Best Dog Food for Pugs 2020

Hungry pugs are always happy and willing to eat whatever is in the food bowl, but since you’re the one who decided what they eat, how much and when, you have a little bit of research to do!

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Luckily for you, we’ve done most of the research for you and will be highlighting the best dog food for pugs on our list below. Keeping a healthy weight can be a bit tricky with a breed like this since they aren’t very active and they gain weight easily, but our tips will help you navigate your way through the most popular brands. Write us a few of your own suggestions in the comment area below!

Tips to Consider When Choosing Dog Food for Pugs

Forget the cheap brands. If you want a healthy pug, you need a quality food and that means paying a bit more. Pay more for quality food, though, and you’ll avoid expensive (and painful) visits to the vet!

Here are a few tips before we show you some of the brands:

  • Puppy, Adult or Senior. If you got your pug puppy from a breeder, they’ll be able to help instruct you on proper diet. If your puppy came from somewhere else, then find out what they’ve been eating. You might need to purchase a small quantity of it so you can gradually change from that brand to your preferred brand. We have a suggestion for you below, so be sure to check it out!

For adult pugs, you have many options, which we will discuss more in detail below.

  • Allergies. Remember to take any allergies or intolerances into account as you shop for food. Formulas that are grain free or limited ingredient diets are ones to look into if your pug has specific dietary needs.
  • Obese Pug. Too many treats or heavy feedings? If you have a portly pug, then look for a low-calorie formula that will help them return to their ideal weight gradually.

Top 6 Dog Foods for Pugs Table

PictureNameQuantityPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameQuantityPriceRating (1-5)
1. Merrick Limited Ingredient22 pounds$$$$4.7
2. Fromm Gold Small Breed5 pounds$4.7
3. Wellness CORE Natural Grain12 pounds$$4.6
4. Orijen Adult5 pounds$$4.6
5. Natural Balance Original Ultra28 pounds$$$4.6
6. Organix Small Breed Recipe4 pounds$4.6

Kibble Size

Make sure the kibbles aren’t too big for the dog to chew.

Aim for a width of around ¼ inch-½ inch, which will allow them to chew but not swallow the kibbles whole.

It’s important that they chew the kibbles so that they are broken down and more easily digestible once in the stomach. If the kibbles are too small and they eat them whole, they might regurgitate their meal later.

Top 3 Best Dog Food for Pugs Reviews

1. Merrick Limited Ingredient

Limited ingredient diets are great for pugs with sensitive stomachs.

This is a single source animal protein formula that contains no dairy, no eggs, no grains, corn or soy. There are no artificial colors, flavors or preservatives. A simple and nutritious meal!

The recipe is simple with a healthy mix of deboned lamb, lamb meal, sweet potatoes, peas and regular potatoes. It has a 25% crude protein minimum and 13% fat minimum, which means that this would be an excellent kibble for pugs with normal activity levels.

If your pug isn’t interested in the lamb formula, Merrick also makes salmon, duck and turkey recipes.

2. Fromm Gold Small Breed

Pug owners seem to do really well with Fromm Gold, which is why it’s the second best dog food for pugs on our list!

This formula has a blend of duck, chicken, lamb, eggs and even cheese, something not commonly found in dry dog food. That’s probably why so many picky dogs love it! This food is specifically designed for the metabolism of smaller dog breeds, and

As far as carbs go, this contains pearled barley, brown rice and potatoes as fillers, so if you were in need of a grain-free formula this isn’t the one for you (check out the next one instead).

Overall, an excellent brand and one that works well for pugs!

3. Wellness CORE Natural Grain

This grain-free formula from Wellness is an excellent option for any pugs with allergies.

Let’s take a look at some of the main ingredients: turkey, chicken and turkey meal, potatoes, peas, broccoli, carrots, parsley, apples, blueberries, kale, sweet potatoes. Good, good, and good! It has a healthy blend of omega fatty acids, the kibbles are smaller and it’s free of grain, corn, soy, wheat-gluten and artificial preservatives.

This has a higher level of protein than some of the other dog foods (36% crude protein minimum) so this should only be given to more active pugs.