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Cat Food Facts: Can Cats Eat Apples?

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We all know that fruits such as bananas and apples are an integral part of the human diet. It nourishes the body of fiber which improves digestion and gives essential vitamins to keep the overall system healthy and working.

People love to munch on these fruits because of their natural sweetness and their texture. However, are these foods also good for animals? More importantly, can these fruits be also fed to cats?

If you have a pet cat and are wondering if you can feed them with apples then this article is definitely for you.

Cat’s Eating Habits

What we usually perceive of a cat’s diet is the fish. Also, we usually see them drinking milk, tea and often times cereals. Although these food choices are rich in protein, they do not provide enough fiber which is essential for digestion and other nutrients that are essential to keeping the cat’s body healthy and keep them reach full maturity.

Cats are actually carnivores which means they depend on meat for their diet. They like the taste of protein which is why they also love fish on their diet. Furthermore, they have specific palate that is inclined to the taste of a bit salty and flavorful food. However, this does not mean that cats don’t eat fruits.

Fruits are also included in a cat’s diet. Apples especially can be fed to cats however should be in minimal amounts.

Apples for Cats

Fruits like apples can indeed be fed to cats however there are a few restrictions involved.

One restriction is that the apple should be cleared of any seeds and the core needs to be removed.

Apple seeds are composed of substances which in substantial amounts can be converted into hydrogen cyanide which can pose harmful effects to the intestines.

Furthermore, seeds and the core of the apple have the potential to initiate choking when eaten by animals having narrow throat (cats included). So, make sure to have thoroughly cleared the apple of seeds and its core before feeding it to your cat.

The apple seeds can also be stuck to your cat’s teeth and when unnoticed can cause tooth decay and other dental problems which may infect the whole jaw if left unattended.

Another restriction is to feed only small amounts of apples to your cat. Although apples may be great for helping in the digestion of your cat, having too much of it may be dangerous as well.

Apples are actually acidic which can also cause stomach and intestinal problems to a cat’s sensitive digestion system.

Furthermore, acidic foods can damage the tooth and can even cause weight gain for cats.

Rotten apples should also be refrained in a cat’s diet. Just like how rotten food reacts to humans, it would also do the same for cats.

Rotten apples can cause diarrhea and stomach problems to cats. Once this problem is unnoticed in the cat, it may become a serious problem.

How to Prepare Apples for Your Cat

After knowing that apples can actually be fed to cats provided the restrictions are met, what would be the best way to prepare them? Here are a few tips on how you can.

First, you don’t want to feed the whole fruit to them, more importantly don’t feed the seeds along with it.

Make sure to rid the fruit first of seeds and its core. Slice the apple into small pieces at which the cat can easily munch. Smaller pieces are more recommended to avoid choking the cat.

If you find it difficult to feed your cat with apples, you can also try to mash or puree the fruit and include it in your cat’s normal diet.

The great thing about adding it in the cat’s normal diet is that the cat can grow to like the fruit. Once the cat notices the familiar taste, the cat will then appreciate to eat the apple separately.

Apples are great for cats however it should not be used as an alternative to a cat’s normal diet. Although apples come with a variety of nutrients that are good for cats, it will still not be enough to support a cat’s nutritional needs.

Cats still require a good amount of protein to go about a day of activeness and playfulness.

Allergic Reactions

Just like some humans, some cats may also be allergic to apples. If you are unsure if they are allergic to apples, have them taste small quantities at first.

Once you detect any signs and symptoms of allergies such as itchiness, irritation and even vomiting, immediate stop feeding your pet with apple.

So for the question “can cats eat apples?”, the answer is YES! Just make sure to consider the restrictions mentioned in this article before feeding your cat with a slice of apple.

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