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Essential Tips on How to Entertain Your Cat

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Among the smartest species in the animal kingdom are those that we have as pets – mainly dogs and cats.

Cats in particular are not only smart but are also playful and at the same time always inquisitive. While we always see them having fun almost everywhere from the roof, on a tree, at the backyard, and anywhere else, they also do have times when they are simply bored.

When they feel bored, they usually just lie around, sleep, or simply sit and stare to nothingness. To some owners a bored cat can be cute, however it may not be very healthy towards the cat itself.

How to Entertain a Cat

Making use of the best cat houses could also be a good way to keep them always entertained nevertheless there are still other ways of doing so.

Cats are very much like dogs which require a good amount of activity in order to keep them healthy. To keep them always active and energetic, it is best to keep them away from being bored and always keep them entertained.

Here are a few ways on how to entertain them and always keep them active.

Entice curiosity

One thing that is unique among cats is that they are always curious about things.

Once they see something moving or making a sound, they can’t help but go near it and explore what it is. By taking advantage of a cat’s curiosity, it is always possible to keep them entertained.

The good part about this tip is that you don’t have to spend much in order to draw their attention and feed their curiosity. You can simply use simple and basic things to entice their curiosity.

Among those things that you can use include cardboard boxes, balls, stack of wooden bricks, children’s toys, and so on. Also, this tip doesn’t require intervention from the owner.

Simply leave the object and let the cat do all the work.


Now when we talk about visuals, we’re simply referring to the visual media which in this case can include the television, a phone, or any visual media device.

Cats are also appreciative of watching on the screen. Unlike other animals, they find amazement in what they see on the screen particularly on televisions because of their size.

Cats particularly love watching other animals as well as their own species on television. By letting them watch on the television, not only can they defeat boredom but they are also able to learn from what they see.

Hunting game

Cats are like hunters. This brings the opportunity to eliminate boredom by letting them hunt for their food.

In this case, you can simply hide their food and leave some traces for them to follow. Not only can this eliminate boredom but can also train their sense of smell and sight.

As they hunt for their food, you can opt for the traditional way by hiding their target on a place or position that is hard to reach or go to. The destination should require a good amount of effort from the cat in order to train its muscles as well.

Or you can also opt for a more modern approach where you can use food dispensers which incorporate a bit of mind game for the pet. As the cat does certain tasks, it will be rewarded with food or treat.

Time with other animals

Pets such as cats also need to socialize with other animals and their species. This allows them to be playful and also to get to know their kind.

Allowing them to interact to other pets lets you understand more about your pet and they are also able to develop new skills as they learn from other animals.

Just be careful when having them interact with other animals since other animals may be aggressive and might not be too well with others.

Obedience training

Another good way to keep your cat or any pet entertained is through obedience trainings. The best thing about these kinds of trainings is that pets are able to respond to certain commands which allow convenience to the owner and also provides entertainment as well.

Whenever performing this training with your pet, never resort to physical discipline when the pet makes a mistake. Not only will these cause injuries to the pet but can also leave a psychological scar to the animal.

It is best to understand that these kinds of trainings require patience and time for both the pet and the owner. As they spend more time together, the better their bond will be and the pet will be able to understand the training.

A day outdoors

The traditional way to keep any pet entertained is to take them out for a walk. Not only does this keep them entertained as they explore new places, it also helps them build their muscles and keeps them healthy.

If your cat is not that tamed or trained yet, make sure to use a leash or at least have them close to you as much as possible.

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