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Cleaning Dog Ears At Home – Simple Way to Do it.

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The ear is one of the most important organs of the dog. This is due not only his extraordinary hearing ability but also the ability to respond and balance. One of the ways to keep your pet’s hearing healthy is through a good hygiene process. So pay close attention to clean smelly dog ears.

Keeping the dog’s ears clean is important. Because when they are dirty they can be a source of infections and hinder the passage of air to the ear. Which ends up affecting the hearing considerably.

Cleaning Dog Ears At Home
Cleaning Dog Ears At Home

They should be cleaned at least once every 2 weeks (although for hanging-eared dogs) it is advisable to do it. When you get used to it. It turns out to be a simple routine that will not cause your pet more trouble. Cleaning the ears of the dog is a behavior that we should carry out on a regular basis. Whether it is a puppy or an adult dog. It is very important to apply frequent hygiene of the ears to avoid the appearance of fungi.

Preliminary Review:

Before proceeding to clean the ears of your dog, it is advisable that you do a preliminary check for signs that indicate you may be presenting some inconvenience. So keep in mind the following situations:

  • If your dog shakes his head abnormally or scratches his ears insistently. It may be a sign that he is suffering from an infection. The otitis causes itching inside the ear canal. So the dog will try to scratching to relieve discomfort.
  • The color of the inner ear canal when it is healthy is a pale pink color. In case of suppuration, irritated, inflamed, red or blood is a sign of infection or disease.
  • Palpate the ears for protuberances, inflammations sometimes extend outside the ear canal and cause pain.
  • Your dog shows signs of pain when you touch his ears or head.
  • Fetidity in the ears or in the ear canal. A healthy ear does not smell bad. So this is an alarm signal.
  • Excessive accumulation of wax or black color.Cleaning Dog Ears At Home

In case your pet presents one or more of these situations. It is convenient to suspend the cleaning and take it immediately to the veterinarian. Also, Check this Home Remedies for Ear Infections so that you can take at least precautions before going to the veterinarian.

How Do I Clean My Dog’s Ears At Home:

Below we will explain what products you need to carry out and how the method should be. So that everything goes perfectly. Keep reading this complete article by DogsFud and discover how to clean a dog’s ears step by step.


Step 1. The first step will be to gather all the materials we need to clean the ears of the dog properly:

  • Sterile gauze
  • Sticks
  • Physiological serum

Instead of physiological serum, you can also choose to use oxygenated water or specific preparations that we will find in any pet trade. What is advisable is to apply the sterile gauze because the cotton can fray inside the ear of the dog and rot. Finally and for a much more thorough cleaning, we may need cotton buds. Yes, as a baby. Much more secure.

how to clean dog ears with vinegar

Step 2. It is important to keep in mind that we should habituate the puppy little by little to this routine. However, if you have decided to adopt an adult dog you should go little by little. So that the process does not scare you. Use positive reinforcement whenever you are still and let yourself be manipulated. It is an excellent tool to distract you and reward a predisposed attitude at this moment.

Step 3. We will begin the cleaning by removing the hair that prevents access to the ear and the removal of dead hair. In principle, if we have regular care we will not find excessive dirt in this first stage. Clean dogs ears with olive oil are preferable.

The second step will be to moisten the gauze with the product that we have chosen. It is advisable to apply some type of indicated product since that will make hygiene easier and will not irritate the skin of our dog. We will begin by cleaning the grooves outside the ear where dirt usually accumulates.

Step 4. Once the exterior of the ear is clean. We recommend changing gauze and using a new one to clean the interior. We will moisten the gauze again and introduce the fingers to the dog’s ear little by little, without overdoing it. In adult dogs, we can move a little more in the ear. But you must be careful with puppy dogs. Do not introduce your finger beyond one centimeter deep.

Massage the inside of the ear with the gauze, little by little and with a caution that your dog does not move. Especially if we do not know the dog it is important to go little by little in this process. In addition, if we do it slowly and slowly we can better analyze the area of the ear.

how to clean dog ears with yeast infection

Step 5. Finally, we can use a cotton swab (since they are thicker) to finish cleaning those areas difficult to access for our fingers. It is important that you go carefully in this step, especially if your dog is nervous. Since you could really cause serious damage to the ear.

Step 6. Once the process is finished, it will be enough to massage the dog’s ear in the outside area to calm him down and offer him a reward for such an annoying moment.

Step 7. Caring for a dog in all aspects of its daily hygiene is essential to prevent health problems in the future.

These are the steps which you need to follow in order to clean the dog’s ear without any issues. Feel Free to ask your questions we will help you out.


By using the process explained you should clean the dog ears regularly. Keeping the dog ears regularly is important. Otherwise, dust and fungi will spread into it and it affects dogs health also. Hygiene is important for all to avoid diseases. Follow us on dogsfud for more details.

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