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Best Dachshund Names for Male, Female and Mini Dachshund Dogs

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Dachshund Names: Have you searched for the best name for your dachshund? You are at the right place to get the best popular names, here you will find hundreds of names out of the ordinary. Below we list the names for the most original dachshund dogs both for males dachshund dog names or females dachshund dog names.

Starting from the normal motes to the most fantastic and fun that may exist for your little puppies. In them, we have included some names of other languages because we believe that they listen well and go perfectly with your pet. We also included names that 100% describe the sausage race ( teckel or dachshund ) and some of its characteristics, good go for it!

 Best Dachshund Names
Best Dachshund Names

You know that the name must be short for the animal to memorize.  We have taken this factor into account and provided the best names for the dachshund dogs. So this article is only for the best names for dachshund dogs. Continue Reading!!!

Most Popular Dachshund Dog Names

The naming of a dachshund is the same as for any other dog but the characteristics of the puppy in question allow us to use our ingenuity to capture its essence in its name. That is, in its dachshund form. We must also consider that his name does not necessarily have to describe his physical features we can also make use of human names, aspects that describe his character, his qualities, and also funny names of course.

Below the list of names for dachshund divided into categories. You can select one of them or look at all to choose the most suitable name for the new member of the family.

Best Female Dachshund Names for Dachshund Dogs

Female Dachshund Names

Female dachshund names for the dog dachshund are short names and easy pronunciation. Look that, you have to choose one that reflects its beauty and sweetness more than can not.

  • Abigail
  • Mom
  • Elena
  • Betzy
  • Britany
  • Isabel
  • Eddi
  • Eva
  • Francis
  • Frida
  • Gem
  • Greta
  • Kerry
  • Church
  • Time
  • Lea
  • Lola
  • Lanna
  • Mar
  • Mica
  • Moly
  • Nery
  • Nora
  • Osiris
  • Oliva
  • Pandora
  • Roma
  • Rorra
  • Roxy
  • Ruby
  • Sandy
  • Tina
  • Tita
  • Zoe

These are the popular names for dachshund female dogs. You can choose any of the best names which suit your dog.

Top Male Dachshund Names for Dachshund Dog

Male Dachshund Names

Now the turn of the male dogs, just chooses a beautiful and original that makes you feel very proud to call. We also started with human names for your puppy which are mostly used for dogs as well. Check the below names for male dachshund dogs.

  • Aston
  • Albert
  • Bart
  • Billy
  • Bobby
  • Buffy
  • Caiaphas
  • Camilo
  • Chris
  • Cookies
  • Dante
  • Dino
  • Fercho
  • Harry
  • Henry
  • Jack
  • Jackson
  • Judas
  • Junior
  • Landon
  • Larry
  • Latin
  • Leo
  • Lester
  • Logan
  • Great
  • Max
  • Maximum
  • Milton
  • Napoleon
  • Odi
  • Oliver
  • Olympus
  • Owen
  • Pastor
  • Ramses
  • Sam
  • Santo
  • Saturn
  • Thor
  • Tito
  • Toby
  • Todd
  • Tom
  • Watson

These are the best names for dachshund male dogs. Select the best one and don’t forget to mention that name in the comment box below.

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Names for the Dog of True Dachshund

Although the true name of the breed is Teckel or dachshund in English. Its appearance is perfectly identified with sausage and hence comes its nickname. The first idea that comes to us when looking at a puppy of this breed is a hot dog ( usually they do it in cartoons) and although the human names come to them well a funny name with reference to the dachshund can come to them better. Consequently, these types of names come next to their meaning or origin.

  • Banger: Sausage originally from Great Britain
  • Bloedworst: From the Netherlands
  • Boerewors: Sudafrica
  • Bologna: Italy
  • Boudin
  • Bratwurst: Alemana
  • Cinnamon
  • Cervelat: Switzerland
  • Chipolata: France
  • Chistorra Basque origin
  • Chorizo: Latin America
  • Debrecziner: Hungary
  • Pea Sausage
  • Farinheira: Portugal
  • Frakfurth or Frankfurter: Germany
  • Glamorgan: Gales
  • Goetta: Germany
  • Haggis: Scotland
  • Helzel: Jewish areas
  • Huachana: Peru
  • Kielbasa: Polonia
  • Lincolnshire: Inglaterra
  • Mettwurst: Alemania
  • Black pudding or Moronga
  • Pepperoni: Italy
  • Salami: Italy
  • Saveloy: Inglaterra
  • Skilandis: Lithuania
  • Weisswurst: Alemania
  • Wiener: Vienna
  • Zaratan: Spain

Best Mini Dachshund Names for Mini Dachshund Dogs

Mini Dachshund Names

They say that the good always comes in small size and among all races the dachshund always stands out for being one of the most beautiful animals and for its great clear charisma.

  • Atom
  • Bubble
  • Chapitas
  • Chicha
  • Chicho
  • Chicky
  • Quantum
  • Dina
  • Electro
  • Fine
  • Bug
  • Quark
  • Micra
  • Micro
  • The Mine
  • Minium
  • Monse
  • Nano
  • Neutron
  • Small
  • Ping
  • Proton
  • Titi
  • Ying
  • Lilliput

These are some of the best names for mini dachshund dog names. Check them out and choose the best. Even we want you to explore for some more names before selecting one.

Other P0pular Names for Dog Dachshund

The Popular name of a dachshund dog. These are the extra collection and best our users to send some more names before selecting one. Check them out.

  • Axel
  • Baby
  • Blue
  • Bob
  • Brandy
  • Buddy
  • Buzz
  • Canito the Canuto: Famous dogs cartoon dachshund from the McGraw Crazy Throw Show.
  • Chavo
  • Chiqui
  • Spark
  • Mutt
  • Darwin
  • Dinah: Doggie dachshund which is Pluto’s, platonic love.
  • Justin
  • Kenny
  • Kiko
  • Kiwi
  • Lucky
  • Maya
  • Milo: The Dachshund that became famous for its great tenderness when caring for a lion (Bonediger) disabled by bone disease.
  • Mingo
  • Morgan
  • Ears
  • Legs
  • Patricio
  • Salchica
  • Salchico
  • Slinky
  • Snoopy
  • Sultan
  • Tony
  • Teo
  • Waldi: Dachshund mascot of the Olympic Games in Munich Germany in 1972.

We hope you have chosen the best name for your dachshund dog from our list of best researched names. if you haven’t found any good name then you can check our category Best Dog Names or check the below articles for more dog names.

Remember to leave your comment and share the name of your puppy or other ideas or information about dachshund names.


Hence, You have got a huge list of Dachshund names for dachshund dogs. We have provided all the female dachshund names, male dachshund names, mini and also popular dachshund names have been provided. We hope you like this article and willing to share the article with your friends and families. Even you can show your love towards us and our content by sharing it in social media networks. Feel free to ask your question below in the comment box. Stay tuned for Dogsfud for more dog names.

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