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Can Cats Eat Potatoes? Are They Safe For Your Cats?

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What do cats eat? Can Cats Eat Potatoes? Can they have the same diet as we humans? Owning a cat comes with a lot of responsibilities to shoulder as a cat parent. Ranging from their food and nutrition needs to their litter box habits, there is a lot that you need to know about your furry purr-fect friends.

Many cat folks are always in search of healthy food alternatives to keep their cats in good shape and health. Especially when it comes to nutrition needs, we become quite muddled as to what to feed and what not to feed them.

Hence, there are a lot many things that may haunt your mind while preparing a cat meal. Many of you may want to know – can cats eat potatoes? Are potatoes harmful to cats? Can my cat die if he/she consumes potatoes?

Well, being a cat parent to a cute little feline “whiskers,” I am going to tell you all the cravings that cats have for potatoes and whether they should or shouldn’t be fed with potatoes.

Can Cats Eat Potatoes?

While a cat’s digestive system is not similar to human beings, hence, the food items that are good for humans may not be good for your cat. For instance, garlic, onions, alcohol, and excess fish can prove to be toxic for your cute little kitties. And thus, there are many who are also skeptical about cats eating potatoes.

Potatoes is one such vegetable that is enjoyed by almost all people all around the globe. But when it comes to cats, the case might not be the same; this is what a few people believe. But this is a wrong conception that many perceive.

Cats can eat potatoes, but undoubtedly there are a few restrictions for the same. Consuming potatoes in small amounts is not risky, whereas high consumption can surely be a hazard. Raw potatoes are obviously a ‘no-no’ for cats, whereas boiled and cooked ones are safe and do not cause your fur balls to fall ill.

Do Potatoes Kill Cats?

​Did your cat have a potato treat? Is this an alarm for you to wear your shoes and rush to a vet? Relax! Feasting on potatoes is not a scare stiff every time. There are lots of rumors associated with potatoes and cats.

To be precise, mashed and boiled potatoes cannot kill the felines, but in some cases, raw and unripe green potatoes can be noxious for your cats. The raw potatoes contain glycoalkaloid solanine contents, which can tend to be poisonous for cats if consumed in a raw state.

Thus, it is always advisable that you cook the potatoes and mash them well before serving it to your cats. And, secondly, until and unless your cats have consumed a massive quantity of unripe potatoes, the chances of death are very minimal.

Cooked potatoes do not have any such poisonous contents that can pose health issues for your feline friends. They are safe to eat as all the solanine contents are removed during the cooking process.

So, if you happen to find your cats stealing some cooked potatoes from your plate, there is no reason to worry, they are safe enough, and you would not be required to rush them to a vet.

Why Do Cats Eat Potatoes?

Many cat guardians wonder why do their cats crave for potatoes? Is it something that they require for meeting their protein needs? There is no such thing as fulfilling the requirements by eating potatoes, but it is only the cravings that they develop to have the potatoes that satisfy their taste buds.

It also results in the intolerance that they develop, especially for eating sweet potatoes. While uncooked potatoes can pose a danger to cats, serving them with diced potatoes can be a treat for your pets.

So, while you are sharing food with your kitties, make sure they are adequately cooked and solanine free so that it does not pose any harm to your cute little furballs.

But again, when we say “cooked potatoes”, we do not instruct you to add all the yummy cheese, butter, toppings, and seasonings.

It can satisfy your taste buds, but on the other hand, it can cause terrible gastrointestinal problems to your cats, changing the word from yummy to yucky.

Can Cats Eat French Fries?

​You can hardly find an individual who doesn’t love French fries after all those crispy crunches can make your day and make you a lot happier. French fries are one of the most favorite fast foods and are not just popular among kids but also among adults.

But everything that goes well with your taste buds and tummy may not necessarily be the same for your pets.

These fries and chips are safe to eat for humans, but having oil, fatty, and acidic food is harmful to your cats. Try wrapping those fries with paper napkins and see how much oil it is soaked in that proves to be lethal for your cats if consumed in excess.

Thus, keep your fries and chips for yourself, and do not apply the ‘sharing is caring’ code in such a case.

Do Cats Like Mashed Potatoes?

Now again, this is a question that may vary depending on the taste buds and liking of your cats. Mashed potatoes are a good source of vitamins and starch that are also used in various cat foods.

Though cats love to have fish, these vegetable products can also meet the essential needs of your cats. And needless to say, mashed potatoes come under the cooked category and thus not divulge your cats to any threat.

Since all the harmful toxins are removed during the cooking process, mashed potatoes can be directly fed to cats without any additional seasonings and toppings.

It is advised that the mashed potatoes should be served to them without any additional spices and seasonings because your cat’s digestive system is very sensitive & too much chilli and spices can disrupt them. And we know that you would never wish for this thing to happen, right?

Are Sweet Potatoes Good For Cats?

Are sweet potatoes really a sweet treat to your feline buddies? Sweet potatoes do not come with ‘no for cats’ signal boards and do not contain solanine substrates and are rich in fiber content.

But your cats may find it hard to digest sweet potatoes if consumed in bulk. Further, it can instigate stomach related issues causing discomfort. So, to ensure safety for your cute little playful kittens, make sure that you rely on limited sweet potato treats.

There are a lot of other nutritional foods that can cater to the nutrition requirements of your cats. Thus, you do not have to take the risk of exposing your cats to health related-issues by feeding them sweet potatoes.

Is Potato Gravy Safe For Cats?

Serving small bites of cooked potatoes does not pose a health hazard for your cats. But potato gravy is not a good option as it contains a lot of spices that may again upset your cat’s digestive system causing uneasiness in their stomach.

Can Cats Eat Potato Chips?

We all have grown up seeing the favorite cartoon of all times “Tom and Jerry”, and we must also be well aware of all their food fights, right? Seeing those awesome and cute little fights between the two, you may have a notion that cats and mice love chips and snacks, isn’t it?

But not everything they love is good for them.

Many times, when you bring your favorite pack of salted and spicy chips, you may spot your cats passing on those innocent looks to have some portion of your share. A heart melt is sure in such a case, and what comes next? You start throwing a few nibbles to them. But does that belong to your cat menu?

Seeing your fur balls sit with those hungry eyes gazing at you may make you feel pity for them and may compel you to share your food.

But wait! You are doing it all wrong. Potato chips are not supposed to be there on their menu card.

Potato chips are something that consists of salt, spices, and other additives that can hit the gastrointestinal system of your cats. So, if you are habitual of feeding your cats with potato chips, you need to stop it right away.

Just look at those wild cats, do they ever get a chance to feed on fancy burgers, chips, and all such fast foods? No, isn’t it? They are always in search of its prey on which they can feed on. All they get is to have raw meat. So, your pet cats also have the option of deriving its protein needs from other cat foods.

Many people feel that chips can be a carb booster for their kitties. But to be downright, chips are a poor alternative for carbs for cats as they do not need to intake carbs in such a huge amount.

Secondly, if you happen to feed your cats with chips and similar junk, and if they happen to develop a tooth for it, you can expect your chips staples to be stolen off sometime soon.

Seldom treats are fine but that too once or twice a month; not more than that as these are greasy and contain sodium contents that are harmful to cats. Also, it can make your cats feel thirsty and can adversely affect their kidneys. It also affects their digestive system and further causes diarrhea and vomiting sensation. So, try using other healthier alternatives rather than feeding chips to your cats.

Do Cats Eat Potato Peels?

Nobody eats potato peels. All you do is to topple the peels in the dustbin and use the potatoes for your consumption. The same is the case when you talk about cats; they also do not consume potato peels. But you can never bet on their curiosity.

Though you may not feed your cats with potato peels, their mischievous aspect can tempt them to consume some without letting you have even the slightest hint. Cats love exploration, and when you are busy enough in preparing the meals, they may find a chance to sneak peek in your dustbins and pull out some potato peels.

Not only are they tasteless, but they can pose a danger for your kitties if they accidentally consume it. Potato skin is usually coated with dirt and dust particles, and thus may be home to pesticides and bacteria.

Thus, it is imperative not to leave any left-over potato peels around where your cats can intrude and fall sick owing to the potato peel consumption.

What If Your Cats Eat Raw Potatoes?

First, look at this:

First, look at this:

If at all your felines have dined on raw potatoes, chances are they may succumb reactions. Thus, you have to be watchful for any such symptoms, and if you happen to witness any, you should seek immediate vet assistance before the case worsens. Also, ensure that you keep your raw potato staples in such a place where your cats cannot reach.


So, this was a quick guide that has taken you all the way to acquaint you with all the kinds of potato products that your cats should be fed with and what they should never be fed with. I hope that this guide serves helpful for you to become an excellent cat parent.

It is okay to share a few bites of potatoes with your feline friends, but this should not become a habit every now and then.

I recommend keeping your potato stuff to yourself despite all the innocent looks you may be receiving from your cat’s end, as it can turn out to be critical in the long run.

If you have more such queries, feel free to ask! I would love to answer your queries.

All the best!

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