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Cats Urinating In The House: Three Possible Reasons

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I love my cats so much that I’m willing to buy the best stuff for them. But I can’t blame some cat owners who get dismayed when their cats pee anywhere. It’s really gross. Why do cats urinate in our homes? And how do you stop a cat from urinating in the house? These are the questions that I’ll answer in this article.

Top Reasons why Cats Urinate in the House

There are three possible explanations why your cat continues to make your condo or apartment her own toilet.

1. Health Problems

Health problems are perhaps the most common cause of cats urinating in the house.

One typical health problem in cats is urinary incontinence. It is due to bladder problems. It is very common in middle-aged cats. Large cat breeds are also prone to this condition.

Aside from involuntary urine leakage, other symptoms of urinary incontinence are urinary tract infections and infection of the skin around the genital area. You can also check if there are wet spots in the sleeping area of your cat, as well as wet hair in the lower abdominal area.

If you notice any of these symptoms, then I urge you to bring your cat to a veterinarian.

Aside from urinary incontinence, cats may also be suffering from bladder stones. A cat that exhibits signs of pain or distress when urinating may have this type of condition.

It is also possible that a cat has a urinary tract infection. If she pees small amounts frequently, then you can be due to UTI.

Feline interstitial cystitis, or inflammation of the bladder, can also cause your cat to urinate frequently. A cat with this condition experiences sudden urge to pee. Thus your cat may have problems making it to the litter box if she has this health issue.

2. Behavioral Reasons

Another possible explanation of your cat urinating wherever she wants to is because she feels threatened by a new pet, or because there are new people in your household. Urinating is her way to cope with the anxiety caused by these changes in her environment.

Cats can also pee to mark their territories. Called spraying, cats do this type of urinary behavior when they see outdoor cats lingering in the yard, or when a new cat is introduced into the household. Your cat will pee or spray to mark her territory. In a way, spraying can be considered as a stress coping mechanism for your cat.

There’s also the possibility that the cat has gotten used to peeing in a particular spot in your house. If she can smell the odor of her urine in that particular spot, then it gives her the cue that she would have to pee there again.

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3. Her Litter Box

Finally, look at your pet’s litter box. Is it dirty? Is it difficult for her to access it? What’s about its placement? Is it placed in an area where there’s no privacy? Or perhaps you moved her litter box to a new place.

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then you may consider her litter box as the main reason why she keeps on urinating in your house.

What is Your Cat's Poop Telling You

A cat that’s uncomfortable in using her litter box will certainly stop using it. I am sure you won’t use a dirty toilet, right?

What is Your Cat's Poop Telling You

So don’t be surprised to learn that cats are very sensitive when it comes to their litter box. They don’t like to pee on a dirty litter box. They struggle to adjust when you change its placement.

How to Stop Your Cat from Urinating Anywhere

Now that we have identified the three possible reasons why your cat is making your entire house her litter box, I have several suggestions that can make her stop doing this unwanted behavior:

  • Use more than one litter box. If your cat doesn’t use the existing litter box, why don’t you get another one? Getting her another litter box will make it more convenient for her to pee.
  • Place a litter box in every floor of your place. If you have a house with multiple stories, I suggest that you put at least one litter box on each floor.
  • Clean her litter box regularly. I know it can be quite a task, but cleaning her litter box regularly will encourage her to use it more often.
  • Address social dynamics. Observe if your cat is being bothered by stray cats outside. She may be peeing to mark her territory. Ward off those uninvited guests.
  • Bring her to the vet. In the event that none of the tips above worked, I suggest you bring her to the vet. Maybe her incontinence is due to a health problem that the vet can address.


Cats peeing anywhere in the house is one of those inconveniences that cat parents like us have to deal with.

But it’s a different story when your cats regularly urinate in your house. You have to get to the bottom of the problem, so to speak.

And when you identify the reason behind her uncontrollable urge to pee, you can take steps to prevent her from peeing anywhere.

2 thoughts on “Cats Urinating In The House: Three Possible Reasons”

  1. My cat is smart . When she want’s to pee , she starts scraping on door with paws and also in same time mouling , when I noticed that , quickly opening the door and released her in garden yard .

  2. My cat is smart . When she want’s to pee , she starts scraping on door with paws and also in same time mouling , when I noticed that , quickly opening the door and released her in garden yard .


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