6 Best Dog Houses 2020

While some of us may be sent to “the dog house” when we get into trouble, for your pooch, “the dog house” is simply a place to curl up and fall asleep after a long day of chasing balls and squirrels.

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In our guide, we’ll be taking a look at some of the best dog house options and highlight the top three for you in our review section.

If you aren’t sure what to look for in terms of design quality and style, you’ll find plenty of useful tips below.

Where to Begin

There are a few things you should pay attention to as you search for a quality dog house, including:

  • Material. Plastic and wood are the most common materials used to make doghouses.

We will be discussing the distinct differences between them for you more in detail below, so be sure to read everything under the table, as well.

  • Size. Make sure you get a dog house that is big enough (but not too big) for your dog.

The dog should have enough space to stand in the house (so make sure that it is taller than your dog) and walk in a small circle (which they will usually do as they burrow or nest into their blankets).

If the doghouse is too large, it will be more difficult to maintain a decent amount of heat in the cold weather.

  • Door. A door is handy to keep the heat in and the precipitation out, so if the doghouse is in an exposed location, make sure that it has a door or that you can easily attach a door to the frame.

Look for a rain rim on the entrance, as well, which will help divert rain to the sides of the house rather than letting it fall inside.

  • Ventilation. Proper ventilation is important year round. In the summer, it helps prevent the house from getting too hot and in the winter, you risk moisture build-up that can eventually freeze, thaw and create the perfect environment for mold and mildew to grow in (ew!).

Top 6 Dog Houses Table

PictureNameMaterialPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameMaterialPriceRating (1-5)
1. PETMATE 290710 Barn Home III for Small PetsPlastic$$4.5
2. Arf Frame Dog House with Dark FrameReal Wood (White Cedar)$$$4.4
3. Pet Zone Step 2 Tuff-N-Rugged Dog HousePlastic$$$$4.4
4. Petmate Indigo Dog HousePlastic$$4.3
5. Petego Umbra Portable Pet HouseNylon & Mesh$$$4.2
6. Suncast DH250 Dog HousePlastic$4.1


  • Plastic. Plastic is a common option because it requires less maintenance.

You don’t have to worry about it rotting or about re-varnishing it and they’re usually less expensive than wood houses.

They also weigh less and are easier to clean, but plastic just doesn’t have the same level of insulation that wood does.

  • Wood. Cedar is the best wood to use for doghouses since it can inhibit flea infestations.

While a wood house may require more maintenance than a plastic one, they’re great for the long haul and if you keep yours under a covered kennel.

If you experience extremely cold winters, then opt for the wood house, as it will provide a more insulated environment for your dog to sleep in.


Don’t forget the portable doghouse!

We’ve included on in our table above (the Petego Umbra Portable Pet House), which is great when you’re headed out camping or a day on the beach.

It’s basically a mini tent for your dog, and trust us; there are plenty of times when a portable house like this will come in handy.

Have a look for yourself!

Top 3 Best Dog House Reviews

1. PETMATE Barn Home III

The Petmate Barn Home III is a classic doghouse choice.

It comes in five different sizes, from X-small to X-large (for dogs from 50-90 pounds) and it made of a rot and mold-resistant plastic that is easy to assemble (it comes in two pieces and you just snap them together).

The back of the doghouse features an air vent to help promote better air circulation and in the front (on the outside), it has s rain guard rim to help prevent the water from dripping inside where your dog sleeps.

This is probably the best dog house for most of you out there, but if you don’t like the idea of plastic, then you should definitely check out the next option!

2. Arf Frame Dark Frame

This White Cedar wood doghouse is surprisingly lightweight and sturdy and much better looking in our opinion.

It features a raised floor, a steep roof to allow moisture to roll off and the inner part of the roof is even sheet lined for extra strength and durability.

Internally, this will provide more of a snug fit for your dog, so if you’re worried about choosing one that your dog can fit in, just remember that it is supposed to be a little “cozier” inside as some dogs feel more secure in a space like this.

The white cedar wood used to construct the house is pest resistant and quite strong, and while this may require a bit more assembly than the previous house, it is still an excellent investment for those of you who prefer real wood.

Available in X-small, Small, Medium or Large.

3. Pet Zone Step 2 Tuff-N-Rugged

Buy this doghouse and take good care of it and you’ll probably never have to buy a new one again!

This plastic doghouse is easy to clean and maintain thanks to the lift-off roof portion. It has double wall construction that provide it with extra stability and durability and there are also vents to help keep the air circulating all year round.

The only limitation here is the size, since this is meant for larger dogs, but if you have a lab (or something of similar size and weight) or even a dog that is a little bit bigger, this is a great choice.

It also doesn’t come with a door, but we’ve seen some owners get pretty creative and if you love a good DIY project, you can definitely find a way to attach one yourself.