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Why Do Dogs Cry? How to React When it is Crying?

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Do Dogs Cry? The tears in dogs are particularly common during the first months of their lives, especially when the puppy just arrived home. But even though we all know that a dog can cry the dough is do dogs cry? when we hear it, our heart splits in two, and we immediately associate the crying with pain and suffering. Is our pet having a bad time? On allComment.com, we will explain how do dogs cry.

Do Dogs Cry

Do Dogs Cry? Know How it is, in Following Steps:

  • During the first few days at home, it can be quite common for the puppy to cry during the nights. This usually happens because he misses the heat of his mother and brothers. In these cases, there are several things you can do to help him, such as putting a blanket in which he can roll to warm himself, or a soft toy against which he can snuggle, and which will remind him of his mother.
  • Anxiety and fear of new things are usually reasons that produce the dog’s crying. When, for example, we travel with our dog to a new place or leave it with friends, at the vet or in a specific place for others to take care of because we go on vacation, it is normal that the animal is crying because it feels a certain anxiety about the change. However, this situation usually returns to normal rather quickly or to regulate itself with the return of the masters.
  • Logically dogs also cry when they are hungry or thirsty, yet this is something that should never happen if we take good care of our dog. Indeed, if he gets the right amount of food and water, you will not have to worry about that.
  • Of course, the dog’s cries, like those of humans, can also indicate that your pet is not in good health. If your dog never cries, if he has not changed his environment or if nothing has happened in his daily life, and you still notice that he is crying, he will have to be taken to the veterinarian to find out if your dog is sick or injured.
  • There is one aspect we need to consider when our dog is crying: they also know how to handle us. Dogs know that if they cry, they will manage to have their master come to see them, and many animals use this as a manipulation to get the attention they want. If your dog has been crying for anything since crying and crying has become a habit, remember that your pet is very intelligent and does it to hold your attention. In these cases, the dog will need a rigorous training to eliminate this bad habit.

6 ways for your dog to stop crying:

As you can read from this article, the causes that can explain why your dog is crying are many. Here is a small check-list of good habits to adopt so that your dog stops crying:

dog to stop crying

Check that your dog does not have a health problem:

A dog that cries because it suffers is easy enough to detect with a few patches when it comes to an external injury. This can be more difficult if your dog has an internal problem. If in doubt, do not hesitate to call a veterinarian. The faster you act, the better! Or the dog may be a pregnant check before doing treatment.

Make sure your dog’s primary needs are met:

A crying dog can simply manifest you as a primary need dissatisfied. For example, it may be a need to urinate. Your dog may also be hungry. If you do not meet his needs, your dog will manifest it quickly. If you are not sure of doing well, do not hesitate to ask your vet for advice, he can help you and give you the information that corresponds to the situation and the age of your dog.

Make sure your dog is not cold:

This may affect you if you leave your dog outside at night or in a room that is not heated. If the temperature is too low, your dog may suffer and he may report it by crying or barking. If this seems to be the reason that causes your dog to cry, change his / her cart and everything should be done quickly.

Know how to ignore your dog:

While it may be tempting to comfort your puppy when he/she is crying, it is important to find the right dosage and sometimes your dog will have to be ignored if you want to end the problem. Puppies often cry because they need attention and if you always respond to their requests, you will not help them become independent. Put yourself in their place. Why would they stop crying because each time they do, do you run to cuddle them? Know how to find a balance so that your dog feels important to you but understands that there are also limits.

Reduce the space of your puppy to soothe it:

young dogs and puppies can quickly become very anxious if they find themselves in a space too big. Reducing your puppy’s space by playing with the doors can help him get his bearings and calm down.

Give your dog the opportunity to spend his energy:

whether it’s because he’s bored or simply because he’s hyperactive, your dog needs exercise. He has to go out every day and be physically active. Some dogs have more important needs than others on this point. Make sure you answer it.


I hope this Do Dogs Cry article will have helped you understand how dog to stop crying.

Now that you know how to react to a crying dog, it’s up to you! Feel free to comment on this article if you have questions or just to share your experience with other readers who are facing this situation. Your feedback will be valuable to them!

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