6 Best Invisible Dog Fences 2020

Since there are quite a few varieties of invisible fences available, we’ve created an easy way for you to compare the best invisible dog fence for your pet so you can help keep them safely contained.

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Below, you’ll find the top six products, a mixture of both indoor and outdoor fences, along with a detailed look at the best three.

How They Work

Traditional outdoor fences use wires that are buried in the ground in an area pre-selected by you.

It comes with a radio transmitter that you place indoors, which connects to the wire.

When turned on, the collar your dog wears has a receiver that picks up the signal that the wire is transmitting.

Next, the collar will give off a warning beep, followed or accompanied by various levels of vibration (depending on the settings you choose).

Other fences are wireless, and they work without in-ground wires. Instead, they transmit a signal (usually in a circular range) that will also give off warnings to your pet via a collar.

Things to Consider

Before you start, there are a few important things to consider as you look for an invisible fence:

  • Correction Strengths. The collar that the dog wears will give them various levels of electric stimulation as they draw near the fence and you’ll be responsible for choosing the intensity levels. This electric stimulation teaches them not to go near the fence and therefore remain within the area you choose.

Some dogs are too small to use this type of system because the electric stimulation is too strong for their bodies. Check the various weight limits of the fence you’re interested in before you purchase.

  • Wires or Wireless, Indoors or Outdoors. There are great indoor fences that keep pets from entering into certain rooms or areas of the house; typically these are wireless.

You can also find some great outdoor fences that are either wireless or in-ground.

Top 6 Best Invisible Dog Fences Chart

PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNamePriceRating (1-5)
1. SportDOG 100-Acre In-Ground Pet Fence System$$$$4.5
2. PetSafe Elite Little Dog In-Ground Fence$$$4.3
3. Friendly Pet Products Wireless Dog Fence, Outdoor Pet Fence$$4.2
4. PetSafe Pawz Away Extra Indoor Pet Barrier$4.2
5. PetSafe Stubborn Dog In-Ground Fence$$$4.2
6. PetSafe Wireless Pet Containment System, PIF-300$$$$4.1

Purchase Information

We realize that the best electric dog fences can spark a debate.

Whatever your feelings are toward them, we want our guide to act as a useful tool that will help anyone looking for invisible fences to quickly and easily compare the top brands. We respect and understand that this is not a product for every pet owner and that others find it to be a very effective tool to keep their dog safe.

3 Best Electric Dog Fence Reviews

1. SportDOG In-Ground Pet Fence

This is an outdoor, in-ground fence that is recommended for dogs that weigh more than 10 pounds.

It has a built-in lightning protection system that helps prevent it from “frying” should a lightning bolt strike nearby. The 1,000 feet of wire allow you to cover a wide area and you can easily mark the fence boundary with the 100 flags it comes with.

One useful feature is the anti-linger feature. If your dog, let’s say, is chewing on a bone in the warning zone (where there is no shock or vibration felt), the system will prevent the battery from running down.

A great tool to help keep your dog contained outdoors!

2. PetSafe Elite Little Dog

This outdoor fence is designed with smaller dogs in mind.

They recommend using it with dogs that weigh between 5-50 pounds. The kit comes with one collar, but you can buy additional collars if you have more than one dog and program them to work with the main fence system you already purchased!

PetSafe products work hand-in-hand, so this fence, for example, is compatible with item number four on our list (the indoor pet barrier). The correction strength isn’t determined on the transmitter, but rather on each individual collar.

Pretty handy if you have several pets!

3. Friendly Pet Products

This in-ground fence system (it says “wireless” but you still need an in-ground fence cord to wirelessly project the radio wave) is great if you need to keep two dogs separate Just run two different wires in separate sections of the yard and purchase separate collars for dog.

It has five correction levels and the collar is waterproof to keep your dog safe at all times. They also offer great customer service should you ever have any issues!

If you’re comparing and contrasting invisible dog fence options, be sure to refer to our guide above for some useful tips!