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What Does It Mean In Cat’s Language When It Stares At You?

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When a cat stares at you, it means that she wants to interact with you non-verbally through her body language. But, be assured that very rarely, it is a sign of aggression, rather love and affection. You should not overlook such disposition of your cat because she may be trying to express her hunger, thirst or any other inconvenience or discomfort.

She may even be staring just out of curiosity to see how you can entertain her or give an affectionate pat.

Situational Expression

The body language of your cat is different in different situations when she stares at you. If she stares with a slow blink, she wants to tell you, “Everything is Ok. I’m safe and comfortable.”  In a way, it is an expression of friendliness and gratitude. A soft gaze may mean, “I’m relaxed. I’m perfectly happy and content.”

Your cats mean differently when she stares at you and when she stares at other cats. Being territorial, she wants to express her dominance in the house when she posters another cat. And if her dominance is not acceptedby the other cat, swatting, wrestling or even an overall feline fight will prevail in your house.

To avoid such a situation, when you get home, a new cat, here are few steps to avoid any belligerent cat-staring occurrences.

  • Instead of keeping the old and the new together in a similar room, introduce them gradually because they can’t be friends overnight. They need to know each other. Initially, keep the new cat confined to its room with its water, food, and litter box. Make sure you have maintained temperature in your room.
  • Cats know each other by their respective smells. Tomake them know each other’s smell, you can trade blankets or toys.
  • A better way to make cats knowing each other is to give them food on different sides of the door, and then moving the food bowls, closer to the door, making them closer to each other. After few days, you will find them eating with minorblockade between them.
  • Whatever method you adopt, it must be under your direct supervision in order to discipline your catwith ease.

Cute bengal cat lying on the bed and plays with a ball.

Blink Restraining Capability

As a human, you need to blink your eyes with rapid rhythm tokeep your eyes perfectly lubricated. But, being a visual hunter, a cat canstare at its prey without the blinking of an eye. In that way, it keeps a close watch on its prey. If there could be a ‘staring contest,’a humanwould never be able to stand before a cat.

Reasons for Blinking at Humans

Cute cat lying on his back on the carpet. Breed British mackerel with yellow eyes and a bushy mustache. Close up.

Cats are the most selfish animals and give priority to their needs, luxury, andcomfort.  They stare at humans when they want or expect some benefits. You must have observed your cat staring at you just before her meal time. Sometime, if you are eating something, your cat may gaze at you with the expectation that you will oblige her by sharing the same with her.

There may be some feline psychology workingwhen your cat stares at you. On the principle of givingand take, shemay be staring at you with the expectation that you too watch at herin return. This reciprocal behavior is the essence of human-feline bondage. When you share your look, you reiterate your bond with them and reassure the social stability along with the comfortof your cat.

If your look carries calmness, your cat is calm, andin case you look on the edge, she too will be. Therefore, when your cat stares at you with the feeling of love, affection, andexpectation, oblige her with an equally lovable and slow blink to express, “I love you too.”

Being an extremely curious animal, your cat is always curious to know about everything happening around her. She watches you more intensely, particularly when you bustle around the kitchen and may be trying to say, “I’m hungry, give me some milk.” Should you ever overlook such a feline request?

Your cat may also stare at you when you tidy up your room, oreven you are sitting still or working onyour computer. Shemay be staring at your ‘staring’ at your digital screen. That is a natural feline urge and the perfect body language to express oneself.

Next time, when you notice your cat staring at you, be sure, she wants to know what you are thinking and feeling because very rare of your species will ever find time to know what you feel or think. It is a great opportunity for you to divert your busy mind a bit from your mundane activities.

You will feel refreshedand rejuvenated. Cats understand your non-verbal communication better than your verbal one, just as you understand theirs.

Coming from the cat family, cats are predators, biologically and have the natural instinct of observing the world around them to find the chance of prey. Preying may not be the need for them in domesticated life. But, can they shake their instinct to watch their surroundings, carefully, constantly and consistently?

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