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{6 Reasons} Why Does My Dog ​​Hump Other Males?

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This scene is not uncommon for people who live with dogs. There are dogs that are more inclined than others to ride these “little scenes” that so embarrass the caretaker of the dog apparently out. Have you seen these Scenes of your Dog Hump Other Males??

For us, it may not be a pleasant time, but we must understand that it is a natural behavior and that we do not need to worry. Remember that it is not always a sexual impulse on the part of the dog, although sometimes it is. To clear any doubts you may have about the subject, we are here with different reasons that explain why my dog mounts other males.

Why Does My Dog ​​Ride Other Males
Why Does My Dog Ride Other Males

In this article, we will tell you the main reasons which this happens with dogs. We are going to provide 6 reasons for why does my dog hump other males topic. Just check all the reason behind the scenes which dog suffers from.

6 Reason Why Does My Dog Hump on Other Males:

As we already said above, we will provide you the complete information about the cause of this dog humps other male dogs. Check these 6 main reasons for these scenes. They are as follows

  • Stress Indicator
  • Grazing Dogs
  • Sexual Behaviour
  • Game Behaviours
  • Learning in Puppies
  • Animal Sexuality

So these are the Main 6 reasons for Dogs Mate with Male Dogs. Let’s check them in detailed and know the full reasons behind them.

Stress Indicator

This type of behavior is very common in male dogs and even in females after suffering a stressful situation. Which may be positive or negative. The dog tries to lower this small stress rise by riding and the exercises that accompany it.

why do male dogs hump

When we observe this situation it is advisable to call our dog (we must teach to attend the call ) to divert attention and avoid possible social conflicts that may arise. Already next to our side we can offer a toy or make a small seeding (spread sweets on the floor to encourage sniffing) to relax our dog.

Grazing Dogs

It is common for herding dogs such as Border Collies, German Shepherds or Australian Shepherds to use mounts and other games as a way to “guide their flock” or to manage a situation beyond their control. It can also be a technique used to “calm” a dog that is nervous. Returning again to the first point which is suffering some stress.

why do male dogs hump other male dogs

The ideal, in this case, is to encourage dog skills and mental stimulation of these dogs to achieve a more positive attitude in them. We will also try to create a calm and relaxed atmosphere. Do not forget that these breeds are extremely active and intelligent. So that doing varied activities with them will be a good way to channel their stress and energy.

Sexual Behavior

When an adult male dog has never had sex with a bitch. There comes a moment when it is overloaded. For this reason, sometimes it may be indifferent to him to try to practice sex with a bitch than with a dog. Likewise, dogs that have undergone castration have an odor difficult to identify by other males. Which may confuse them with young females.

dogs humping each other

It is not so strange to observe dogs riding their toys, pillows and even the sofa. It is normal. The dog only tries to alleviate his sexual desire. That is one of the reasons that give an answer to why my dog mates other males.

Finally, remember that, although there is no scientific study that demonstrates this possibility. Homosexual behaviors can sometimes appear in animals. In fact, without knowing the exact cause. It is estimated that 10% of living beings carry out homosexuality in their relationships.

Game Behaviors

Apart from the above mentioned, a male can mount other males in a timely manner in the middle of a very active games session. It is a totally normal attitude and again we relate it to a small rise in stress, in this positive case, due to the game.

dogs humping

It may happen in many situations. They show some of these practices to us on the regular basis. These game behaviors in dogs will be seen sometimes.

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Learning in Puppies

Especially in the juvenile period of the dog, between 3 and 4 months and the year of age (before reaching adulthood). The young dog tries to experiment with other dogs that will serve him as an adult. It is essential for your learning and for you to achieve correct communication with other dogs.

dogs having sex with male dogs

This montage reveals a beginning of latent sexuality. It is the equivalent of observing young brothers of litters of tigers or lions. Locked in fights in which some bite or strong scratch one or the other take. It is useful training for a near future in which the thing will be serious. Young dogs “train” their sexuality.

Animal Sexuality

Humans are not the only living beings who practice sex for pleasure. Dolphins, chimpanzees, and among other animals dogs also enjoy sex without any reproductive mood. And it is not strange that animals of the same gender practice sex with each other. It is also a basic survival instinct, something innate in canine behavior.

What Should We Do If Our Dog Does Not Stop Riding Other Males?

Although at first, it is not a negative behavior that we should avoid. The truth is that it is important to learn to assess the specific situation in which our dog is. For example, riding other male dogs at the time of the game is not always negative, but it can be an act that leads to fights. So it is not advisable to reinforce this attitude. Working basic obedience or castrating our dog will be some measures to prevent it.

how to stop male dog from mounting other male dog

Although it is a problem of stress, ignoring this behavior can mean that it goes further and that it becomes a real problem. Whether among dogs or between dog and human. In this case, reviewing the freedoms of well-being with dogs can give us a clue how to start dealing with this problem, taking into account the health and mental well-being of our best friend.

Serious Behavior Problems

If this situation is triggering a problem of serious behavior or is affecting the relationship between your dog and other dogs. It will be advisable to go to the veterinarian to make a complete physical examination to our dog (including blood test) to rule out any health problems.

Once we make sure that this behavior is not related to a medical problem. It will be time to consult with a professional, be it a canine educator, an ethologist or a trainer. These professional figures will help you to identify the exact behavior that your dog carries out (stress, sexuality, etc.) that you may have overlooked and will offer you some guidelines so that you can apply them in your day to day and improve this situation.

These are the main reasons why we see the weird scenes like male dogs mate male dogs. Go through the complete article and make note of things to stop your dog from doing this.

Final Words:

Hence, it is advisable to know the exact reason why your dog is a hump on other male dogs from the points which we mentioned. One simple recommendation for us is that when you see these scenes, try to arrange a mate with the female dogs. After the mate, you will not face any issues like mating with other male dogs. Just give it a try. If so it happens the same, then you should consider the above points and proceed accordingly. Feel free to ask your questions, we will try to answer them in the comment section. Like this article and share it on your Social Networking Sites with some other dog owners.

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