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Dog Food: A Complete Buying Guide for Dog Owners

Dogs are the most favorite pets. One thing that all dog owners would wish for is to understand their pet’s behavior, thoughts, and what they want. But that isn’t possible. Many times dog owners face this issue of selecting the right pet food. It is a must to provide our pets with the proper nutrients.

There is no definitive manual to choose the right menu. There are ample options available online from which we can select the dog food. Filtering through all these options and selecting the best ones is confusing.

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Dog food: Its types

The dog food we feed to our dogs may vary according to their breed and diet. What may suit some might not be as good for other dogs. While the most common dog food is dry kibble, there are many different types available. Here is a list of all the types of dog food available:

Dry dog food

Made using the baked, extruded, and pelted methods, the dry dog food can be used alone or wet food. The raw materials used for making this include grains, minerals, vitamins, meat, and fat. It is among the favorites of many pets, and its features include:

  • It contains omega-3 fatty acids that nourish the skin. It also has added benefits of antioxidants which improve the immunity.

The main types of dry dog foods include:

  • High protein dog food
  • Grain-free dry dog food
  • Natural dry dog food

Wet dog food

Wet dog food is available in cans, tubs, and pouches. Also, it has a prolonged shelf life. It provides the much-needed hydration that dogs need in their diets. It also contains a good amount of fats and proteins. We can give it both as regular food or as special treats as well.

Fresh human-grade dog food

This food retains all its vitamins and minerals. This particular food item is available in both preservative and pantry-fresh forms. It also contains high-quality meat and other things.

Grain-free dog food

It is suitable for pets that have specific dietary restrictions. It helps in maintaining the nutritional requirements of their body. It also acts as an abundant source of energy for active dogs. Also, it has appropriate amounts of proteins and carbohydrates

Raw dog foods

Made with optimum-quality and well-processed meat, fruits, vegetables, and bones. These are all-natural, which undergo minimal processing. These can be fed to dogs both as a mixer and primary diet.

Dehydrated dog food

About 98% of the moisture is removed from this food. It acts as a raw kibble option of dog food. It offers variety to the dog food and can be fed as meals and treats to our pet dogs.

Homemade dog foods

This eliminates all the trouble of buying supplies now and then. It does not contain any preservatives and is entirely organic. One major challenge is that we need to ensure that dogs get enough vitamins and other nutrients.

Vet-authorized pet food

Many pets face several medical issues. This makes it essential to provide them with a balanced, rich diet. To treat such problems, give food recommended by vets.

Tips to consider while choosing the dog food

We can surf on a website and buy any dog food. We need to consider several factors like nutrition value, age, weight, and breed. To make well-informed decisions, here are a few tips we can follow:

  • Understand the ingredients used in making the food well. Know what we want as a significant component in the food.
  • Traveling with pets is not easy. For traveling, consider food options that are travel friendly. These can be foods with longer shelf-life.
  • Understand what the packaging label means. This helps in ensuring that we do not feed the wrong food to our pets.
  • Be well aware of the dog’s characteristics. It is also essential to know their reproductive status. This will help in providing them with the right amount of nutritional value.
  • In case of any emergency and issues, do not overlook it and consult a vet. After all, dogs cannot speak, and it is our responsibility to look after them well.


In brief, choosing the right pet food is as important as choosing food for self. It is always essential to understand the dog’s behavior and likings and feed them. If looking for trusted places to buy dog food online, Petco, Petsmart, and Petflow will help.

They offer some fantastic deals and discounts to have an even better experience. Pet owners can shop for their pets’ best brands and all their other requirements and get it delivered.

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