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Can Dogs Drink Alcohol? How Harmful it is

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Can Dogs Drink Alcohol?: None of us would think to give alcohol to his dog. Well, unfortunately, there have been owners who have done it to see their dogs too stressed, trying to calm them down. But, apart from those cases, it is difficult for a dog to drink alcohol with our consent, and we congratulate you for it. Because alcohol can cause serious damage to the physical and mental health of your dog.

Even so, no matter how careful we are, there are cases of urgency in veterinary clinics for dogs that have ingested alcohol. For example, after a party at home, we were able to leave the house without collecting and the animal was able to start playing with a glass of champagne or other liquor until throwing it away. His instinct will lead him to drink the spilled liquid attracted by the smell of sugars that the liqueurs usually contain.

Can Dogs Drink Alcohol

Another example could be a box of chocolates with liquor. Maybe we have eaten some and we have left them on the table while we continue watching one of those movies on Sunday afternoon until we fall asleep. Your pet will not be able to avoid being called by the sweetness of the sugar and will omit the liquor smell of the chocolates.

Perhaps, until we have been amused, if this has ever happened to us, see our dog wobble while walking, a sign of his mild drunkenness. But, do not be fooled, alcohol is not made for dogs, and however small the amount ingested. This can cause damage to your animal. Let’s see some.

Can Dogs Drink Alcohol? Where is the Risk?

The most common alcohol in our daily lives is ethanol. It is the “food” alcohol that is found in alcoholic beverages left within range of its truffle, in fermented fruits being decomposed in the garbage can, an orchard or compost or in raw bread dough. And, it is in all these forms that a dog can absorb. Beware of alcoholic beverages such as fruit juice cocktails. which are very attractive to dogs because of their sweet taste that masks the taste of alcohol. Dogs are also very fond of raw bread dough. Not only a source of ethanol, it can also continue to swell in the dog’s stomach and cause serious injury.

Can Dogs Drink Alcohol

Ethanol or another form of alcohol, methanol, is also found in many other products such as perfumes, antiseptics, mentholated spirits or windshield washer fluids. Methanol is also toxic to the dog by ingestion.

The isopropanol is finally a third source of alcohol, which can cause poisoning in dogs. It is found in some sprays flea and poisoning is done by the dermal route.

What are the Toxic Alcohol Doses for the Dog?

Toxic doses of alcohol are not well defined but lethal doses are known in dogs, understand the doses for which a dog has a high risk of dying if he has absorbed them. They are:

  • 15 ml of 40% alcohol per kg of ethanol,
  • 4 to 8 ml of methanol per kg of body weight.

What are the Signs of Alcohol Intoxication in Dogs?

Alcohol acts on the central nervous system as well as on the metabolism of the animal.

The first symptoms of alcohol poisoning occur very quickly, between 30 and 60 minutes after ingestion because its absorption by the digestive system of the dog is very fast. The signs can be digestive, nervous, respiratory, cardiac and metabolic. The dog may suffer from disorientation, uncoordinated movements, and tremors. He can make vocalizations or be excited and then shot. He may also have difficulty breathing, severe thirst followed by the urge to urinate (polyuro-polydispy), heart problems, hypoglycemia, and hypothermia.

In cases of severe intoxication, the dog can go into a coma and convulse.

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Consequences of Drinking Alcohol

There are several known consequences of ingesting alcohol. Here we list some:

  • Changes in behavior: The intake of alcohol can cause rapid damage to the mental faculties of your animal, so you will suffer behavioral changes, such as becoming aggressive, depressed or want to urinate and defecate throughout the house.
  • Kidney damage: Alcohol is a chemical poison that if your dog ingests it, his kidneys will want to expel the outside in the shortest time. The kidneys will work to their limit to get rid of this enemy. That extreme work can damage your kidneys, even causing one of them to stop working.
  • Respiratory problems: Alcohol minimizes the speed of the functions of the bodily organs. This may happen in the case of dogs in your respiratory system. The intake of alcohol will cause its function to suffer almost immediately.
  • Heart problems: The above is applicable to the heart. If alcohol affects the human heart, it is not different in dogs. No matter how small the intake of alcohol, it can because heart murmurs or even stop your pet.
  • Death: If immediate action is not taken, your dog may die from drinking alcohol. Maybe, apparently, it does not show symptoms that drinking alcohol has not worked well for you, but you could die suddenly without realizing it.

How can I know if he has Ingested Alcohol?

Since we are not 24 hours a day with our animal, sometimes we can overlook certain things. But calm, there are many symptoms that show that your dog has ingested alcohol. They are the following:

Can i Give Dogs Ibuprofen

  • Weakness or slow movements
  • Fainting
  • Vomiting
  • Gasps
  • Abdominal pain
  • Dehydration
  • Diarrhea
  • Seizures
  • Foam in the mouth
  • Collapse

My Dog Drank Alcohol: What to do and what Remedy?

The only thing you should do if your dog gets intoxicated with alcohol is to call your veterinarian or veterinary poison control center as soon as possible.

While waiting to take him to a veterinarian, you can make very cold water drink to a dog who has eaten raw bread dough to slow the fermentation of the yeast.

If the intoxication was made through contact with the skin of your pet, you can practice skin decontamination of your dog by washing with Marseille soap or its usual shampoo … before driving to the veterinarian.

There is no antidote but your veterinarian will be able to set up a treatment for your pet’s symptoms. Except in cases of severe intoxication, the prognosis of the animal is generally good and even more so if the animal is quickly treated by a veterinarian.

What to do if my Dog has Ingested Alcohol?

If you are sure that your dog has ingested alcohol, or you suspect it by observing some of the previous behaviors that we have listed, do not hesitate; go running with your pet to the vet! This will perform an examination to know the amount of ethanol (the main component of alcohol) that your animal has ingested and give him oral activated carbon. This serves to absorb toxic substances, or for you to understand, it will make a stomach wash.

If too much time has passed or your dog has ingested too much ethanol, it is most likely that the animal has a severe dehydration. In this case, it is most likely that the veterinarian suggests that you administer several intravenous medications and perhaps the hospitalization of your friend.


Do not worry, if your dog has ingested alcohol but you act quickly, everything will be solved. Do not let it run or try to solve it on your own by looking for homemade advice on the internet. The life of your pet is at stake: go to a professional.

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