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Can I Give My Dog Pepto Bismol? Safety and Dosage.

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Can I Give My Dog Pepto Bismol? A snarling stomach, a tummy upheaval, vomiting, and diarrhea are common health problems. People are known to have stomach and intestinal disorders one time or another. This condition that affects human beings is attributed to the consumption of indiscretion, stress, and environmental situations.

This is probably the reason why a bottle of pink Pepto-Bismol is a reliable waiting system commonly found in medicine cabinets. Dogs have been the constant companions of human beings for thousands and thousands of years. However, the link between humans and canines goes beyond friendship. Scientists have shown that man and dog have many genetic similarities.

This is probably the reason why drugs that work for man would be effective for man’s best friend as well. Would it be alright to give Pepto-Bismol to a dog? Yes! Pepto-Bismol, a relief medication for mild upset stomach and diarrhea is one of the human drugs that can be given and that would work for dogs as well.

What is Pepto-Bismol? Can I Give My Dog Pepto Bismol

Pepto-Bismol is bismuth subsalicylate. This medicine comes in tablets, an oral suspension, in the paste and in a chewable tablet. This is a relief medication for upset stomach, indigestion, vomiting, and diarrhea. Mild cases of diarrhea can be treated at home … often with Pepto-Bismol as the formulation is designed to facilitate diarrhea caused by the intestinal infestation. Many Dog Owners asked me like Can I give my dog Pepto Bismol for Vomiting?? If Yes, At What Dosage should give? You will get all the information in the below part of the article.

A canine first aid kit should have this medication. This formulation approved by the FDA has a compound similar to chalk that when taken to cover the lining of the intestines and the stomach to provide relief.

Pepto Bismol for Dogs Dosage and Administration:

Pepto-Bismol is one more over-the-counter medication. This means that the dog can be obtained and used even without a prescription. However, the recommendation of a veterinarian for the right dosing and administration would be important.

A half to one teaspoon of Pepto-Bismol fluid administered with a syringe every three to four hours is given for every 10 pounds of a dog’s body weight. ¼ tablet of additional strength per 20 pounds of body weight is administered every 6 to 8 hours. This mode of administration is preferred by most dog owners. This Much of  Pepto Bismol Dosage for Dogs is Safe and Good to go.

Dosage and Administration

  1. When it is Insecure :

When it’s the first time for your dog to take Pepto Bismol give it a try. The usual dose is 1 ml maximum for each pound of your dog & rsquo body weight. Give your dog a single dose and wait.

When an adverse reaction occurs to your dog, then you are allergic to bismuth subsalicylate, the key ingredient in Pepto Bismol. Immediately bring your dog to a veterinarian when this happens. Another condition that makes it dangerous for your dog to take Pepto Bismol is when you are taking another medication.

You should ask your dog & rsquo, I’m a veterinarian to know if taking Pepto Bismol with another canine drug would cause problems in your dog’s diet. s of the system. These are the conditions that Pepto Bismol should cause to avoid dog diarrhea.

  1. When it is Safe:

When all Pepto Bismol does for safe dog diarrhea then proceed in the use of the medication in your dog. It is recommended to use Pepto Bismol syrup to make it easier for your dog to swallow.

Again, the dose is 1 milliliter plus per pound of your dog’s rush; s body weight. Use a needleless syringe and directly inject the Pepto Bismol syrup into your dog’s rush; It’s the mouth. Do this every 6 hours a day for up to two days.

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Pepto-Bismol Side Effects:

Pepto-Bismol converts the tongue to black. The stool will have a gray-black color too. But these side effects only last while the medication is being taken. This medication is generally safe for dogs. But it notices that the constitution of some dogs will not tolerate this medication.

For example, the medication will not work for dogs intolerant to silicates. This formulation should not be administered to dogs with hypersensitivity to aspirin. Pepto-Bismol should not be administered to elderly or pregnant bitches as well.

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