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Can I give Sardines For Dogs | Are Sardines Healthy for Pet Dogs

Can I give Sardines For Dogs? The ignorance in which we see ourselves submerged thanks to the immense and deceptive advertising campaigns of many manufacturers of dog food is sometimes overwhelming. It is curious to see how many people doubt whether giving sardines to a dog is healthy or not, sardines or any other fish that does not pose a danger because of its spines.

Most dogs love to eat fish, sardines are an excellent choice because we can find them canned in olive oil or sunflower so that we can store them without spoiling until we decide to give them to our dog.

From SoyUnPerro.com we will review all the details that we need to know about how to give fish to our dog and what benefits it will bring to your health. Also the precautions we must have with other types of fish larger than a sardine.

Sardines For Dogs

 What kind of fish can a dog eat?

Virtually every type of fish, as long as it does not have intolerances or allergies to fish obviously. Dogs love to eat raw or slightly cooked fish (grilled or cooked) and it is also a very high-quality food for them.

At general levels, dogs are usually given fresh tuna or preserved in oil or natural, canned or fresh sardines, anchovies, salmon, etc… We just have to be careful that the fish does not have thorns.

The scraper of a anchovy or a sardine of medium or small size does not pose a danger to dogs if they are not cooked. However, it is advisable to remove the scraper if the dog is small in size because it could choke, in the same way, it is convenient to picarle the fish a bit before giving it to them.

What benefits do Sardines bring to a dog?

Both sardines and other fish provide an excellent amount of high-quality protein, a high content of beneficial fatty oils such as Omega 3 and Omega 6 and many minerals, as well as vitamins.

Each fish type has different properties, for example, sardines provide a large amount of iron and vitamins of group B, essential for our dog. They will bring an extra level of energy to the dog as well as help improve their health, their skin, and their hair.

benefits do Sardines bring to a dog

The fish proteins are highly assimilable and of very high quality, which will help the muscular development of our dog. In addition, its beneficial fatty acids will help reduce the cholesterol level of any dog.

There are many security bodies that use sardines in the diet of their working and/or rescue dogs, thanks to the high energetic power they provide. Managed correctly they suppose a perfect complement.

How should I give sardines or other fish to my dog?

We recommend the use of sardines preserved in oil for their ease and for their safety, since being for human consumption they do not contain parasites and are of high quality. We all know that dog foods are subjected to very low-quality levels … sometimes nonexistent. But canned sardines being for human consumption must pass rigorous quality controls.

  • If our dog is not allergic to fish we can begin to include sardines in their diet little by little. It is all depending on their size we will give more or less quantity. As an example if our dog weighs more than thirty kilos we can give him a can once a week, divided in two days or in only one.
  • If our dog is small and weighs less than five kilos, as an example we can give a fifth of the can once a week. Always removing the scrape from the sardines and stinging them previously, to avoid choking with large pieces.
  • Although the philosophy of the BARF diet indicates that they can give themselves without any other food. That we recommend mixing them with their usual food. We can also add a little of the canned oil on the dog’s feed so that everything acquires an irresistible smell and flavor for our puppy.
  • If our dog has never eaten sardines it is advisable not to abuse in the first shot. Now you can incorporate them into your diet little by little so that your digestive system adapts. Remember not to abuse them and you will see how your dog goes crazy with joy every time he has to eat them.

TOP 10 Benefits of Sardines for Dogs:

  1. Protein Content

The dog and the cat are carnivores and need proteins for proper muscle and connective tissue development. The protein provides the structural material for the skin, hair, joints, bones, and nails. Sardines and fish in general, are considered foods with a high-quality protein. And full of essential amino acids that our pets cannot produce and what they need to ingest their diet.

  1. Co-helper for joints and bones

Sardines are not only one of the most concentrated sources of omega-3 EPA and DHA essential for joint health, but they are full of a rich source of vitamin D that is involved in training and strengthening the bones.

  1. Source of health for the heart

Sardines are an excellent source of vitamin B12, which promotes cardiovascular well-being in general. Now, this is what we have said about EPA and DHA. Also, found this in sardines, and you already have a great cocktail to help the heart.

  1. They kick the cancer

Studies have shown that the omega-3 fatty acids found in sardines can inhibit tumor formation and prevent cancer metastasis. They do this by inducing a process in cancer cells called apoptosis (cell death). Nowadays, science is also showing that the wide source of vitamin D, from sardine. It can play an important role in the prevention of certain types of cancer.

  1. Neurological system in magazine status

Studies in people show that supplementation with DHA is beneficial in the support of cognitive health. This is during at the time of aging of the central nervous system. A study carried out with Beagle puppies found that DHA improves cognitive learning and motor skills. This is all during the stages of development. Therefore, sardines help sharpen the learning, memory, sight and psychomotor skills of our pets.

  1. Helps to alleviate allergies

Research suggests that supplementation with fatty acids found in sardines is useful in the prevention of atopy. As such this might be the allergy to the inhalation of substances such as pollens and molds. In turn, develops in young animals. Also, due to the anti-inflammatory properties of sardines, which are a great complement to help reduce the redness and inflammation of the chronic skin. So that some pets experience with these allergies.

  1. Can help lose weight to our pet

The source of omega-3 fatty acids that sardines provide can activate a type of protein. And this activates the “fat burning” genes in your pet’s body. If used correctly, pets can help lose weight with some overweight.

  1. Positive effect against epileptic seizures

Research shows that omega fatty acids, contained in sardine, contain potent anti-inflammatory properties that fight against inflammatory immune modulators in epileptic patients, while increasing the threshold of attacks, in other words, helps to reduce episodes of crisis.

  1. Help the kidney

A study of dogs found that while supplementation with omega-6 fatty acids accelerated the deterioration of kidney function in the early stages of the disease, supplementation with omega-3 fatty acids had protective effects. In human studies, it was found that people consumed fish oil in the long term, such as the oil found in sardines, slowing down the loss of kidney function.

  1. Antidepressant

EPA and DHA present in sardines, according to various research, can also improve mood. EPA from marine sources such as sardines can decrease cytokines associated with depression states.

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Can I give my dog raw fish?

Yes, of course, you can but always following some simple safety tips to avoid possible problems. Fish, like any other live animal, may contain parasites that pass to the dog if it is consumed raw.

To prevent our dog from getting these parasites, we must freeze the fish for at least thirty days. In this way, we will make sure that all the parasites die. It will be enough to thaw the fish, remove the rasp. And thorns to cut it into a size suitable for the dog.

If we do not want to freeze the raw fish, or we can cook it or do it steamed or grilled. In this way we will also eliminate any possible parasite. And our dog will be able to eat it without danger. Although equally, we must eliminate the scrape and thorns that may pose a danger.


Finally, You got the answers and some advance on Sardines for Dogs. Keep sure to follow all the points carefully to know better about the Complete Details on Sardines for Dogs. Feel free to ask your questions if you have any.

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  1. It’s wonderful that you are getting Great ideas to write this piece content on dogs, as well as the topics are very useful information topics on dogs.

  2. It’s wonderful that you are getting Great ideas to write this piece content on dogs, as well as the topics are very useful information topics on dogs.


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