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Why Is Your Dog’s Stomach Making Noises?

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When your stomach sounds it is very likely that you know what it means. Usually, it is that you are hungry or that you are digesting food, although it may also be that you are sick. The stomach of your dog can also make a lot of noise but when your bowels sound, can it be for the same as when they sound like you?

The technical name of the sound of the stomach is known as bowel sounds and is normal for dogs and people. We are going to explain to you some causes of why your dog stomach makes noises.

Why Is Your Dog’s Stomach Making Noises?
Dog’s Stomach Making Noises? Know the reasons Why?

In this article, We will explain all the possible reasons why dogs stomach making noises. Just check the complete article and know the exact reasons for the stomach noise. Let’s check them now.

The 5 Reasons Why Your Dogs Stomach Makes Noise

There are 5 reasons which we need to check in order to know the exact reason for the noise in the dog’s stomach. We have researched and collected all the reasons for this and mentioned below. The 5 reasons are as follows

  • Bowel Sounds with Digestion
  • Because Your Dog is Hungry
  • Gases and Air
  • He Has Eaten Something Which He Shouldn’t Eat.
  • Parasites or Intestinal Problems

So these are the main 6 reasons for the dog stomach gurgling. Questions like my dog’s stomach are gurgling very loudly this will be cleared with this article. Let’s check the reasons now.

Bowel Sounds with Digestion

We begin by discovering why your dog’s stomach making loud noises talking about one of the most frequent causes. During digestion, the gastrointestinal tract breaks down food. These moves and the gases that are created in the digestive process move. Most audible sounds for a dog owner are related to the gases that move in the intestines.

dog stomach gurgling

All that gas in motion makes noises. Sometimes, digestion can produce sounds louder than normal when the process creates a lot of gas or when the gastrointestinal tract suddenly experiences an increase in activity. such as when a dog eats after having an empty stomach. This would be one of the reasons for dog stomach noises.

Because Your Dog is Hungry

A dog’s stomach may sound because they are hungry, just as it happens to you. The noises are produced by the movement and contractions of the gastrointestinal tract and are usually a bit stronger than the sounds of digestion.

my dogs stomach is making loud noises

These hunger sounds are of course, more common in the morning before breakfast, a little before dinner, or any time your dog has been without food for a while and may be hungry.

Gases and Air

Another reason why your dog may feel his stomach making noise may be because he has ingested a lot of air. Either by eating or breathing quickly can cause too much stomach noise (and may even burp). If your dog eats too fast it can also be a reason to have stomach noises.

my dogs stomach is making weird noises

If your dog swallows too much air when eating. You can try to buy another bowl for your food or put less food in one shot. If you think you swallow too much air when you gasp or eat, go to your vet to assess him.

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He has Eaten Something That He Should Not Eat

While most of a dog’s stomach noises are normal and harmless. Some stomach noises in your pet can be a sign of potentially serious gastrointestinal problems.

my dogs stomach is gurgling very loudly

If a dog eats something that it does not have to (for example of the garbage), or there is something that has changed in its diet suddenly. It can cause stomach discomfort and that the intestines sound to him because of this. You  Should also know how to treat indigestion in a dog so you know how you should proceed in these cases.

Parasites or Intestinal Problems

It may also be that a dog’s stomach noise because it has intestinal parasites or, also, because it has swallowed strange objects or because it has intestinal diseases that are causing stomach upset. In more rare cases, when the casings sound excessively, it can be associated with endocrine or metabolic disorders.

dogs stomach making loud noises

In any case, if you notice that your dog is having too many stomach noises and you think they are out of the ordinary. You should go to your veterinarian so they can do a review and be able to know exactly what happens. You should notice if you have any symptoms to tell your veterinarian, such as your dog eating less, vomiting, diarrhea, saliva too or if it seems too decayed.

You may also have abdominal pain, something you’ll know if you see him in a stooped posture. Whatever it is, your veterinarian can help you.


Hence, you have checked the possible reasons why your dog stomach making noises. Make sure to cross check all the mentioned points with your dog and find the exact reason for that dogs stomach noise. Feel free to ask your questions if you have any doubts. We will solve it and provide you with the best possible answer. Keep following dogsfud for more dog related articles.

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