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Can My Cat Eat Tuna and Salmon? (This is the Answer)

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The age-old question: is tuna or salmon healthy for your feline friend? We will go over quite a few different fishy options for your cats to help you keep your pet as healthy as possible!

Can Cats Eat Raw Tuna or Salmon Every Day?

The simple answer is no.

It is not suggested for cats to consume any type of raw fish or raw meat in general. This is not really suggested for most animals, but with your kitty friends, we want to avoid all raw meats, including tuna and salmon.

Consuming raw tuna and salmon could potentially lead to salmonella or E. coli; just as it does in humans, the bacteria can wreak havoc on their immune system.

Can You Feed Your Cat Cooked Tuna and Salmon?

Yes, you can give your cats these treats, but sparingly.

Unlike the raw counterpart, cooked tuna and salmon are a better option for you cats to consume, and you don’t have to worry about any type of bacteria. These treats need to be given in moderation because too much tuna or tuna steak could lead to mercury poisoning.

But in general, salmon is a great choice because it contains quite a few good nutrients for your cat like healthy oils and vitamins. But it’s not a good stand-alone diet option, because it lacks all the essential nutrients your furry friend needs.

Should Your Cats Eat Canned Tuna and Salmon?

Yes, but in moderation.

A full-grown cat can consume canned tuna and salmon that is completely cooked, but it must be sparingly given. I know this sounds a little harsh because they love it so much, but these canned delights don’t contain enough nutrients and minerals to keep your feline friends healthy.

Also, the canned fish is packaged with a lot of preservatives and salt, which can cause malnutrition, dehydration, and a myriad of other issues with your cat’s health.

Giving Your Cat Tuna in Oil?

This is a huge no-no.

Tuna in olive oil or sunflower oil is not even good for humans, for your cat it can cause a real problem.

The oil cannot be digested properly, and it is just an added preservative and tends to be incredibly salty and briny that can cause digestion issues, and excessive weight gain in your pet due to the added fat from the oil. Even straining the oil out is not a viable option. If you plan to give you pet canned tuna, go with tuna in water to be safe.

Should You Give You Kitten Canned Tuna?

The ASPCA suggests that giving your kitten tuna once in awhile as a yummy treat is not all bad. But keep it to a minimal amount because of the mercury levels in the cooked tuna.

The levels are not terribly high, but mercury for a kitten is not suggested at all because they are still developing their immune system. A steady diet of canned tuna can lead to deficiencies in vitamins such as: calcium and vitamin E which are essential for growth!

Good or Bad – Can Cats Eat Tuna Every Day?

Most certainly not.

Feeding your cats and kittens tuna every day is a bad idea for quite a few reasons. It causes dehydration, vitamin deficiencies, and could potentially lead to food poisoning and other immune health issues that could impact your cat’s way of life and longevity of life.

Too much tuna can lead to excessive amounts of mercury in their system which is poisonous to cats, especially kittens. To feed your feline friends tuna in excess will lead to a deficiency in vitamin E, calcium, copper, and sodium levels. This is important to note because a well-balanced diet will go a long way in extending the life and quality of life of your pet.

Tuna every once in a while, as a yummy treat is okay, but every day is not suggested, no matter how much they seem to love the fishy treat.

Beyond tuna and salmon, giving your cats human food is not suggest either. Their digestion system is not prepared to break-down the same type of food that humans eat, especially with all the preservatives and additional pesticides and other undesirable additions to human food.

So, Can My Cat Eat Tuna and Salmon?

Yes and no, but mostly no.

Within reason, giving your adult cat canned, cooked, tuna in water is okay, occasionally. However, every day can lead to health issues that you want to avoid!

These fishy treats lack the proper levels of nutrients that your cats need to sustain a healthy diet. However, cooked tuna or salmon as a treat every now and again is better than the highly processed cat treats you find in the store.

Everything in moderation, and your cat will continue to live a happy and healthy life!

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