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Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers? Are Cucumbers Good for Dogs?

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Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers: Not that many foods share the popularity of cucumbers. People love to eat cucumbers, but can dogs also eat cucumbers? Are Cucumbers safe to consume for dogs? What are the health benefits of cucumbers and there any side effects from administering cucumbers to dogs?

Cucumbers can be popular among people, but it is an underrated vegetable in dogs. You will rarely see people giving cucumbers to dogs or adding cucumbers in their list of ingredients. Here’s what you need to know about them and how to feed them to your dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers
Can Dogs Eat Cucumbers

Cucumber is a refreshing and fun vegetable to serve as a snack. Its intriguing shape could push your dog to insert a canine! Fortunately, it’s one of the safest foods to offer as a small reward. Here’s why Keep reading the complete article to know more information.

Can Dogs Eat Cucumber?

If you’re wondering “can I give my dog cucumbers,” the short answer is “YES”. Dogs can eat cucumbers without any problem.

Rewards are essential for any animal. However, far too many owners choose too salty or sweet rewards and take the risk of seeing their dog gain weight. Cucumber is one of the vegetables that is recommended for dogs whether it is in terms of taste or benefits.

Benefits of Cucumber for Dogs

Your dog will feel happy for giving him cucumber to eat and also it get many benefits. The first good action that this vegetable will have on your dog is at the level of the breath. Indeed, phytochemicals can fight some bacteria whose bad breath is born.

Some dogs have difficulty getting hydrated. Everyone Know that cucumber contains 95% water, which means your pet can hydrate better when they eat it. As in humans, hydration helps to be in better shape and therefore to have better health.

are cucumbers good for dogs

Eating this beautiful green vegetable can have several interesting benefits for dogs. Here are a few:


The phytochemicals in cucumber help fight the bacteria that cause bad breath. It’s not as effective as a good toothbrushing but it’s a start!


This is a portion of very good food for dogs with diabetes. It helps the dog to control diabetes as well.


Cucumbers contain 95% of water. If your companion does not drink much water. It is a great way to drink indirectly, which contributes to good kidney health.


This vegetable includes several types of vitamins and minerals.

In addition, cucumber is composed of many vitamins and minerals. This is an important vegetable to give in addition to a normal diet of the dog. Also note that cucumber contains no carbohydrate, no fat and no oil making it a particularly good vegetable for your companion’s health.

How Much Cucumber to be Given for Dog?

As with most vegetables and treats that are given to Dogs, it is important to take care of the quantity given. Indeed, choosing a high ration of vegetable intake will not always be beneficial. You will take the risk that your pet has diarrhea or is constipated. You must always make sure to give him some vegetables without exceeding 10% of his total diet. We must not forget that the dog remains a carnivore and that meat is its main source of fulfillment at the level of meals.

cucumber safe for dogs

Cucumber Presented as non-toxic, we advise you to always give fresh cucumber to your dogs. Refreshing and succulent, it will provide many benefits for dogs. Cut the Cucumber and give him. To avoid swallowing, your cucumber will have to be cut into small pieces.

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What to Replace the Cucumber with for dogs?

Vegetables are good for the health of the dog and do not miss this. If you want to stay in the green, we suggest you turn directly to the zucchini. Excellent for canine breeds and zucchini is also tasty. Dogs love it as snacks, so you can vary the rations every day.

can dogs eat raw cucumbers
can dogs eat raw cucumbers

Don’t repeat the same vegetable daily in addition to the main diet of the dog. By choosing the cucumber once, the zucchini once and once any other vegetable. Your pet will be happy and it shows some interest in taking that food.

Speaking of other vegetables, know that carrots also bring great benefits to your pet. You can give it regularly but always making sure not to exceed 10%.


Hence, You have got the complete information on can dogs eat cucumber or not. Along with that, we have covered all the important points on cucumber for dogs. We hope you like this article and willing to share with friends and other dog owners. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment box below. Stay tuned to Dogsfud and help us to increase Facebook likes by linking the Dogsfud Facebook Page.

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