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Can Dogs Eat Eggs?? Shocking Facts From Veterinarian.

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Providing adequate nutrition to our pet is one of the best actions we can take if we want to keep it healthy. Thus achieving an optimum quality of life.

We are increasingly aware of this fact and therefore many owners are looking for more natural ways to feed. Your dog and provide all the necessary nutrients, in fact, today it is even possible to find organic food for dogs.

can dogs eat eggs

If you are interested in offering your dog a natural diet do not miss the following Dogs Fud article where we explain if dogs can eat eggs.

Can Dogs Eat Eggs??

The Answer is Yes… Eggs are a staple, preferred at human breakfast tables everywhere, and your dog can benefit from eggs as well. Eggs offer valuable foods and can be an important complement to a healthy and balanced diet for a dog.

Foundations of the diet for dogs:

There is some debate among veterinarians about whether dogs are omnivores or carnivores. However, most veterinarians agree that dogs need large amounts of protein for optimal health. Some owners choose to feed their pets with homemade diets, including raw food diets and cooked meat. However, you do not have to feed your dog a homemade diet to give eggs, eggs are an excellent complement to a pre-packaged diet.

Benefits of eggs:

Eggs are extremely high in animal protein, an important part of any balanced dog diet. The fatty acids in the eggs offer numerous health benefits, including an improvement in the health of the skin and coat. Eggs can reduce flaky, dry skin and increase the shine on your dog’s fur.

The egg is very suitable for dog nutrition:

Is chicken egg a good food for dogs? Yes, mainly because of its high protein content, which is characterized by being of high biological value, that is, they contain all the essential amino acids that are those that your dog’s organism can not synthesize internally but must obtain directly from the food.

Raw eggs or Boiled Eggs

Proteins are one of the nutrients that must be found in a greater proportion in the diet of our dog, in addition, the egg is also rich in fats and these are equally necessary. We must clarify that under no circumstances will cause cholesterol in our dog. Since these fats are beneficial for him.

Finally, the egg contains vitamin A, vitamins B complex, iron, and selenium, therefore it is a very complete food at the same time that affordable and affordable.

Raw or cooked egg?

The dog could sporadically find an egg if it lived wildly, therefore, experts in canine nutrition who advocate feeding BARF recommend giving the raw egg, in addition, with a piece of shell properly ground, in this way, the contribution of minerals.

But can not this be harmful to the dog’s digestive system? The truth is that uncooked egg white contains a protein called avidin, which acts as an antinutrient and interferes with the absorption of vitamin H or biotin. However, our dog can digest the raw egg much better than us and to create a deficiency of biotin it would be necessary to consume large quantities of this raw food, which as you will see ahead is not recommended.

Eggs for Dogs

Likewise, it must be taken into account that the raw egg can be a carrier of the salmonella bacterium. So before breaking the egg (if it is going to be offered raw), it must be washed thoroughly.

A good option to eliminate the risk of our dog contracting salmonellosis will be to cook the egg completely. Cooking the egg denatures avidin, although it is also beneficial for your body and will provide the aforementioned proteins and fats.

How often can I Give my Dog an Egg?

The proteins must present most of the dog’s diet and the egg is a protein-rich food. However, mainly these must be obtained through the meat. Since the dog is carnivorous and this food is the one that best suits you. .

The egg is destined to occur sporadically. So that our pet can benefit from all the nutrients it provides. An egg will suffice, once or twice a week .

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Dogs with cancer, infections and other serious health problems should not eat raw eggs, since their immune system may be weaker. Eggs are rich in fat, so overweight dogs should only get eggs every week or so. While eggs are a healthy part of a dog’s diet, they should not be your primary source of nutrition. Feed them eggs a couple of times a week, along with pre-packaged high-quality foods, or meat-based diets

Frequently Asked Questions:

These are the FAQ’s Many Users Ask Doubts About. Check Them Out.


Common Questions Answers
Can Dogs Eat Eggs  Yes
Can Dogs Eat Eggshells  Yes
Can Dogs Eat Scrambled Eggs  Yes
Can Dogs Eat Boiled Eggs  Yes
Can Puppies Eat Scrambled Eggs Yes
Can I Feed My Dog Eggs Every Day Depends on Dogs Diet


  • Can Dogs Eat Eggs: Yes.
  • Does Dogs Eat Eggshells: Yes, But Make Sure you made them into small pieces before feeding.
  • Can Dogs Eat Scrambled Eggs: Yes, They can Eat it. Check This Article: Scrambled Eggs for Dogs for More Information.
  • Can Dogs Eat Boiled Eggs: Yes.
  • Will Puppies Eat Scrambled Eggs: Yes, Its a good for them as well.
  • Can I Feed My Dog Eggs Every Day: It Completely depends on your Dogs Diet. Eating Eggs Everyday is also Good for Dogs Health.

Finally, You get the solution for Can Dogs Have Eggs. Simply must give our puppy or dogs the recommended daily amount. And mixed with one of their meals or distributed among all. And soon we will begin to appreciate its benefits to our dog.

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