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Deworming Dogs & Puppies: How to Deworm a Dog?

Deworming Dogs & Puppies: The most common parasites in dogs are fleas, ticks, and internal worms. These can affect different parts of the body of the animal. All of them produce in the infected dog a series of bothersome symptoms for him. Besides causing derived problems such as the development of diseases, the reduction of the functions of the affected organs and in the worst cases, death.

Likewise, many of the parasites that affect dogs can be transmitted to humans. So take care of the health of our furry friend also, take care of ours and the people who live in the home.

Deworming dogs puppies
Deworming dogs & puppies

To avoid the presence of the previous parasites, it is important to deworm the dogs but, how often? And to the puppies, when should they be dewormed for the first time? To these questions and for some more questions we answered in this article. So continues reading to discover deworming a dog and how to do it.

When to Deworm a Puppy for the First Time?

Puppies must be dewormed before their first vaccination. So it must be done between the first 21 and 30 days of life. It will be the veterinarian who will advise us on how to deworm a puppy for the first time. Although, in general, many are still breastfeeding or making the switch to solid food. It is usually indicated the use of antiparasitic syrups or drops Specific for puppies every month until they reach six months of age or every 15 days in the beginning and then every month.

deworming puppies at home

If you have just adopted a puppy that has not been dewormed and has more than two months of age. Since separating it before the mother is contraindicated. You should know that you can deworm it by administering the product recommended by the specialist. Then, you must start the vaccination calendar when the veterinarian tells you.

Why should the puppy first be dewormed and then vaccinated?

The answer is simple, through breast milk the puppy acquires some protection and immunity against certain diseases. However, this protection does not serve to prevent or combat parasitic infestations. In fact, through it, the puppy can get intestinal parasites. In this way, especially depending on the place where you live, the risk of suffering the presence of external or internal parasites is greater than that of contracting diseases.

For this reason, veterinarians always recommend deworming first and then starting the vaccination schedule for puppies. About the waiting time between the administration of the antiparasitic and the first vaccine depends on the product used. So it will be the same veterinarian who tells us when to go to vaccinate.

Once the puppy is six months old, it is essential to establish a deworming calendar together with your veterinarian. Which can be monthly or more spaced depending on the lifestyle of the animal and its place of residence.

How to Deworm an Adult Dog?

A dog is considered adult from about one year of age and as with puppies, to know how much deworming a dog is necessary to consider their lifestyle and place of residence. Both dogs that live in natural environments, surrounded by forest or field are with a higher rate of external parasites (fleas and ticks). Such as those that reside in urban areas, must be dewormed every month or more spaced in function of the product used.

how to deworm a puppy naturally

With the first option being the most accepted. However, external parasites are not the only ones that affect dogs. Since they can also be harmed by internal parasites present in both natural and urban environments. For this reason, despite residing in a city to prevent and combat the presence of internal parasites. Veterinarians recommend monthly deworming, especially in cases of risk such as families with children or the use of garden areas for the ride of their pets.

Now, how to deworm a dog? Is it necessary to administer an antiparasitic agent for external parasites and another for internal ones? Below we show the most common products used to deworm a dog.

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How to Deworm a Dog? – Internal and External Deworming

As we have said, dogs not only have external parasites such as fleas or ticks, but they can also be affected by internal parasites. So it is important to know how much to deworm a dog and how to do it.

Through various means such as sniffing the ground, eat something infected or even through breast milk dogs can become infected with internal parasites such as intestinal worms, the lungworms or heartworms. Although all of them are common, the most common are round intestinal worms which can affect up to 12% of adult dogs and 30% of puppies.

The most recurrent is Toxocara Canis and Toxascaris leoninaand. In the majority of cases, the contagion usually occurs through the feces of infected dogs. Since through them, the eggs are expelled, which have the capacity to remain alive up to five years and can penetrate a healthy dog with the simple fact of sniffing these excrements. The contagion is also possible by hunting an infested rodent, sniffing infested land, etc. In puppies, the transmission of worms usually occurs through breast milk or even during pregnancy if the mother is infested (in the case of Toxocara ). For all these reasons, it is recommended that each month the antiparasitic product recommended by the veterinarian be administered.

On the other hand, we all know how extremely easy it is for our dogs to get fleas or ticks when they play in a park or are in contact with other animals. To avoid these annoying inhabitants there are several methods:


It is a liquid that is deposited in the area of the dog’s cross. They have an approximate duration of one month depending on the brand and we can take them every time the effect of the same is passed. There are special pipettes for puppies from two months.


Collars with active ingredients to eliminate fleas and ticks. Depending on the model can last between two and eight months. After that time we can put another without problems.


With a normal flea-shampoo, we can wash our dog every time it is needed, although its effectiveness is simply momentary. It eliminates the fleas and ticks that it has but it will not protect it from new inhabitants. So it is simply a complementary method to others.


Eliminates fleas and ticks at the moment. Its effectiveness and frequency of use will depend on each brand.

To combat internal parasites there are both syrups, pills and chewable tablets. Each with a different duration depending on the brand chosen. However, to avoid administering two antiparasitic products to the animal, it should be noted that double monthly protection is also available in the form of a chewable tablet. Which allows the dog to be protected both from internal parasites and from external ones. So do not hesitate, deworm your pet and ask your veterinarian for this antiparasitic method easier to administer and much more effective.

Why is it Important to Deworm a Dog?

The presence of intestinal parasites, especially when the infestation is severe can cause symptoms such as:

The pulmonary worms cause respiratory symptoms and those of the heart damage the blood flow. Causing a reduction of the blood pumping to the arteries and finally, heart failure.

how to deworm a dog

Fleas and ticks, in addition to producing itching and skin signs such as wounds, scabs or rashes. They can transmit a series of more or less serious diseases in dogs such as babesiosis, Lyme disease or ehrlichiosis. Likewise, some dogs have symptoms of allergy to the flea bite.

For all the above, deworming the dog following the instructions of the veterinarian is essential. Since the antiparasitic products prevent possible infestations. In the case of external parasites, cause their elimination before infecting the animal any pathology.


Hence, You have got the complete information on how to deworm a dog along with deworming dogs and puppies. We have provided the step to deworm the puppies and dogs in a clear manner. Feel free to ask you questions in the comment box below. We are here to help you out. We hope you like the article and willing to share the article with friends and families at social networking sites. Stay tuned to Dogsfud for more articles on dogs.

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