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Menstrual Cycle in Dogs? Dogs Heat Cycle Complete Process

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Menstrual Cycle in Dogs: Dogs have a menstrual cycle?

yes, it is commonly called the heat cycle.

This starts between 9 and 12 months of age.

Sexually mature females go through this stage twice a year.

The time passes so fast when the dog is a puppy that, at least you expect it, your puppy comes to the first menstruation (although this term is wrong because menstrual comes month, and the cycle of bitches is estrous, but we will call it menstruation for a better understanding).

Many owners are alarmed at the bleeding of the puppy when it enters the adolescent stage, because they do not realize that nature follows its course.

Menstrual Cycle in Dogs was not good or If your dog has not been sterilized, her first menstruation will appear approximately at 6 months and will be repeated every 6 months, that is, she will have her menstruation twice a year.

The bleeding lasts 7 to 10 days and coincides with the estrus stage, that is, that your dog will be ready to reproduce (you will notice the number of suitors that appear on the door of your house).

During this time, it is better to watch your dog closely and avoid the exits when there are more dogs if you do not want him to become the Pied Piper.

Try to get your dog to do their needs in the hours when there are fewer dogs, so avoid some other uncomfortable moment.

Stages of the Menstrual Cycle in Dogs bitch:

The menstruation of the bitch consists of four stages :

  • Proestrus,
  • Estrus,
  • Right-handed and

During this phase, three hormones are essential:

  • Estrogen: Responsible for initiating the cycle
  • Luteinizing hormone (LH): Responsible for causing ovulation
  • Progesterone: which makes pregnancy possible.

The Stage of Menstruation of the Dogs is as follows:

Proestro: the first phase of the menstruation cycle of the bitch is called proestro.

It lasts around 9 days, but it can vary between 3 and 17 days.

During this phase, the vulva of the animal swells a little and excretes a reddish brown discharge.

Estro: is the second phase of the heat cycle, which should not be confused with “heat”.

The estrus lasts around 9 days.

But can range from 3 to 21 days.

During this stage, the female has a mild inflammation of the vulva and presents pink or straw-colored vaginal discharge.

When estrogen levels decrease in late proestrus, the levels of progesterone and luteinizing hormone begin to rise.

LH stimulates ovulation within 2 to 3 days, and the female becomes receptive to males.

Right-handed: it is the third phase of the heat cycle.

It can vary between 50 and 80 days, with an average of around 60 days.

During this period, the body of the bitch acts as if it were pregnant.

She can go into a false pregnancy.

Anestro: This is the fourth and last phase of the heat cycle.

It can last between 130 and 250 days.

Some dog breeds, such as Dingo or Basenji, have very long anestrus periods and only go through one heat cycle per year.

During this stage, the females are not sexually active.

It is a resting phase, where the body begins to prepare for another heat cycle.

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Signs that Indicate Menstruation in Bitches:

  • Change of Mood
  • Puffy Nipples: Sometimes, but not always, the nipples swell slightly. This can also be a sign of a ghost pregnancy.
  • Sudden Interest of the Males: Dogs can smell the change in bitches’ hormones before they go through the heat stage.
  • Inflammation of the Vulva: The vulva may show some inflammation, but it is quite variable, in some dogs it barely swells, while in others it may look like a golf ball.
  • Cola stop: When a female is ready to mate, she will keep her tail upright and move it from side to side to make sure the male can smell it.
  • Presence of Blood: This is usually the safest indicator that the heat cycle has started. Some females are kept extremely clean and it can be difficult to know if they are going through that stage.

What care should you take when your Dog has Menstruation?

  • Acquire a menstrual diaper for bitches that you’ll find at pet stores. With this diaper, you will prevent your dog from staining your house with droplets of blood.
  • There are bitches that cannot bear to wear the diaper and try to start it successfully. If you notice that your dog has very bad the theme of wearing a diaper for menstruation, you will have to choose to leave it in a room at your own pace, where you can clean quietly and can dirty little.
  • When the dog has menstruation has a tendency to urinate more, so you will have to make more trips to the street or garden. Always watch the males, even if you take them out to the fenced garden, you cannot imagine what a male can do to mount it!
  • Many bitches suffer menstrual pains like many women, although it is difficult to externalize them. Take care and pamper your dog at this time, you will need it.

To avoid that your dog has menstruation and, therefore, suffer the heat, the best method is sterilization.

If you do not want to sterilize or you can not due to economic issues, you should know that the veterinarian can give you injections or pills to avoid heat as much as possible (although you have to have a very good memory to remember when to administer the injection or tablet).

Caring for a Bitch During Menstrual Cycle in Dogs:

Keep a close watch on your pet, especially to protect it from an unwanted reproduction, since the males can detect the smell of the bitch in heat and will do everything possible to find it.

Also remember: a dog is mature for mating from 4 months onwards.

  • Have extra patience and be gentle with your pet. Make love to her and protect her.
  • Avoid bathing your dog until the bleeding stops completely, thus reducing the likelihood that she will develop a vaginal infection.
  • Control your pet against brucellosis. This disease is a bacterial infection that is transmitted sexually. It can cause abortion of the offspring and infertility in both sexes. It is fought with antibiotics and the dogs to avoid the contagion must be castrated.
  • On the other hand, in case you want to cross your dog, you should go to your veterinarian. He will perform a vaginal cytology or serum progesterone test to determine if your pet is currently ovulating.

Finally, We hope that you got the knowledge about Menstrual Cycle in Dogs.

If you wish to eliminate any possibility that your pet ever has a litter, ask your veterinarian about the best method to sterilize it.

That way you will not have to deal with your zeal and you will avoid the overpopulation of animals.

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