Best Dog Food for Pitbulls 2020

Trying to create the right diet plan for your Pitbull and finding it a bit difficult?

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We can’t blame you. The pet food industry has exploded with choices, so understandably your search has lead you to a variety of resources about dog food.

As a proud Pitbull owner, we’re here to help you narrow down the choices in order to find the right food for this breed.

Below, we allow you to compare and contrast the best dog food for Pitbulls as well as offer you some useful tips that will help you to make a smart choice when it comes to their diet.

Keep reading! You’ll find plenty of useful info in our guide.

Take This into Consideration

Before you select a food, consider the following:

  • Rescued Pits. It’s possible that a rescued Pitbull has been in a variety of different homes, kennels or care facilities before arriving at your home. He or she has probably eaten a variety of different dog foods, so if you are rescuing a Pitbull hold off on purchasing a large quantity of new food until you know what they like and tolerate well. Find out what they have been eating and start with that, then gradually introduce them to a new food.

You may want to start with a single-source protein food to help you determine if they have any allergies, too.

  • Allergies. Speaking of allergies, if you know that your dog suffers from any sort of food-related allergy, be sure to provide them with a food that won’t cause any irritations or flare ups.
  • Age, Activity Level, Heath. Puppy, adult or senior? Couch potato or active, outdoor dog? Health issues or fit as a fiddle?

Ask yourself (and your vet) these questions before you select a food, so you can find one that’s right for your dog.

Top 10 Dog Foods for Pitbulls Complete Table

PictureNameWeight (lb)PriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameWeight (lb)PriceRating (1-5)
1. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Dry Adult Dog Food24$$4.6
2. Wellness CORE Natural Grain Free Dry Dog Food26$$4.6
3. Nature's Variety Instinct Grain-Free Dry Dog Food25.3$$$4.6
4. Taste of the Wild Dry Dog Food30$$4.5
5. Orijen Adult Dry Dog Food29.7$$$$4.5
6. CANIDAE Life Stages Dry Dog Food for Puppies, Adults & Seniors30$4.5
7. Pinnacle Trout and Sweet Potato Formula Dog Food, 15-Pound15$$$4.4
8. Blue Buffalo Wilderness High Protein Dry Puppy Food11$$4.3
9. Diamond Naturals Dry Food for Adult Dogs, 40 Pound Bag40$4.3
10. Castor & Pollux Natural Ultramix Grain Free/Poultry Free Adult Dog - Salmon - 5.5 lb15$$4.3

Feeding the Pitbull’s Muscular Structure

It’s no secret that Pitbulls have huge muscle mass, especially if they exercise regularly. This is perhaps one of the reasons that people are often intimidated by them, and for such a muscular structure, you need proper food to fuel it.

A high-protein diet is ideal for muscle mass, and many Pit owners rave about Orijen dry dog food for this reason. It is grain-free and contains a whopping 80% of meat ingredients. The only downside to this quality food is the high price tag.

We’ll talk more about this brand below (it’s considered the best dog food for Pitbulls by many) as well as offer you some other quality, budget-friendly options.

Not every Pitbull requires a high-protein diet, and you’ll find plenty of other foods to meet your dog’s individual needs.

Raw Meat

If you want to occasionally offer your Pitbull raw meat (a natural snack), stick to chicken and beef. You must make sure that it is fresh. Order raw meat from a trusted butcher that is an expert in the meat and poultry field.

Don’t feed them raw salmon or pork, as these can pose potential dangers to their health. Raw pork is unsafe on the digestive system and salmon (along with several other kinds of raw fish) can poison your dog. Avoid them at all costs!

Top 5 Best Dog Food for Pitbulls Reviews

1. Blue Buffalo 840243105137

For the Pit with an active schedule and stocky build, the Blue Buffalo Duck recipe offers them a high –protein diet to keep up with their lifestyle.

There are two huge benefits to this food that we can name right off the bat.

First, it’s grain-free, which is ideal for any dog these days since grains are hard to digest and cause various skin irritations.

Second, it’s packed with protein that will keep your Pitbull’s muscles lean and large. It contains deboned duck, chicken meal and turkey meal, and you’ll notice that the kibble contains darker colored bits that offer them a healthy dose of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.

Whether Pitbull, Golden Retriever or Yorkshire Terrier, you want your dog to be healthy and Blue Buffalo makes some great food to help you achieve this!

2. Wellness Natural Pet Food 88403

This is another alternative food that will provide your Pitbull with the protein-rich diet that it needs.

This chicken and turkey recipe is grain-free and provides all the nutrients that a normal everyday dog needs. If your Pitbull isn’t active but still manages to get some daily exercise, then this is a great option for them.

This is also free of meat by-products, artificial preservatives, artificial colors and artificial flavors.

Natural, healthy food for your dog every day! You’ll also find that they have some puppy recipes, reduced fat recipes, ocean and wild game recipes, so have a look if you like the label but have a picky Pitbull that prefers certain flavors.

3. Nature’s Variety 769949603658

Raw salmon: not okay to feed your Pitbull. Cooked salmon – along with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and omega fatty acids – perfect!

This is a high-protein recipe features salmon as the main dish, and it is completely grain-free. It’s also potato-free, making it as close to raw as possible…almost like your Pitbull went salmon fishing in the nearby river!

Because of the quality ingredients and the high protein content, this brand has a bit of a high price tag, but it provides your active, healthy dog with everything they need.

4. Taste of the Wild 418581

This really does give your dog a taste of the wild since it’s made with real roasted bison and venison meat. You’ll be mopping their drool puddles off the floor with this food.

Another great grain-free choice that has a more budget friendly price tag, this is supplemented with fruits and vegetables and plenty of antioxidants.

In addition to the bison and venison, you also have lamb meal, chicken meal and egg product. That is quite a few different protein sources. This contains canola oil, which isn’t the best choice for a dog food.

Overall, this is a great product and thousands of dog owners would agree that it’s worth the purchase. Just be aware that is has quite a few ingredients and may not work for your Pitbull.

5. Orijen 34322

And finally we will elaborate on the Orijen dry dog food, the most expensive on our list!

This has a whopping 80% of meats, which is a huge percentage when compared to other dog food standards.

Many Pitbulls thrive on this high-protein diet, but remember that it’s not designed for every dog.

If you have a very active Pitbull that gets plenty of exercise and you need a food to keep up with him, then opt for Orijen. They say that it’s so good, even humans could eat it.

Natural, quality ingredients and a healthy balance of vitamins, minerals, fats and limited carbs.

This is an impressive food that’s well worth the investment.