Diets for Dogs with Diabetes: What Can I Feed My Diabetic Dog?

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One of the main problems of the sedentary lifestyle of our pets is overweight. Dogs do not perform enough exercise for the amount of food they eat daily. One of the consequences that those extra kilos can have is diabetes in dogs.

It is a disease that causes us to have to take certain special measures. Among them, ask our veterinarian to help us make diets for dogs with diabetes.  If your dog has diabetes you will have to make several changes in your dog’s diet. So that dogs health does not get worse.

Diets For Dogs With Diabetes

Diets For Dogs With Diabetes

With this disease does not generate all the insulin it requires and this hormone is essential to transform nutrients into nutrients that will make your dog organs and muscles work perfectly. Keep reading this article, we tell you how a diet for a dog with diabetes should be? and with these tips, you will get control of the disease.

Water, Very Important for Dogs with Diabetes

We are going to give you some general recommendations on how to feed your dog in case you are diagnosed with diabetes. However, do not forget that each pet may have specific nutritional needs. Therefore, it should be your veterinarian who gives you the guidelines to follow.

A general recommendation with any pet is to always have fresh water easily. This advice has double importance in the case of a dog with diabetes. Remember that a dog needs to drink a lot more water. Therefore, if you are going to leave home, have the foresight to leave the necessary amount.

Recommended Food Diet for a Diabetes Dogs

The diet of a dog with diabetes should include foods with high doses of fiber. This helps curb a possible rise in glucose at once. This type of climbs can greatly affect the health of the dog. Also, for this reason, carbohydrates of slow assimilation (potato, rice or pasta) are added to these diets.

What foods can we include in our dog’s diet?

  • Cereals
  • Pasta
  • Wheat
  • Rice
  • What’s good
  • Soy
  • Vegetables
  • Green beans
  • Potatoes

Vitamins in the diet of a dog with diabetes

Also, it would not be surprising if your veterinarian recommended a special vitamin. Vitamins C, E and B-6 help control that glucose rises we mentioned earlier.

Homemade Recipe for a Dog with Diabetes: Step by Step

To begin we must find all the ingredients of this diet for dogs with diabetes:

best food for diabetic dog

  • Integral rice
  • Lean meat (chicken without skin, turkey or veal)
  • Green beans
  • Carrots
  • 0% fat yogurt

1. Cooking Brown Rice

We will start preparing the rice. Being integral needs more water than normal rice. If we normally used two cups of water for one of rice. With the integral, we will need three cups of water.

food for diabetic dogs

Put the rice to boil. The moment the water boils, the temperature lowers so that it is simmered. Remember that you must cook it with the lid of the pan on. Brown rice also takes longer to cook calculates about 40 minutes.

  • Tip: To make the rice softer. Let it soak in cold water for one hour. What we get with this is that the water is already penetrating the grain.

2. Cooking the Meat

The first thing is to cut the meat into small pieces. If your dog is very small, you also have the option to chop it. Fry the meat in a pan until you see that it is well browned. If there is fat that you can remove, do not hesitate to do so.

dog food for diabetic dogs

3. Carrots and Green Beans

We will wash them well and cut them into pieces as well. In this case, the vegetables are going to leave raw because if we cooked them, they would lose part of their nutrients. Still, if your dog is not used to eat it. you can boil them along with the rice.

4. Combine All the Ingredients and Do Not Forget to Pour the Yogurt

You already have a delicious recipe that your diabetic dog will love!

diabetic dog food

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Special Diet Food for Diabetic Dogs

One of the main recommendations for a dog with diabetes is to regulate its consumption of sugars. Are we going to leave our dog without any trinkets for it? No way.

The Ingredients you will only need the following:

what to feed a diabetic dog

  • 2 eggs
  • 1/2 cup whole wheat flour
  • 700gr of liver

This recipe is very simple. The liver goes through the chopper so that it remains in very thin pieces. Then, we mix it with eggs and flour. The only precaution that you must have is that there is a well homogenous mass. The mixture will be spread evenly by a special oven plate. We preheat the oven to 175 degrees and let it bake 15 minutes. Check this article Chicken Liver for Dogs for Detailed Recipes on the chicken liver to feed dogs.

Liver Biscuits for Dogs

Liver Biscuits for Dogs

You already have your goodies ready! Now just cut the dough with the shape you like the most.

Tips for Dogs Diet:

  • More rations and less quantity. If you decrease the amount of food and increase the number of rations, your dog will find it easier to digest it.
  • Control the weight with a moderating exercise: your dog must be at an optimum weight.
  • Keep the weight of your pet under control. Neither overweight nor obesity is good for a dog with diabetes
  • The diet of a diabetic dog must contain a high fiber content. Just follow the above explained diet for diabetic dogs


Hence, you have cleared your doubts on what diet would be the best for diabetes dog. Now you have a clear idea on which type of food is good for Diabetes Dogs. Feel free to ask your questions we will help you out by answering it. Like us and share the article on social media networks. Stay tuned for more articles on Dogs.

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