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Can Dogs Eat Oranges? Can I Give Oranges to Dogs?

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Can Dogs Eat Oranges: It is common to think that our dog loves meat. What an idea !! Know that the sight of a simple fruit can put them in a state of excitement. Some fruits are known to be beneficial and especially appreciated by dogs like apples, bananas, blueberries … You have probably noticed that these same fruits could be added to products intended for dog food.

Fruits can be a quality snack for your pet. He will appreciate the sweet taste and the fruit will bring nutrients beneficial to the good nutritional balance of your dog. However, not all fruits are consumable by the dog. Some are dangerous for his health. This is the case of grapes or avocados, which are toxic to Dogs.

Can Dogs Eat Oranges
Can Dogs Eat Oranges

So in this article, We will tell you whether dogs can eat oranges or not? Are Oranges Good for Dogs? All these questions have an answer in this post. Follow the complete article and know the complete details of it.

Can Dogs Eat Oranges? Food Safety Guide

This fruit that we particularly like during the winter (the full season of the fruit) and that we find throughout the year on the stalls can be consumed by the dog.

The only recommendations on the consumption of oranges given by specialists concern rather the age and the quantities administered. It is best for a puppy to not consume more than a quarter of an orange. Adult dogs can easily eat one third or even more.

But remember to remove the peel. The amount of vitamin C is actually not problematic. The fruit is composed of more than 85% water. Excess vitamin C will be largely eliminated by the urine.

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What Benefits Does Orange Bring to the Dog?

We consume oranges in large quantities for their taste and also for their benefits on our health. These contributions will not be quite the same for dogs.

  • Vitamin C is the main nutrient of orange. It is mainly present in the pulp and juice of the fruit. A vitamin already produced by the dog.
  • The vitamin content of the orange contributes to the required daily intake of vitamin C but also of vitamins of group B and provitamins A.

Dogs Eat Oranges

Many dogs are very active or stressed lose a significant amount of vitamins. The consumption of orange is then recommended to restore their daily contributions.

The different nutrients found in orange are very good for strengthening the dog’s immune system. For some scientists, taking a dose of vitamin C could reverse the toxic effects of ingesting onion powder or other harmful products to dogs.

The flesh of the orange also provides minerals and trace elements (calcium, magnesium, iron, copper …), antioxidants and fibers are numerous in this fruit.

The dangers of oranges for dogs:

Like every food, excess nullifies all the benefits. Nutrients that could be ingested too much can then become harmful to the health of the dog.

  • Orange remains a sweet fruit that cannot be compatible with a diet-based diet. This fruit can affect the sugar and vitamin C content of the blood of dogs with diabetes.
  • These non-negligible amounts of vitamins and minerals present in the orange can be poorly assimilated by the digestive system of the dog. Orange contains a slight acidity (which comes from organic acids), it can be annoying for the digestive balance of the animal.
  • The other danger concerns the orange pips that can be ingested by the dog. You must actually check the pieces of orange given to your pet.

Dogs who follow a diet do not need to supplement it with additional vitamins or minerals. But if your dog cannot resist the appeal of this juicy and sweet fruit. You can still share with him a small orange neighborhood. Your dog will thank you!


Hence, You have learned whether Dogs Can Eat Oranges are not. So it is good to give oranges for dogs but in small quantities only. Make sure to follow all the points above before giving oranges to dogs. Hope you like the article. Share and like us at social networking sites. Keep visiting Dogsfud for More Dog related content.

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