Best Dog Food for Yorkies 2020

If you’re a Yorkie owner or if you’re thinking about getting one, there are definitely some serious things to consider when it comes to their diet.

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Yorkie puppies have different needs than Yorkie adults, so we’ll recommended some dog food brands that many Yorkie owners have already had great success with.

As many dog owners know, not all dogs eat alike. Some have allergies, some have digestive problems, and some are just plain picky! That’s why we show you the six best dog food for Yorkies, so that you have options in case your little guy or gal has already turned up their nose at some of them on the list.

Top 6 Dog Foods for Yorkies Chart

PictureNameQuantity (lbs)PriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameQuantity (lbs)PriceRating (1-5)
1. Royal Canin Yorkshire Terrier Dry Dog Food10$$$4.8
2. EUKANUBA Breed Specific Adult Yorkshire Terrier Dog Food12$$4.7
3. Hill's Science Diet Adult Small and Toy Breed Dry Dog Food15 ½$4.7
4. CANIDAE Grain Free Pure Sky with Fresh Duck for Dogs12$$$$4.6
5. Hill's Ideal Balance Natural Chicken & Brown Rice Recipe Adult Small Breed Dog15$$4.6
6. Royal Canin Yorkshire Puppy Dry Dog Food2 ½$4.5

Food Quality

It’s worth it to invest more into a high quality dog food that your Yorkie enjoys, because chances are you would have to spend even more money in vet bills to cure their ailments caused by a low-quality food.

Not everyone has time to whip up some homemade Yorkie food, which is why the brands we suggest are great for owners of the breed who are interested in feeding them a quality diet!

It’s best to get a food that is designed for their small size, as the dosage of nutrients, etc. in the food has been designed specifically for the way their body will use the calories that they consume.

If you have luck with larger kibble that is generalized for various sizes, then you will have to be extra careful about the quantity you give them and keep an eye on their weight.

Be careful with larger kibble, since Yorkies tend to have dental issues due to their small size (overcrowding of teeth, for example). If they don’t eat the food you give them, try a smaller kibble to see if that fixes it.

They may not have been eating because the kibble was too large for their mouth!


The labels on each of the brands above have average serving-size suggestions, but the quantity may be lower or higher based on your dog’s size and activity level. Start with the recommended amount on the label if you are unsure, and then adjust from there as needed.

You want to aim for a healthy size: not too fat and not too thin (ribs showing).


Avoid giving Yorkies table scraps. They can be extra sensitive to some of the things that are meant for us humans, so find them some all-natural, dog-friendly snacks to avoid any problems.

Top 3 Best Dog Food for Yorkies Reviews

1. Royal Canin Yorkshire

Royal Canin has a line of breed-specific dog foods, and their Yorkshire Terrier mix is available in a puppy formula (which you’ll see in number 6 on our list) and adult formula (this one).

This kibbles are small in size, specifically designed for the delicate mouth of the Yorkie, it’s enriched with Omega-3 fatty acids to give them a clean, silky coat and those that seem to be picky when it comes to food tend to love the rich flavor. They can also eat it going into their senior years.

2. EUKANUBA Breed Specific

Eukanuba also has a Yorkie breed specific kibble that will help keep your Yorkie’s teeth in great shape (it helps reduce tartar build-up), it promotes healthy digestion with its natural blend of beet pulp and prebiotic FOS (a type of sugar) that can help “friendly” bacteria grow in the large intestine.

Yorkies’ coats will also benefit from the Omega-3 and Omega-6 fatty acids, giving them a lustrous shine and healthy skin.

3. Hill’s Science Diet

Hill’s has a line of food for all adult toy and small breed dogs, such as the Yorkie. This is a chicken-based food packed with Vitamin C and E to help enhance the immune system, Omega-6 fatty acids for a shiny coat and calcium to support bone and muscle strength.

A great food for Yorkies or Yorkie mixes!

Your four-legged pal deserves the best when it comes to food. Use our guide above to help you find the best dog food for your Yorkie!