6 Best No-Pull Dog Harnesses 2020

Sometimes it almost seems like the harness or a collar is a trigger for your dog to pull. The minute you put it on, they start to haul you down the sidewalk!

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If you put the right harness on your dog and you also learn how to work with them before, during and after a walk, then things can go so much more smoothly.

We’ll help you compare and contrast the best no-pull dog harness brands below and offer you some tips that will help you choose the right one.

Consider This When Choosing a No-Pull Dog Harness

Before you select a harness, here are a few things you should take into consideration:

  • Type of Harness. There are several types of harnesses that you can use to stop a dog from pulling, each of them designed to help the specific type of pulling issue that needs to be addressed.

We’ll discuss them more in detail below, so continue reading!

  • Material. You want the harness to be durable, but make sure it has some sort of padding that will prevent it from digging into the dog’s skin if they pull.

Nylon is the most common material and those that fit over the chest usually have a padded mesh lining that make it more comfortable/ergonomic for the dog.

Top 6 No-Pull Dog Harnesses Table

PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameTypePriceRating (1-5)
1. Chai's Choice Best Front Range Dog HarnessChest Lead$$$4.4
2. Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness Training PackageChest Lead$$$$4.4
3. Kurgo Tru-Fit Smart Dog Walking HarnessChest Lead$$4.3
4. No-Pull Dog Leash Harness, ARIKONBack Clip$$4.3
5. PetSafe Petite Gentle Leader Head CollarHead Collar$$4.2
6. Coastal Walk'n Train Head HalterHead Collar$4.1

Types of Harnesses

The most effective no-pull harnesses are:

  • Chest Lead Harness. Unlike a standard harness that has a clip on the back (at the dog’s shoulders), a chest lead harness has a clip on the front (at the breastbone) and the back.
  • Head Collar. This is a particular type of “harness” that fits over the dog’s head and muzzle. It’s not always the right tool for some dogs and you shouldn’t use it if you see that your dog is stressed when wearing it, but for others (when used properly), it can work wonders.

Some no-pull harnesses are also just standard back-clipping harnesses, but usually these won’t help those with dogs who have serious pulling issues.

The best no-pull dog harness is most likely going to be a chest lead or a head collar harness.


Making sure you have the right size is one of the biggest challenges when it comes to choosing the best harness for dogs that pull.

Do some research to see if you can find anyone with the same breed of dog as you that has already had success with a certain type of harness and the size.

Of course, sizing guides are provided to help you determine the right one, but if your options are “small, medium or large,” then it gets a bit trickier.

Measure carefully and try one on to be sure it fits before you choose!

Top 3 Best No-Pull Dog Harness Reviews

1. Best Front Range Dog Harness

Many dog owners love Chai’s no-pull harness because of the ergonomic design and comfortable fit that it provides for their dog.

This is a chest lead harness and a back-clipping harness so you can use it either way, and it is even designed to attach to the seatbelt when you’re in the car so that your dog stays safe.

Owners love that the harness was designed with the dog’s comfort in mind and that it doesn’t rub or chaff when in use.

The chest lead hook will help you on walks where your dog is a bit more excited and the back-clipping harness is perfect for more relaxed leisurely walks when he is calm.

A great harness at a great price and proudly made in the USA!

2. Freedom No-Pull Dog Harness

Freedom has a great no-pull harness for the larger breeds. While they do make sizes for smaller dogs, the design just seems to work better with the larger dogs (boxers, bull mastiffs, etc.)

The part of the strap that goes behind the legs is lined with velvet to prevent chaffing, and the loop at the back of the harness sits right between the dog’s shoulders so they can walk straight. To prevent pulling, it gently tightens around the chest.

When used properly, this can be a very effective training tool!

3. Smart Dog Walking Harness

This is designed to fit comfortably on a variety of dogs, both large and small, and it also has two hooks (top and front) so you can use it accordingly.

It has plastic quick-release buckles that make it easy to put on and take off plus a broad padded chest plate for added comfort. The fit is customizable, which is great.

Overall for price and design, it’s a great no-pull harness. The construction is so-so, but if you have a strong puller, then they might wear the harness out (or break it) quickly.