Coconut Oil For Cats: Is It Good Or Bad?

We are well aware of the countless benefits of coconut oil for healthy skin and hair. Our pets are no different, and coconut oil can do wonders for their skin and health too.

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We have compiled a list of both pros and cons of the effect of coconut oil on cats so that every pet owner can make an informed choice before giving coconut oil to cats.

Pros of Coconut Oil for Cats

Funny cat lying and lookin at the camera near coconut milk in the bottle and fresh coconut on pink background.

  1. Fast healing of Wounds

We have known for ages that coconut has anti-inflammatory and soothing properties which are beneficial for fast healing of wounds. It applies to kittens too. It can also aid in help healing of various infections with less pain.

Apply the oil to the wound of your pet and rub it very gently. Remember not to apply it directly to the wound but around it to speed up the healing process. Your cat will be better in no time.

  1. Moisturizes the Body

It is said that applying coconut oil every day after taking a shower can do wonders for your skin. Our skin stays hydrated and moisturized throughout the day. The same applies to cats as coconut oil can moisturize their skin and fur and reduce flakiness.

It will also add a certain shine and fluffiness to your cat’s fur. Remember not to put too much of it as cats have a habit of licking it off which can be harmful to them.

  1. Enhances Nutrition

Coconut oil is loaded with nutrients which are very beneficial to cats. It is filled with a variety of fatty acid which is very helpful in balancing good and bad bacteria of your cat which can aid in digestion and also help in absorbing other nutrients in the gut.

  1. Acts as a Supplement

Owning a cat means very frequent trips to the groomer. These trips can be reduced with the help of coconut oil. Coconut oil can also be administered as a supplement for cats for healthier skin and hair.

Half a teaspoon of coconut oil as a supplement for two to three times a week can make your cat healthier and make your trips the groomer less frequent.

  1. Prevents Swallowed Hairballs

Whenever you check your cat’s litter box, you will find some swallowed hairballs there. Every cat owner is aware that they can’t stop their cats from swallowing hairballs; every precaution to stop them will turn out to be useless as they will eventually do it.

Swallowing hairballs can cause serious digestive problems and can often require surgery to fix them. The only solution here is to give them some coconut oil so that it provides lubrication in their stomach and are easier to pass through.

  1. Conceals Medication

Administering medicine to your cat can prove to be an uphill task. Whenever they see the pill, they tend to run away or walk in the opposite direction. Coconut oil can help ease the situation here. You can apply a thin layer of coconut oil on your cat’s paws, and then you can convert the pill in a powdered form to apply it over the oil.

All cats lick their paws numerous times in a day and this way your cat will lick away the medication along with the oil.

  1. Provides a Healthy Coat

As coconut oil is very rich in vitamins and nutrients, it will serve to be a protective and healthy coat for your cat. It will also add some shine to your cat’s fur and the vitamin E present in the oil will help to soothe infections. You can add a few drops of their shampoo, and you are good to go.

Cons of Coconut Oil for Cats

Funny cat drinking coconut milk from the glass bottle and fresh coconut on pink background.

  1. Risk of Allergy

Coconut oil poses no harm to regular cats, but if your cat is allergic to coconut oil, then it can create a life-threatening situation. They have a habit of licking off and cleaning themselves every time, and even the slightest amount of oil can harm them.

  1. Can Make Them Gain Weight

Coconut oil has high amounts of fats in it and giving them too much oil can make them gain a huge amount of weight. This is why it is recommended to give your cat coconut oil not more than two to three times a week. It should be avoided at all if your cat is diabetic.

  1. Severe Diarrhea

As mentioned above coconut oil can be a great remedy to prevent cats from swallowing hairballs, but it can also cause severe diarrhea in some cats. It can also lead to dehydration, unpleasant poop smell and other types of problems.

The benefits mentioned above of coconut oil cannot be ignored. It can be fairly concluded that coconut oil is a must for your pet for their overall health. It can be served as an occasional supplement which can do wonders for your cat.

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