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Collars or Harnesses: Which Do Pet Parents Prefer?

When stocking up on new pet merchandise, many businesses in the industry choose to first offer the most popular items. Indeed, it’s generally wiser to start selling common items such as food bowls, beds, custom dog collars, and custom dog leashes before expanding your product line to more novelty items such as hats, hoodies, and toys.

But when it comes to dog-walking essentials, deciding between selling collars or harnesses can be quite tricky. After all, it’s not only dog owners who buy these products in this day and age. In fact, over the last few years, it has become common to see cats being taken out on walks. As such, collars and harnesses can also be sold to cat owners, which allows you to grow your customer base.

That being said, it might be in your best interest to have both harnesses and collars in your store. Neither product can be considered a one-size-fits-all solution, as they meet different needs depending on the specific breed and size of your pet. In terms of which item you should invest more in your capital, you may want to read on to learn what pet parents consider when deciding whether to get a collar or a harness:

Comfort and Wearability

Since pet parents always want what’s best for their fur babies, they prefer to buy merchandise that they know their animal companions will be comfortable in. Pet parents also make sure to scrutinize the materials that a product is made of, as well as the size and fit.

Remember: no two pets are alike. Some dogs and cats are okay with being dressed up in pet clothes and will likely have no problem getting into a harness. Other pets may prefer collars, as wearing anything more than that may cause them distress.

Whether you decide to get a collar or a harness for your pet, make sure to try different ones on your fur baby to get the safest and most comfortable fit possible. Additionally, take note that it may take time for your dog or cat to wear a collar or harness during the first few weeks.

Pet’s Walking Behavior

At the end of the day, no pet parent wants to lose their furry friends while they’re out on a walk. Collars and harnesses can help in that regard. The appropriateness of using either product depends on how easy it is to handle any particular pet during a walk.

Some furry friends are generally well-behaved and pleasant to walk with, making collars perfectly fine to use. However, owners of pets that tend to jump, pull, or escape from their collars may find it easier to manage their animal companions using a harness.

Aesthetic Appeal

Though collars and harnesses have practical uses, many pet parents also see them as fashion accessories. They figure that if their dog or cat is going to be wearing a collar or harness whenever they’re out and about, it might be nice. Indeed, for some pet owners, the main difference between a collar and a harness is how it can enhance their fur baby’s appearance.

Generally speaking, some pet owners like the simplicity of collars because they’re easy to put on and remove. Additionally, it’s quite easy to find businesses that offer custom collars for a more personalized look. Many collars also come with custom dog tags that can be engraved with the pet’s name. It’s also easy to decorate collars with all sorts of embellishments such as cute charms, gems, or even spikes. All these customization options make it possible to build up a collection of collars for your pet.

For those who feel that collars are a bit too limiting, they may want to try going for harnesses instead. Many pet stores now offer fashionable harnesses with printed designs, and they come in a wide range of colors. For further customization, pet owners can have fun jazzing their pet’s harness up with buttons and patches. They can even add colorful straps or buckles to make their pet’s harness look more unique.

Pet Parent’s Lifestyles

Some pet owners are more active than others. But did you know that this could also affect the way that they exercise with their furry friends?

In most cases, most pet owners are happy enough to go for strolls with their fur babies trotting alongside them. In cases like these, collars are fine to use.

However, pet owners who are fond of bringing their pets and more intense physical activities may want to err on using harnesses instead. They are the safer and more comfortable accessory to use if they plan on going hiking or biking with their furry friend.

Pet’s Current Health

Since collars are worn around the neck, they will inadvertently put pressure on the pet’s neck from time to time. That said, slightly tugging on the leash and engaging in a bit of a tug-of-war is normal behavior and perfectly fine for younger dogs or cats that are healthy and well-trained.

However, using a collar may end up choking or injuring an old or sickly animal. For pets like these that have specific health needs, a harness may be a more practical option. Indeed, older pets with limited mobility, special needs, or disabilities can benefit from the added support that harnesses can provide.

As pets become more involved in their owners’ lives, more importance is placed on buying the proper products. With the right tools, pet parents can safely bring their pets with them wherever they go. That being said, it would make the most business sense to invest in both collars and harnesses for your store. This is because many pet owners see the value of owning and using collars and harnesses for specific purposes. Make sure to offer a range of different options to accommodate pets of all shapes and sizes. We wish you the best of luck with your business pursuits!

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