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Can Dogs Eat Cheese? Is Cheese Good for Dogs?

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Can Dogs Eat Cheese: The cheese is one of those things that dogs love uncontrollably. It is commonly used by many owners as the perfect prize and as bait to give them a medicine. However, it is important to know that cheese is not exactly something that dogs should eat.

Can Dogs Eat Cheese

Although the damage of cheese in dogs is not serious like chocolate, dairy products are not something that dogs should consume frequently.

Can Dogs Eat Cheese? What happens if my Dog Eats Cheese?

If you eat little, nothing. If you eat a lot, get ready to clean a watery poop. Yes, as graphic as it sounds. Dogs that consume a lot of dairies are unable to process it and this gives them diarrhea. Other than that, nothing more serious happens unless your dog has lactose intolerance, in which case your belly will become inflamed, will give you gas and generally will not feel very good. Beware that lactose intolerance is more common in dogs than in humans.

Can Dogs Eat Cheese

Remember that dogs do not know how to associate that it was the cheese that caused them the bad, and since they love it, feeling bad will not serve as a lesson so that they do not do it again. It depends on you.

And then with what do, I give the Medicine?

There are many other things you can use, like peanut butter or a piece of sausage. However, if your dog loves cheese and you will only use it from time to time, you can continue to give it.

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What Cheeses can I give?

The most recommended are cottage cheese or cream cheese. In general, low-fat cheeses are better for dogs because they are easier to digest.

Dogs Drink Milk

Dogs that follow a diet do not need to supplement it with additional vitamins or minerals. But if your dog cannot resist the appeal of this juicy and sweet fruit, you can still share with him a small orange neighborhood. Your dog will thank you!

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