Can Cats Eat Yogurt, Flavored Or Plain? Is It Healthy For Them?

Is it okay for cats to eat yogurt? This is one question that keeps the owners of the cats bothering now and then. It is very well known that certain cats are allergic to drink the milk of a cow because of the presence of lactose in milk. However, the same is not applicable to the cats when it comes to eating yogurt as it is shown in various studies that eating yogurt is very safe.

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Also, it is known that eating yogurt is not only safe for the cats but is also very much beneficial to them.

Yogurt Is Safe For Cats

Yogurt is a food item that is not only safe for your cats but is also very much advantageous to them.

Cat eating yogurt

All You Need to Know About Yogurt

Some of the lesser known facts about yogurt are as follow:

  • Yogurt is a food item that gets ready by the bacterial fermentation process and is seen as a combination of yogurt cultures and milk. The milk of the cows is taken widely in use for this process.
  • It comprises of nutritional components like proteins, calcium, and vitamins like B6 and B12 that are quite beneficial to the digestive system.
  • It is necessary to serve yogurt only in moderate conditions.
  • There are various varieties that are available in yogurt and depending upon the fat percentage in them; you can buy low fat, no fat and other varieties.
  • The yogurt also comes in different consistency. Some of them are thick while some are quiet creamy in nature.
  • Also, yogurt is available in flavors. Most people prefer having simple yogurt and also it is easily available. Some of the flavors that are available are vanilla, strawberry, and peach.

How is Yogurt Advantageous for Cats?

As seen above, yogurt is the best food option when it comes to safe eating and providing certain benefits. Some of the amazing benefits of making your cat eat yogurt are as below:

1. Nutritional Value

  • Yogurt comprises of three basic nutrients, namely potassium, calcium, and magnesium.
  • Potassium helps in controlling the liquid balance in the body. Also, it helps in controlling the enzyme activities and in strengthening the muscles and nerves of the cats.
  • Calcium is very much helpful in making the bones stronger and in building muscles.
  • Magnesium plays a vital role in absorbing various elements like vitamins, proteins, potassium and phosphorus in a cat.

2. Solving Digestive Problems

Cat eating yogurt

  • If your cat is either having an upset stomach or is having problems in digesting her hairballs, then yogurt helps in solving these problems.
  • Yogurt comprises of active cultures and bacteria that can easily cure the digestive problems of the cat. Also, the active cultures in yogurt help in soothing any inflammation that is present in either throat or stomach area of the cat.
  • Lastly, it also offers various vitamins and nutrients that help in healing any irregularities.

3. Treating Diarrhea

  • Yogurt is one of the best options when your cat is severely ill and is suffering from diarrhea. All you have to do is serving a small amount of yogurt to the cat before serving it the meal.
  • The yogurt is probiotic in nature, so it helps in getting rid of gas, diarrhea and also cramps.
  • It also helps in soothing the digestive system and in relieving any indigestion in the stomach.
  • It is necessary to always keep in mind that simple yogurt is best for cats as the flavored yogurt comprises of sugar and there are chances that it might upset the stomach of the cat.

4. Better Dental Health

  • The active cultures those are present in yogurt helps in maintaining the liquid flow in the cat’s mouth.
  • The flora in yogurt helps in preventing the gum infections and in keeping the teeth healthier.
  • A dental disease like tooth decay and gum diseases are common in cats, and it is necessary to avoid them. To prevent these dental diseases is very important to avoid any further problems.

5. Maintaining Good Health

When a cat is on a course of antibiotics, they are likely to kill not only the harmful bacteria inside the body of the cat, but sometimes it also kills the good bacteria that are helpful for the cat.

Yogurt helps in restoring those bacteria back in the cat, which further leads in maintaining good health of the cats.

6. Increasing Appetite

It is seen in various studies that making the cat eat yogurt once in a day helps in increasing the appetite of the cat. As the appetite for the cat increases, it also boosts the immune system of it.

What are the Disadvantages of a Cat Eating Yogurt?

Despite numerous benefits of yogurt, there are certain disadvantages of eating yogurt. Some of the harmful effects of the same are as below:

Cat with yogurt bottle

  • There are some cats that are allergic to eating yogurt, and if they eat it, then there are chances of their stomach getting upset. It is advisable for the owners to feed only a small portion of yogurt when they feed it for the first time to their cat. Also, you can first contact your vet before serving yogurt to the cat.
  • It is always advisable to serve plain yogurt to the cats as the flavored yogurt might prove to be harmful. The flavored yogurt comprises of sugar and also certain additivesthat are very harmful to the digestive system of the cats.
  • Sometimes, even a small amount of yogurt might cause vomiting and diarrhea in cats. If not taken care of then diarrhea might further cause dehydration in your cat. We advise you to keep best cat litter mat to avoid mess in such cases.
  • If your cat is very much allergic to lactose-containing food items, then there are chances of having a negative response when the cat eats yogurt for the first time.

It is always advisable to first try with a very small amount of yogurt so that there are fewer possibilities of having a negative reaction from the cat. Also, you can contact your vet before you start feeding the cat something new.

What is Advisable for the Cats? Plain or Flavored Yogurt

The plain yogurt is very much beneficial to cats while the flavored yogurt might prove to be harmful to the health of the cats. The different types of flavored yogurt comprise of sugar and different additives that are harmful to the digestive system of the cats. The digestive system of the cats is not able to break the sugar, which is why cheese for cats is harmful. Hence, it might result in numerous health-related diseases in them.

The yogurt is one of those food items that are quite safe for the cats to eat and also it offers numerous advantages to them. Despite the benefits, there are certain disadvantages of feeding yogurt to the cats. It is always advisable for people to start by serving a small amount of yogurt to their cats and also contact their vet for better advice on can cats eat yogurt.

Lastly, it is necessary to always keep in mind about serving plain and unflavored yogurt to the cat, and flavored yogurt might result in various kinds of health problems and also disturb the digestive system of the cats.

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