best with most Maltese and provide you with a few tips that will help you understand the ingredients label a little better.

Small Breed Formula

Maltese adult weight can vary since some have genetically larger bone structures than others. Yours may way 4-5 pounds while another weighs closer to 9 pounds.

Being a smaller breed, it’s usually best to stick with a small breed formula for several reasons:

  • Kibble Size. Small breed formulas create kibble that is just the right size for a smaller dog’s mouth. Regular sized kibble can sometimes be difficult for them to eat.
  • Balanced Nutrition. The calories and nutritional value in a small breed formula is designed specifically for the small breeds, which helps their smaller bodies utilize the nutrients more efficiently.

Sometimes regular kibble is too rich for small dogs, which can cause them to gain weight more easily.

For some Maltese, a regular kibble may be the best solution since it contains a particular ingredient (or eliminates other ingredients). If it’s too large, you’ll have to crush it a bit to make the bites more manageable for them.

It can take a bit of trial and error in order to find the best dog food for Maltese and any other dog, for that matter!

Top 6 Dog Foods for Maltese Table

PictureNameQuantityPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameQuantityPriceRating (1-5)
1. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food12 pounds$$$4.6
2. The Honest Kitchen Preference: Grain Free Base-Mix Dog Food7 pound box of base mix makes 29 pounds of food$$$4.5
3. Halo Spot's Stew Natural Dry for Small Breed Dogs, Wholesome Chicken, 10-Pound Bag10 pounds$$4.5
4. Blue Buffalo Life Protection Dry Adult Dog Food15 pounds$$4.5
5. Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food6 pounds$$4.5
6. Holistic Select Natural Dry Dog Food28 pounds$$4.4

Feeding Puppies

When feeding a Maltese pup, it’s best to feed them smaller portions more frequently throughout the day.

Remember that their stomachs are smaller than other puppy breeds, so you don’t want them to gorge and then purge.

Since the breed is more prone to juvenile hypoglycemia – low blood sugar – feeding them frequently throughout the day will help regulate blood sugar levels.

Grain-Free and Protein Source

Skin problems are common among many dogs, Maltese included.

If you notice that your dog scratches himself/herself a lot, then you might need to find a food that eliminates certain ingredients.

Grain-free formulas are usually the best way to go, but if your dog’s allergies are stemming from the protein source rather than a grain (meat or poultry), then your food choice will be based on protein source.

If the allergy is protein-related, then have a look at number 2 on our list below.

If it is grain-related, then try feeding them number 1 (Wellness Grain-Free small breed formula)

Top 3 Best Dog Foods for Maltese Reviews

Maltese owners seem to have good luck with the following three brands, but if you find that they don’t work for your dog, then check out some of the other brands on our list.

1. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food

For those looking for a more traditional kibble option (as opposed to the Honest Kitchen option below), Wellness’ grain-free small breed kibble is a good one to try.

This is probably the best dog food for Maltese that lead a more active lifestyle due to the potatoes and higher protein percentage.

Check out the ingredients label:



2. Honest Kitchen Grain Free Base-Mix Dog Food

The Honest Kitchen offers a unique approach to feeding. If you like to give your dog fresh meat but still need something that will give them the rest of the nutrients they need without switching to a RAW diet, this is the next best thing.

The “Preference” blend is appealing since it is gluten-free, grain-free and it uses sweet potatoes and pumpkin rather than grains.

This is perfect for Maltese that have a meat or poultry allergy since the base mix is meatless. You can choose the type of protein to add in (fish, meat or poultry) which makes it better than a limited ingredient diet.

Check out the ingredients on the label:



3. Halo Spot’s Stew Natural Dry for Small Breed Dogs

Halo is another brand that small dog breed owners like.

The kibble is smaller and easier for them to chew and they use high-quality protein sources (real meat and real poultry, no by products or meals). It seems to be especially popular with dogs that have sensitive stomachs or various digestive problems.

Check out the ingredients label for yourself!

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