6 Best Probiotics for Dogs 2020

Not all bacteria is bad, and if you’re in search of the best probiotics for dogs, what you’re really searching for is live bacteria and yeast to help aid in digestion!

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There are plenty of brands out there and sometimes even the best ones aren’t good enough for your dog.

It can be difficult to find one that your dog will actually eat, so in our guide below, we’ll be presenting you with some of the most popular probiotics and dog owners have success with.

If you’re not sure how probiotics work or you’re new to them, this is the guide for you.

Things to Know Before You Purchase

When handling a product like this, there are a few precautions to take in order to avoid compromising the quality and effectiveness.

Remember that these are living bacteria so you need to handle them carefully.

  • Check the Date. Never use a product that is expired. It may be OK with some of the things you have sitting on your pantry shelves, but not with probiotics.

Toss it if it has expired and be sure to check the expiration date of a product that you would like to purchase so that you avoid getting one that will expire before you can finish it.

  • Temperature, Air, Moisture. You should also store a supplement like this in the right location. Extreme temperatures (both hot and cold) and overexposure to air and moisture can damage them, so ideally, probiotics sold in individual serving packets/sizes are best.
  • Avoid Low Quality Products. Look for products that are made in the USA and that come from safe laboratories. We intentionally left out Purina’s FortiFlora because it is simply a low-quality brand made with questionable ingredients.

Purina dog food is also something we avoid since it contains too many grains and other ingredients that contribute to dogs’ health problems.

With a product like this, it is worth it for the sake of your dog to spend a bit more on something of high quality.

Top 6 Probiotics for Dogs Comparison Table

PictureNameFormPriceRating (1-5)
PictureNameFormPriceRating (1-5)
1. Pet Ultimates Probiotics for Dogs, 137 gramsPowder$$$$4.7
2. Amazing Nutritionals Amazing Probiotics for DogsTablets$$$4.5
3. Paw Choice Probiotics for Dogs with PrebioticsChews$4.5
4. PetVitalityPRO Natural Digestive EnzymesChews$$4.5
5. Vetri-Science Mega Probiotic Dog & Cat SupplementCapsules$$4.3
6. Nusentia Probiotic Miracle Probiotics for DogsPowder$$$$4.3

PRObiotics Versus PREbiotics

There are actually two different ways to promote your dog’s digestive system: with probiotics or prebiotics.

  • Prebiotics. A prebiotic supplement is a way to provide your dog with nutrients that will help promote the growth of good bacteria that are already present in your dog’s colon.
  • Probiotics. This supplement contains live bacteria and yeasts that will help with digestive and gastrointestinal problems in your dog.

They are not the same thing, as you can see, and we’ll be focusing on the best probiotics for dogs in this article.

We just wanted to make sure you understood the difference!

When to Use Them

There are plenty of situations where a probiotic can be useful to your dog. If your dog has been experience any digestive issues recently, it may be due to:

  • Stress
  • Food Switch
  • Infection
  • Age (older dogs may benefit from probiotics on a regular basis)
  • Parasites

If your vet has already assessed the cause of your dog’s digestive problems and recommended that you incorporate a probiotic into their diet, then you’ll find some excellent choices here.

Sometimes this supplement only needs to be given for a few days (maybe your dog was stressed and their digestive system temporarily went into tilt) while other dogs may benefit from probiotics on a regular basis.

As always, be sure to speak with your vet before you decide!

Top 3 Best Probiotics for Dogs Reviews

1. Pet Ultimates Probiotics for Dogs

This specially formulated probiotic is made right here in the good ole’ USA, and the manufacturer is definitely proud of that! They should be, too, because their product is GMP certified, which means it is made in a laboratory that has passed the “Good Manufacturing Practice” test.

This is a tasteless powder that many dogs don’t have an issue consuming and it helps with a more than just digestion, gas and diarrhea; it has also helped with coat and skin issues and even improved energy levels. When the gut works well, everything else will, too!

Here is a list of the ingredients included in this probiotic:

This is definitely a great brand and very effective product!

2. Amazing Nutritionals Amazing Probiotics

If your dog doesn’t mind tablets and vacuums up pretty much anything you put in front of him or her, this is a great alternative to the previous product.

This is also a GMP-certified product that is made in the USA and ideal for dogs who need a little extra boost in the joints in addition to digestive health and skin/coat problems.

Here are the ingredients:

Many have had excellent results with this brand, so if you haven’t yet found one that works, we suggest that you give this a try!

3. Paw Choice Probiotics with Prebiotics

Another great product that is GMP certified and made in the USA: ideal for dogs who need a supplement disguised as a tasty treat so they won’t even know the difference!

If you only need an occasional probiotic for your dog (to help them when they are stressed, for example), a product like this is idea.

The package is affordable and there are 60 chews inside, which means you won’t be stuck with a huge container of product that you aren’t able to use before the expiration date.

Here are the ingredients: