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Best Cartoon Dog Names for all Dogs

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Cartoon Dog Names: Dogs are the best friends of man, an animal that is fully integrated into the lives of people. So that the love that you have is very large which has made them reach the small and the big screen of our cinemas in the form of animated drawings and films.

Here we leave you a few cartoon dogs and their names that have reached our screens at some point in our lives. Here is a list of names related to cartoons. There are many names that refer to cartoon characters, television, comics etc. A clear example is that of Bob (SpongeBob) or Pluto (Disney).

Best Cartoon Dog Names
Best Cartoon Dog Names

These types of names are preferred when there are small children at home, they love that their new pet is named as one of their favorite characters of the drawings, plus most of the ones you will see in the following list are short and very easy names to remember. Check them all right now.

Best Cartoon Dog Names:

You can get all the best and most popular cartoon dog names which you can use right away for your dogs. We have collected all the details of the best dogs and mentioned in front of you. Our team has worked very hard to gather this information for you. Now, let’s check the complete names.


Slinky is another dog of Disney drawings, a toy dog known in the movie Toy Story and its sequels. Half dog, half dock, its hind legs, and front are joined by a large dancing spring. It is a very friendly and sociable dachshund whose best friend is Woody.

slinky cartoon dog names

Slinky is nice, loyal and wise and also understands canine language. They made many dolls of him as well as small replicas in figurines being one of the objects of marketing preferred by boys and girls.

Gulf and Queen

Golfo and Reina ( Tramp and Lady ) are the protagonists of the Disney movie The Lady and the Tramp, released in 1955. The Golfo is a stray dog and Reina is a spoiled bitch who lives with a rich family, both fall in love despite all those who oppose their love story. There are also numerous other canine characters in the film and in its sequel.

golfo reina cartoon dog names


Percy is a dog of the Carlino race pampered and spoiled by Governor Ratcliffe. The character of the Disney movie Pocahontas of 1995. Wiggins is in charge of looking after Percy fulfilling all his whims and desires. But when his master is mutinous, he becomes in the Pocahontas mascot.

Percy cartoon dog names

Pluto and Goofie

Among the names of cartoon dogs, Pluto and Goofie are the two famous dogs created by Walt Disney in the 30s. They are perhaps the most famous and recognizable by children and adults. Pluto is Goofie’s dog and together they have starred in numerous television series accompanied by other canine characters such as Goofy’s son, Max Goof.

pluto goofy cartoon dog names

Nowadays, the figure of Pluto and Goofie is still used for the interactive educational teddies of babies and for pre-school toys, is also easy to love by the youngest of the house.


Dug appears in the movie Up of Disney Pixar and is an obese dog of Golden Retriever race that belongs to Charles Muntz. The Dug is able to talk to people through a special necklace that translates his thoughts into words. One of the most fun and funny cartoon dogs for children.

Dugup cartoon dog names


Toby is a hound dog trained to hunt but being a puppy becomes friends with a fox named Tod in the Disney movie starring the two Tod and Toby ( The Fox and the Hound or The Fox and the Hound in Latin America) of the year 1981.

tod toby cartoon dog names


Bolt is a small dog from a Disney movie released in 2008 under his own name. The Bolt is a puppy who, being the canine star of a hit television series, is sent by accident from his Hollywood set to New York.

bolt cartoon dog names


The real name of Frankenweenie is Sparky, a Bull Terrier dog suffering a dramatic death. After the painful episode, his young owner decides to revive him. The first medium-length film was produced in 1984. The remake of Disney directed by Tim Burton appeared in 2012.

Frankenweenie cartoon dog names


Nana is the nanny bitch of the Darling family whose children starin Disney’s, Peter Pan. The Dog Nana is a bitch of the San Bernardo race who takes good care of Wendy, Miguel, and Juan. Although Mr. Darling does not finish convincing her to have a dog as a nanny. The most endearing puppy of drawings.

nana cartoon dog names

Pongo and Perdita

Pongo and Perdita are two Dalmatian dogs that have 15 puppies that were kidnapped by Cruella de Vil to get a coat with their skin. And those of 86 other puppies that had been kidnapped in the Disney 101 Dalmatians film of 1996. Among the cartoons of talking dogs, these Dalmatians are the most endearing. We do not know the names of all the puppies, except for the curious Lucky, the chubby Rolly, Patch, Penny, the brave Pepper, and the friendly Freckles.

pongo perdita cartoon dog names

Lafayette and Napoleon

Lafayette and Napoleon is the name of these two dogs who live obsessed with chasing motorcycles and biting them in the movie The Aristocats, Disney. Napoleon is the leader of the duo, endowed with a very sharp ear is able to detect a motorcycle from afar to pursue. And Lafayette is Napoleon’s faithful assistant who Fulfills the orders of his boss, but he’s a little tired of chasing bikes.

lafayette napoleon cartoon dog names


Bruno is a good dog that lives in Cinderella’s house and keeps him company in his tasks in the Disney Cinderella movie. During the spell of the Fairy Godmother, Bruno is turned into Cinderella’s lackey. Who helps her get on and off the chariot until midnight which becomes a dog again.

bruno cartoon dog names

Max and Duke from the movie Pets

Max is the charming little puppy protagonist of Pets (The Secret Life of Pets), one of the best-animated movies with more fun dogs of recent years. Which will feature a sequel. The right eye of its owner, Max sees his privileged position in his home in danger when a newly adopted dog arrives, the lazy Duke.

max duke cartoon dog names

Together they will live many adventures that will end up being great friends, along with their gang formed by other neighborhood pets. Impossible not to laugh with the scene of Max crazy happy when he returns his owner… 1 minute after leaving, who did not?


Who said that dogs cannot be war heroes? This friendly Staffordshire Bull Terrier is the protagonist of Stubby, a very special hero. Based on the true story of a brave little dog that will teach children the value of friendship.

stubby cartoon dog names


In the film that bears his name, Balto is a dog confused as to its origins (possibly a dog-wolf). This film from 1995 is based on the story of the real Balto a dog of the Siberian Husky breed.

White cartoon dog names

Who during a diphtheria epidemic in Alaska in 1925 led the mushing caravan that traveled 1085 kilometers in five and a half days, to take vaccines from the city of Nenana to the city of Nome. His incredible feat saved the lives of many children. Many other canine characters appear in this animated film.

Cartoon Dog Names Used in Television Series

Here we will show you some more awesome and more popular Cartoon Dog names which are used in many television series. Every cartoon dog has its own uniqueness which no one forgets. Now let’s check them one by one.

Santa Claus assistant

Little Helper of Santa Claus ( Santa’s Little Helper ) is the dog of the Simpson family in the cartoon television series The Simpsons. It is a badly attended and squalid dog of the English Greyhound breed that stars in the odd chapter of the series.

santa cartoon dog names

It appeared for the first time in an endearing Christmas special in which it was abandoned by its owner to lose and be last in a race that Bart and Homer attend. Seeing him sad and lonely, father and son decide to take him home. From there, ” The Little Helper of Santa Claus” has appeared in many episodes being one of the faithful friends of Bart and one of the terrible enemies of the cat.


The dear Snoopy is the dog of Beagle race of Charlie Brown and together they star in the comic strip Peanuts created in 1950, known in Castilian as Carlitos. Charlie Brown and Snoopy or Rabanitos (although it must be said that many directly said that they were casting Snoopy, and point).

snoopy cartoon dog names

What began as a cartoon comic strip, soon evolved into a series of cartoons in which he shared adventures with Carlitos or Woodstock. With whom he shared dreams full of fantasy. Snoopy, in the end, managed to be recognized not only by adults and large but also for being the protagonist of a lot of merchandising and also for being an official mascot of NASA. Did you know? Possibly Snoopy is the name of dog of pet drawings more known worldwide.


Fido is one of the protagonists of the Little Princess series, which debuted in 2006 in the United Kingdom. The Fido is a charming but weak and unintelligent dog. So Princess always makes him dirty.

fido cartoon dog names

Clifford, Cleo, T-Bone, and Mac

Clifford is a giant red dog belonging to Emily Elisabeth in the Cliffoseries, the Great Red Dog. At first, he was a very small dog but after being chosen by Emily he grew to exceed the size of his house. Cleo, T-B, NE, and Mac are Clifford’s best friends.

Clifford cartoon dog names

  • T-Bone is Clifford’s first friend, he’s the policeman Lewis’s pet and he’s a little fat.
  • Cleo is a purple poodle dog of French breed. She is Mrs. Diller’s pet and hates bath time.
  • Mac is Jetta’s dog, his real name is Machiavelli and he is gray in color. He is a little arrogant but a good friend.


Nevado (Luki in Latin America) is the dog of the Nohara family in the series Shin-Chan, issued from 2010. The Nevado was rescued by the Nohara family and is very intelligent. Sometimes ends up taking some tasks which Shinnosuke had to take care of.

nevado cartoon dog names


Agallas is the dog protagonist of the series Courage the Cowardly Dog ( Courage, the cowardly dog in Hispano-America or Guts). His story is about a dog and its owners: Muriel an old Scottish woman, and Eustace an old grumpy vegetable farmer.

Guts cartoon dog names

The mission of Agallas is to save the lives of their owners of dark monsters, extraterrestrials, and other creatures.

Jake the Dog

Jake, the dog is a co-star in the Time of Adventure series. It is a magical dog with elastic powers. Which allow you to stretch and manipulate your body at will. He is 30 years old but he does not always behave as if he had them.

jake cartoon dog names


Scooby-Doo It was the Great Dane dog, the protagonist of the series that bears his name Scooby-Doo, Where Are You! Who appeared on television in 1969. This funny and scary fuzzy starred in other animated shows with other canine friends such as Scrappy-Doo and Scooby-Dum.

scooby doo cartoon dog names

Impossible to forget the hilarious experiences shared by Shaggy and Scooby Doo. They have been the favorite adventures of children and teenagers of the 70s and 80s. Making us contemplate natural characters who had both talents and defects. One of the most outstanding being the cowardice of Scooby Doo.

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest

Marshall, Rubble, Chase, Rocky, Zuma, Skye and Everest are the names of the friendly dog’s firefighters adventure series Patrol Canine ( PAW Patrol ) released in the summer of 2013. The seven dogs are led by Ryder a young 10-year-old technology expert.

Marshall cartoon dog names

  • Marshall is a puppy of the Dalmatian breed who is a firefighter.
  • Rubble is an English Bulldog puppy that is dedicated to construction.
  • Chase is a puppy of German Shepherd breed that is police and spy.
  • Rocky is a mestizo puppy, specialized in recycling.
  • Zuma is a Labrador dog specialized in aquatic rescue.
  • Skye is a cockapoo puppy ( mix of Spaniel breeds ).
  • Everest is a Siberian Husky puppy that loves mountain rescues.


Buttons are the faithful dog of Mandy, a girl who does not stop putting herself in dangerous situations. But Botones is always trying to protect her although sometimes it costs her some displeasure. Both characters belong to the Animaniacs series.

Buttons cartoon dog names


Milu is the dog of the Fox Terrier breed, friend and companion of the intrepid reporter Tintin in the series Las Aventure and Tintin which began in 1929. Milu loves the wishky Loch-Lomond, an insane hobby because it causes many headaches. If you like cartoons of small dogs, you will loveSnowy.

Sweatheart cartoon dog names

K-9, Sam Sheepdog, Charlie

K-9, Sam Sheepdog, and Charlie are canine characters that appear in the series Looney Tunes that officially began in the year 1930. The K-9 is the Martian dog faithful of Marvin the Martian. At first, K-9 is Marvin’s henchman, but little by little he becomes his friend and treats him as a pet.

samsheepdog k9 cartoon dog names

Sam Sheepdog is a hairy sheepdog that protects the sheep of the Coyote. It is large and corpulent and quite sedentary.


Spike is the family dog in the series Rugrats. Adventures in Panales that began in 1993. His race is fictional: Siberian tiger dog an extremely rare breed and worth thousands of dollars. Spike is very protective of babies and is Tommy’s best friend.

spike cartoon dog names


Ideafix is Obelix’s dog in numerous chapters and films of Asterix and Obelix. The first time he appeared was in La Vuelta a la Gaia as a little puppy of Lutetia that begins to chase Asterix and Obelix on his journey around the Gauls going unnoticed. Ideafix is an ecologist dog that loves nature and when he sees a tree down he starts crying.

ideafix cartoon dog names


Odie is an adorable but silly dog with yellow fur and chestnut ears. Who constantly panting showing his great tongue and who appears in the story of Garfield and his friends in 1988. He is the target of the jokes of the Garfield cat, being his favorite to throw him a table. Without doubt one of the funniest and funniest cartoon dogs.

Odie cartoon dog names


Patan ( Muttley in English) is a canine cartoon character from the series Los Autos Locos ( Wacky Races ) of the 70s also had its appearance in the series The Diabolic Squadron ( Dastardly and Muttley in Their Flying Machines, in English).

patan cartoon dog names


Bobby is the boxing dog of the Chicho Earthquake Dash series !! Kappei or Dashu Kappei of the 80s. But Bobby tries to annoy Chicho constantly. Bobby is in love with his owner and together with Chicho, they form a quite abnormal love triangle. Bobby always wears blue underpants that he stole from Chicho.

bobby cartoon dog names


Mist (originally Joseph in Japanese) is a dog of race San Bernardo that belongs to the grandfathers of Heidi. An orphan girl who goes away to live with his grandfathers in the Swiss Alps in the series with his same name Heidi issued in the 70s.

Fog cartoon dog names

The biggest hobbies of Niebla are sleeping and eating snails and sometimes helps Pedro and Heidi to take care of the herd

Droopy and Dripple

Droppy and Dripple are two dogs as father and son of Basset Hound breed. Droppy first appeared in the Dumb-Hounded cartoon in 1943 and subsequently appeared on his own series in 1970. From the 1990s, Droppy appeared alongside his son Drippe on Tom & Jerry Kids.

droopy dripy cartoon dog names

Spike and Tyke

Spike and Tike are two dogs of English Bulldog breed, father and son. Who also appear in the Tom & Jerry Kids show. Tyke, Spike’s son is an adorable, happy and innocent puppy. Spike is largely dedicated to teaching the life of dogs to his daughter and protects him when he sleeps.

Spike Tyke cartoon dog names

Cat and Dog

Catdog is a hybrid of cat and dog protagonist of the series that bears the same name issued from the year 1998. Catdog is the set of two Siamese together at the waist each with a very different character.

Catdogs cartoon dog names


Goddard is the robotic dog that invented Jimmy Neutron in the series and movie called both The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron. The Genius Child Goddard is made up of a lot of gadgets and is mostly silver.

goddard cartoon dog names


Astro is the family dog in the series The Jetsons created in 1962. Also Astro has anthropomorphic characteristics even get to talk.

astro cartoon dog names

George P

Dog George is one of the most popular Warner cartoon dogs as it appears in many episodes of series or strips such as Looney Tunes. It is enemy of Gallo Glaudio.

george p cartoon dog names

Canuto and Canito

Canuto and Canito are two Dachshund anthropomorphic talking dogs whose adventures were issued as of September 1959. The Canuto is a single father and tries to take care of his son Canito as well as possible. Both are very similar and they love each other very much.

canuto canito cartoon dog names

Huckleberry Hound

Huckleberry Hound is a talking blue anthropomorphic dog, the protagonist of its owner series The Huckleberry Hound Show.

Huckleberry hound cartoon dog names


Blue is a very curious blue bitch protagonist of the program Blue Tracks ( Blue Clue’s ).

blue cartoon dog names


Poochini is the main character in the North American series called Poochini’s Yard which premiered in 2000. The series was based on a short film called A Cartoon about a Dog ( A Dog Cartoon ). Poochini had a millionaire’s life until her owner dies, so she can not stand it and decides to escape …

poochini cartoon dog names


We accept dinosaurs as pets. And it is that Dino was the faithful dog of the Flintstones family. The Flintstones were the protagonists of his own series released in 1960 and told the life of two family men (Pedro Flintstones and Pablo Marble) typical of the American middle class of the time. But set in the Age of Stone with its stone things and that.

dino cartoon dog names


Foofur is a skinny and blue dog who starred in his own series in the 80s. The series narrates his daily adventures in the city of Willowby and his relationships with his friends.

foofur cartoon dog names


Capi is the dog of Remi in the series emitted in the 70s. The child has a lot of affection for the animals he uses in his presentations, such as Capi, the Capitan.

Heads cartoon dog names


Puppy is the dog of one of the stories of The Smurfs. One morning a creature appears in Smurf Village and all the Smurfs are frightened until the Great Smurf explains that it is Puppy, the dog of the wizard Homnibus. Puppy has a medallion that electrocutes anyone who tries to open it.

puppy cartoon dog names


Bandit is the dog of the group Jonny Quest in the series of the 60s Jonny Quest. Bandido is a small white dog of Bulldog breed with a black spot on his face that looks like a mask which has earned him the name. It is a very expressive dog capable of understanding the language of people.

bandit cartoon dog names


Dynamite is the protagonist of his own series of television drawings: It is the dog Wonder ( Dynomutt, DogWonder ). It is the robot dog of Falcon Blue, a superhero. Dynamite can produce infinite mechanical devices from your body.

dinamite cartoon dog names

Brian Griffin

Brian Griffin is the Griffin family dog in the series Family Guy ( Family Guy), although his first appearance was in a short film in 1998. Also appears making occasional cameo in other related series. Brian works throughout the series as a writer of essays, novels, books and articles for the newspaper.

BRIAN GRIFFIN cartoon dog names

So far our special with the names of most famous cartoon dogs in the history of cinema and television series. Impossible to forget a name like Snoopy, Santa Claus, Gulf, Queen or Pluto, and Goofy assistant but what is your favorite dog cartoon? If we lack one, we read you in the comments!


Hence, You have got all the best cartoon dog names from this article. We have listed all the best and most used names of the dogs in cartoons. We hope you like the article very much and also we are hoping for a share of this article. Please share the article and like us on the social media networks. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment section below. We will answer it as soon as possible. Stay tuned to Dogs Fud for more dog articles.

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