6 Best Horse Feeds 2020

Even if you have the best hay, the best oats and plenty of grassy fields for them to “mow”, sometimes these things just aren’t enough for a horse’s dietary needs.

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Horses with health conditions or those that are severely emaciated can benefit greatly from a manmade feed that has extra vitamins and minerals added. Specialty feeds can also help with other problems such de-worming, fly control and coat improvement.

In our table below, we’ll take a look at some of the best horse feed and supplements that are good to keep on hand in the barn for horses that need a little extra boost.

When These Feeds Come In Handy

Special times call for special measures, and in your case, you might find that a manmade feed is best in the following situations:

  • Elderly Horses. Once they start to creep up there in years, chewing hay and oats isn’t as easy as it used to be.

If they can’t chew, then they won’t eat. This results in weight loss and slow starvation. The good news is that if you catch on soon enough to any dental-related problems, you can give them feed like number 1 or number 2 in our table below.

These are easier for the horse to gnaw on and swallow, which means they’ll get the proper amount of food each day without having to fight the hard oats or sharp hay stems.

  • Mistreated or Abused Horses. Horses that have been rescued from horrible living conditions need special care and special food.

Number 3, for example, is a feed specifically designed to help horses gain weight at a safe pace. Many who rescue abused, emaciated horses use a feed like this.

Top 6 Horse Feeds Table

PictureNameType of FeedPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameType of FeedPriceRating (1-5)
1. The Phoenix Renew Gold SupplementFeed$$$4.7
2. Kalmbach Feeds Tribute Essential K for HorseFeed$$$4.7
3. Horse Guard Super Weight Gain Equine Vitamin MineralWeight Gain Supplement$$4.7
4. HORSE NIBBLES 296996 Horse NibblesTreats$4.5
5. Farnam Equitrol II Feed Thru Fly Control for HorseSupplement to Control Flies in Manure$$$$4.4
6. Pennsylvania Imports Himalayan Salt Brick Lick for HorsesSalt Lick$4.3

Don’t Forget the Mineral Lick

Having a mineral lick like the Pennsylvania Imports Himalayan Salt Brick around the paddocks or pastures is usually a standard for many horse owners.

The reason we like this one is because it is derived from natural mineral deposits in the Himalayan Mountains rather than manmade.

The natural ones have way more minerals than the “artificial” ones, and in order to keep your horse functioning normally, these minerals are an essential part of their diet.

Top 3 Best Horse Feed Reviews

1. Pheonix Renew Gold Supplement

If you’re looking for something that can replace high-starch, grain-based diets, then Pheonix Renew is probably the best horse feed choice for you.

This is a low-starch food that is made with non-GMO ingredients, natural vegetable oils, protein and fiber. The mixture of high fat stabilized rice bran, coconut meal and flax will really help regulate your horse’s digestive system.

This is a type of feed that allows you to continue using your preferred type of hay and give them a balanced mix of starches, calcium and phosphorus in order to regulate their diet.

This is a 30-pound bag, which will last up to 60 days for a foal that’s less than a year old and up to 30 days for senior and mature horses.

2. Kalmbach Feeds Tribute Essential K

These low calorie pellets contain plenty of vitamins and supplements that will help keep your horse in tip-top shape.

It is especially useful to horses that are hyperactive or that have metabolic conditions (i.e. ulcers, laminitis, insulin resistance or obese horses), and the ingredients also support hoof health, bone and tissue growth and overall digestive health.

This is a 50-pound bag, so based on your horse’s weight you’ll have to determine how long it will last you.

Here are the feeding directions:

3. Horse Guard Super Weight Gain

We mentioned this one above, this type of feed is ideal for horses that are severely underweight. Most likely, a horse in such conditions has been rescued and will require extra special care and a special diet to help them build back up their strength and attain a healthy weight.

This not only provides them with the fat and fiber they need, but also plenty of vitamins and minerals, bacterial and yeast inoculants to help improve their gut functions and digestive healthy, protein to increase their energy level and Vitamin E and organic Selenium to help them recover from stress.

If you have an abused or malnourished horse to nurse back to health, this is the kind of feed will provide them with everything they need to get back on track.