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Facts About Dachshund Dog Breed and It’s Types

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Dachshund & Wire Haired Dachshund is playful, friendly, excellent guardians and very attached is their masters. Although a bit stubborn, so you have to make sure you leave the rules clear from puppies. They can be a bit jealous or possessive.

When defending their territory they have no problem in dealing with larger dogs, without being aggressive. As for its characteristics for hunting, its passionate, perseverant and agile spirit is highlighted and his fine nose.

Facts about Dachshund
Facts About Wire Haired Dachshund Dog Breed

So in this article from Dogsfud, We are going to explain Some awesome facts about the Wire haired Dachshund Dog Breed. You would really like this article and enjoy the best knowledge ever.

Characteristics of Dachshund:

The Characteristics of the Breed Wire Haired Dachshund are as follows

It is characterized by its thick fur and wire. In the snout has a well-marked beard. The eyebrows are bushy. The hair of the ears is much shorter than that of the body, almost smooth.

Solids: Red, Red-Yellow, Reddish-Brown.
Two- Color: Deep Black or Brown.

Tactics: black, red or gray.
Dark streaks on a red or yellow background.
Irregular gray and beige spots.

Elongated, both seen from above and profile, but it should not be pointed. The snout is long, wide and strong enough.

Medium-sized, oval and well separated, with clear and energetic expression. But at the same time, confident and non-penetrating. Dark red and brown color, shiny up to black-brown in all the colors of the fur.

Of low structure and with strong musculature. Despite having short extremities in relation to the body, it is not clumsy or limited in its movements.

History of Dachshund Dogs:

These dogs are as old as the Middle Ages. It is a race of German origin, also known as Dackel or Teckel. There are short hair, wire hair, and long hair. The first mention of a wire-haired Dachshund. However, it was in 188 when Captain von Wanderburg exhibited a specimen called Mordaz. Which resulted from crossing with a hard-haired pinscher.


The morphology of this breed responds to the need to have dogs especially suitable for hunting underground, can get into the narrowest burrows. This, however, is not his only skill as a hunter. On the surface, he is able to bark without losing track while looking for and continues to be wounded prisoners. Characteristics that make it very versatile. In 1873 the Kennel Club officially recognized the breed, after an exhibition at the Crystal Palace in England.

The wire-haired Dachshund is a hunter par excellence. Its low and elongated size allows it to sneak into the burrows easily in search of hares and rabbits.

Breed: Dachshund wire hair
Origin: Germany
Size: Between 17 and 25 cm high
Weight: Between 4 and 9 kilos
Life expectancy: From 12 to 15 years

The Types Of The Dachshund:

The dachshund is the race that has the largest variety of Types. There is Smooth hair, Wire hair, and Long hair.

Smooth Dachshunds:

It was the first variety that existed. Its hair glued to the body, soft and shiny, helped the dog to slide through the burrows, which was the zoo technical function for which it was selected. It is the most widespread hair variety.

Smooth Hair Dachshund
Smooth Hair Dachshund

The short hair allows noticing perfectly the line of the copy. This type of coat is very easy to care because, in addition to not having the smell of dog. It is cleaned with a damp cloth and immediately takes its body to shine.

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Wire Hair Dachshunds:

Wirehair was the next variety reported, Smooth hair was obtained from the cross of the dachshund with other breeds. It gave the hair a rough, but shiny texture, and an increase in the thickness of the skin. The reason why this variety was sought was to make the specimen more resistant to walk among branches, thorns, shrubs, etc., and avoid causing serious injuries to the skin.

Wire Hair Dachshund
Wire Hair Dachshund

This type of coat requires regular care. Since unlike the other hair varieties when dying the hair stays in the hair follicle and requires that it be removed by hand or with a squeegee to keep fit. In addition, it must be done a maintenance every month removing the hair longer and leaving only the hardest hair stuck to the body. Leaving only the beards and long eyebrows of the specimen. Some owners of the wire dachshund shave them. This is apparently a practical solution, but the hair becomes weaker and thinner, obtaining copies with poor quality fur.

The dachshund with wire hair should not be washed with soap and water. Their hygiene is maintained by passing a cloth moistened with isopropyl alcohol. It can be purchased in drugstores and specialized pharmacies, with which all the fat is removed from the hair and skin. It dries the coat (desired in this variety) and as it is alcohol it evaporates quickly, avoiding the wetting of the fur. If the dog gets wet or bathes, it favors the growth of a secondary hair that is very soft like fluff which is not desired. At a time when bathing is essential, there is a specific shampoo for dogs with wirehair.

Large Hair Dachshunds:

This was the last variety of hair. It was sought in order to obtain dogs with the temperament, figure, and qualities of the dachshund but with a long, silky, and shiny hair.

Long Hair Dachshund
Long Hair Dachshund

Long hair is expressed mainly in the ears, chest, skirt, and tail. This type of hair is not difficult to keep in good condition. Just like any other dog with brushing 3 times a week is enough to avoid problems.

The dachshunds of long hair have a character generally a bit quieter and good-natured than the other coats. This could be influenced by the selection of the specimens with more attractive fur. The long coat is not the most practical for hunting, initial zootechnics for which the breed was selected.


Hence, These are the facts about the Dachshunds Dog Breeds. We have provided all important info about the breed along with the types of the Dachshunds. Feel free to ask your questions from the comment sections. We will help you out and answer all your questions quickly. Keep visiting Dogsfud for more Information on dogs.

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