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Claritin For Dogs? Is Claritin Safe for Dogs??

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Do you want to know whether can you give Claritin for Dogs? and Is Claritin Safe for Dogs? Then don’t worry we are here to help you out and provide you the complete detailed info on Claritin for Dogs.

Surely many of you already know Claritin. A powerful antihistamine for human consumption that serves to relieve the symptoms of seasonal allergies or to a lesser extent, colds. In humans it is effective, but can I also use it with my pet? What is the recommended dose of Claritin for dogs, if they can take it?

Can i Give Claritin for Dogs
Can i Give Claritin for Dogs

This one article is for all your questions and doubts. In this article, We will provide you the complete details of Claritin for Dogs. Whether is safe for dogs are not and many questions like this will be solved with the below article.

What is Claritin?

Claritin or loratadine is an antihistamine that is used routinely in humans to relieve the symptoms of allergies. Such as sneezing, coughing, itchy skin, mucous secretion, etc. It is a potent medicine that until a few years ago could only be obtained by medical prescription. However, at present it is not necessary, although it is advisable to take it under the recommendation of a doctor or pharmacist.

Claritin is similar to other antihistamines like Benadryl, although it has some properties that make it more effective. On the one hand, the duration of its effects is greater. Getting relief from allergy symptoms for about 24 hours. On the other hand, some of its side effects are milder. For example it does not cause as much drowsiness as other antihistamines, such as the aforementioned Benadryl.

But of course, when we talk about these effects we refer to human beings and in this case what matters to us are our pets, specifically our dogs. Can dogs take Claritin? If so, what is the recommended dose in each case?

Can Dogs Take Claritin?

The symptoms of allergy or cold in our dogs are not very different from those of any human being. They are like weak, runny, sneeze, and remind us of those days when we are sick. In our eagerness to help them, can lead us to think that the drugs that help us to alleviate the symptoms, could also serve our pets. Is this really like this?

Is Claritin safe for dogs

The truth is that in recent years many veterinarians are using in animals drugs that were originally designed for humans. This is the case of Claritin. This antihistamine is part of what is called H11 blockers. Whose properties have been shown to have an effect on both humans and dogs and some cats.

Therefore it could be said that yes, Claritin can also be administered to dogs. But from this moment is when the “buts” arise. You can also give dogs yes, but taking into account certain warnings and some possible side effects.

First of all, you should never give Claritin to our pet without first consulting with the veterinarian. He will be the one who must perform the examination of the animal and decide if a treatment with Claritin may be appropriate. Providing Claritin to our dog on our own initiative can pose serious risks. As we will see later, the doses depend on the age, breed or size of the dog and any variation in the dose could have negative consequences for your dog health.

On the other hand, you should never give the dog Claritin D, but the normal. Claritin D incorporates into its compound a substance called pseudoephedrine. Which is potentially deadly to dogs if they are overexposed to it.

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Recommended Dose of Claritin for Dogs

At present there are no tables or data that indicate the recommended doses of Claritin for dogs. As advances and studies in antihistamines for pets in recent years have barely advanced. Therefore, to know the recommended dose of Claritin for dogs. There is only one solution, go to our veterinarian.

what antihistamines are safe for dogs

And, as we mentioned before, the doses can vary depending on the breed, size or weight of our dog. In the case of humans, Claritin should not be given to children under two years of age and in the case of dogs there are also cases in which it should not be given. Such as very young puppies or very small dogs.

Precautions to Take Before Giving Claritin for Dogs

We should be very much careful before giving Claritin for dogs. Just take the below precautions to prevent any issues in dogs.

  • For example, it is logical to think that you can not give the same dose to two animals of the same breed but one of them young and another adult. Similarly, you can not give the same dose to a large dog that a smaller one. Everything depends on the needs of the organism of each animal.
  • Never change the dose recommended by the doctor, neither in quantity nor frequency. Overexposure of the animal to the medication can cause side effects such as excessive thirst, dry eyes and mouth, changes in their stools, or erratic behavior of the dog. Such as abnormal moods or sudden mood swings.
  • In the event that our dog reacts abnormally to this medication, we should call the veterinarian immediately. In case of intoxication due to an excess of Claritin D, it is possible that the animal should be subjected to a stomach wash.

The health of our pet is very important, but if we really want to help them we must pay attention to what the professionals tell us. Even if we know what happens to our dog, we may be wrong and give him incorrect medication. Doing any thing wrong may have the dose and have serious consequences. So if you do not want to play with the health of your dog, take it to the vet or if not, let it be your own defenses that act but never have to medicate without meaning.


Hence, you have learned and got complete information on Claritin for Dogs. Just check all precautions which was giving by Vet. Take your dog to the vet and ask for the suitable medicine for the your dog. Never Ever give your dog a medicine without vet permissions. Hope you like the article. Like us and Share the Article with your Social Media friends. Keep visiting Dogsfud for More Dogs related articles.

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