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Can Dogs Eat Scrambled Eggs??  Scrambled Egg for your Dog

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Let’s see, for those who only give balls to their dogs for fear of “unbalancing their diet” Chicks!

The worst thing you can do is just give balls and nothing but balls. Would you dare to do that with your own person or with a child? Never!

So, here is a great recipe for you to replace it with one of your dog’s meals, which I tell you is a thousand times better than the best of the balls.

can dogs eat scrambled eggs

eye! If you only give this diet, it would not be healthy, just like giving balls. NO FOOD OR FOOD exists that contains all the nutrients that you or your dog need. That is false!

Can Dogs Eat Scrambled Eggs??

This diet is just one of the many that you can give so that your friend has a healthy intestine.

Well, as simple as a scrambled egg fried with a little oil and “something”. Fry it a little.

What is that something? What you want What is the best? Well, proteins of animal origin, but do not worry if you put some pasta or if you left a bit of vegetable food Excellent


Do not use salt, your dog, like all carnivores, do not need salt in their diet, the sodium present in the meats of the dams or those we provide cover their requirements.

That you made some eggs for you and you want to share them with your dog but you put them on salt! No problem! Avoid using it but once in a while, you will not cause any problems.


I am of the opinion that as long as you give a quality nutrition, which necessarily includes homemade diets as well as fresh foods for your dog, you do not need them, but while that happens or as a reinforcement to good nutrition, you can use vitamins of different types.

There are quality commercials at affordable prices, true, the problem is knowing which ones. I recommend the German laboratory Anibio, exclusive for dogs, have the Min-O-Vit and BARF, both very good

If you see, the photograph of the article is scrambled eggs with a piece of potato omelet, a bit of the macaroni that I made and a few green beans (green beans for Mexicans). A food of wonder. You will not “unbalance” your diet, calm down!

The green beans had tomatoes and onions! My dog is going to be poisoned! Silly stuff! Your dog does not need onions but if there is something in a dish, nothing happens! Another thing is that you gave him an onion soup. The tricky truths about toxic foods for your dog. Or as Paracelsus said: “Everything is poison, nothing is poison, the key is in the dose”.

The same applies to tomatoes. Your dog can eat practically EVERYTHING! The key is the amount and gives preference to animal proteins and fats, the basis of a carnivore’s diet.

How Many Scrambled Eggs Should You Feed to Dog:

The best and what you should start to apply is the “Eye percent” How you feed yourself! How many grams did you have this week? Would you eat twenty kilos in one sitting?

Dogs eat scrambled eggs

Well the same applies to your dog, see calculating, if over the weeks you start to gain weight, you know, less plate and more shoe, in this case, “leg and shoe”, which will not be bad for both a walk ”

If you start to lose weight, you know, you go up a little bit. So you can adjust and see how much your friend eats.

Check This Video

Do not live with fear regarding the nutrition of your dog! Make a pleasant and happy moment for everyone.

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