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French Bulldog Breed Complete Information

French Bulldog Breed: All about the French Bulldog Origin, puppies, types, characteristics, diseases, and much more information will be provided in this article.

Don’t worry about anything, We have covered maximum questions regarding the French bulldogs.

The French Bulldog or Frenchie is characterized by its muscular physique and large head with a short snout.

Although they appear ferocious, they have an attractive and pleasant personality, incomparable intelligence and courage.

It can become an excellent and faithful companion for all members of the family.

French Bulldog Breed Information
French Bulldog Breed Information

Learn more in this article about French Bulldog characteristics, with which he has gained great acceptance in the whole world.

We have researched a lot on this topic and written a well-detailed guide on this French Bulldog Breed.

Now let’s check them One by One.

Origin of the French Bulldog Breed:

It is a race that originates from France and goes back to the 1850s when the race was established as such.

They were raised by people from England, Who did handicrafts, known as lace makers.

He is considered a muscular dog of small size.

His beginnings are in England like his close relative to the English Bulldog.

It is possible that it is the result of constant crossings between local dogs in Paris with dogs from Great Britain.

The objective of the breeders was to form a race that was athletic and agile to be used in dogfighting.

At first, its owners were people of the town as coachmen and butchers and vintners.

With the passage of time, they began to be part of the high society and the artistic world.

Because of its original appearance and unique character, it spread rapidly.

French Bulldogs Different names

Like all domestic dogs, its scientific name is Canis Lupus Familiaris.

This pet was known as the Bulldog toy, but later, it was called French Bulldog or Bully.

Other names for which he is called is Bouledogue Francais and in English French Bulldog.

At the end of the 19th century, the name was officially recognized by the whole world.

Especially by groups such as the American Kennel Club.

It is also known affectionately by the name of Frenchie, which in English means French.

Types of French Bulldog

It is difficult to choose a French Bulldog due to the number of colors it presents.

According to its standard the most recognized and popular are:

Types of French Bulldogs
Types of French Bulldogs
  • Brindle: It is dark colored mixed with lighter colors. Some have spots of different sizes on the chest black. Also, they can have those spots on the head, toes, and neck. They are the least expensive because they are the most common.
  • Fawn color: In general, they are not uniform in color without streaks or spots. It can vary between a range of colors ranging from cream, tan, caramel to dark reddish. Most of the time its color is light tan to reddish dark and in the middle tan. It appears darker on the head, ears, and sides than the challenge of the body and legs. They often call him Red Leonardo or Fawn.
  • Blue: Its color varies from blue to a dark blue or slightly brown apricot. Some have grayish noses and pads. His eye color is green or of a different color.
  • Cream: They have a uniform color pattern, like an eggshell with an orange hue.
  • Saber: It is a strange color and has different shades, with the tips in black or in combination.
  • Pure Black: It is one of the most expensive of the Bulldogs, because of its so dominant characteristics, are not allowed in competitions.
  • Pure Blue: It is the rarest of all, so its price, is even higher than the black color.

The variations of colors such as Chocolate and Tan, Blue and Brown are presented if the parents are of different colors.

The colors black and blue too are presented in Pieds, that is, white skin or eggshell.

In addition to dark spots very varied.

12 General Characteristics of French Bulldogs:

It is mainly characterized by its maxillofacial contraction.

He is small but muscular and strong.

The French Bulldog is soft and strong bones also have:

General Characteristics Of French Bulldogs
  • It has a strong, broad and square head.
  • Your skin forms wrinkles and folds.
  • The eyes are large, rounded, separated from each other and a little bulging.
  • The ears are medium and always firm like bat ears.
  • The forehead is bulging.
  • The tail is short from birth.
  • Its coat is of different colors, satin, soft and shiny.
  • With an average size of 35 centimeters.
  • The weight is about 8 to 14 kilos in proportion to its size.
  • The face is flattened.
  • The nose is very short, wide and raised.
  • The back is muscular and quite wide.

Life Expectancy of French Bulldogs

Their hope or life expectancy, according to scientific studies is approximately 10 to 12 years.

Its maximum duration is around 15 years.

Knowing French Bulldogs Character Better

He is friendly, affectionate, vivacious, sweet and very smart.

It adapts very well to the circumstances, so he loves to sleep.

Although it is of small size, it can be a good guardian for believing itself very large.

They can socialize quickly with people, other animals, and dogs of different races.

They are excellent pets for seniors.

French Bulldogs is a lover of children and can become his perfect playmate.

Because of his great demand for the company.

Loneliness can cause him anxiety, Which can lead him to become a destroyer.

If you leave it alone for very long periods, it can bite and break things.

French Bulldogs Puppies

The puppies are like a sponge.

They will absorb everything you teach them and see you do.

They need you to have a lot of patience and a lot of time.

In this stage of the dog, your dog attitude is very important.

Since it will be centered on you.

French Bulldogs Puppies

Its growth takes place for 1 year, where important changes occur from weaning.

The most outstanding are in your dog bones, digestive system, muscles, and immune system.

When is the Best Time to Cross Them?

The best time to cross your French Bulldog is from 2 years of age and after the second heat.

The female lasts in the heat for approximately 20 days.

In the second stage of estrus, known as estrus is where the female is fertile and can get pregnant.

Time for Crossing French Bulldogs

You must follow the following steps:

The Moment of Riding

Determine which is the best time of the mount, always looking for a good specimen, healthy and without any genetic problem.

If you have no knowledge of the female’s zeal then veterinarian can tell you.

One way, it is by means of a test, which is carried out after 5 days of bleeding.

From the fertile day, you must start the mounts alternating the days.

The Gestation Period

Make sure the veterinarian does an ultrasound on the female after 25 days of the last ride.

If it is positive, it begins with the care required for the gestation period in terms of feeding.

It is important to do periodic check-ups to check that everything is going well.

If you want to know the number of puppies, you can do an X-ray.


The first days of gestation you must take care of the weight of the female to avoid that it becomes obese.

Then the last days of pregnancy will be the opposite, increases your meals and calorie consumption.

Put her to do exercises, like short walks.

The pregnancy usually lasts between 60 to 63 days.

In this time, go preparing a place where you can give birth, that is calm, safe and with a good temperature.

The dog’s deliveries are usually problematic because the puppies are big headed.

Because of this situation, he deserves a cesarean section.

Essential care to be Taken for French Bulldogs

They need special care from an early age.

So they can develop healthily.

How to Take Care of French Bulldogs
  • Take him for a walk, preventing him from running a lot.
  • Never leave it alone or in hot places. Keep it in a cool and quiet place.
  • Provide plenty of fresh water.
  • Do your regular grooming of the skin and hair, so you will eliminate dead hair. Give him a bath, once a month, with a special shampoo for his race, to keep his hair healthy and shiny.
  • You should clean your ears in a weekly manner.
  • Clean with warm water and cloth around your eyes, then dry the area to prevent fungi from coming out.
  • You should clean it regularly, with cotton and physiological solution, the folds of your face, especially in summer.
  • Cut the nails if they are very long, always being very careful.
  • If you have any questions, ask the veterinarian for more information.

How to Feed the French Bulldog

The French Bulldog is a breed of dogs that need a balanced diet, rich in vitamins and proteins.

Also, it is important that you consider, both the quantity and frequency of feeding.

Since, by its physical constitution, it tends to fatten from there.

The importance of controlling their diet.

So that they do not suffer from overweight.

What to Feed The French Bulldog

Write Down the following Recommendations for your Dog Diet:

Below are the recommendations for your French bulldog’s diet which you can include in the dog’s diet.

  • Do not change the food abruptly. Do it gradually little by little. Start by adding a little of the new feed to the usual. Until it is completely eliminated.
  • You must be careful with homemade food, this has to be balanced and complete.
  • Add occasionally rice with chicken or give natural fruits, instead of candy.
  • Do not give bones to a dog, especially if they are cooked. These can splinter and cause constipation or perforations.
  • Get accustomed to eating at a specific time. Especially after 6 months of age so you will control your dog’s diet.
  • We should constantly monitor his diet, whether he has a lack or excess of appetite.

French Bulldogs More Common Diseases

In spite of being a robust and resistant breed dog.

It has weaknesses in its respiratory system and cardiac complications.

Overweight and excess size can pose a health problem.

The most significant and frequent diseases and conditions are:

Most common diseases in French Bulldogs

Cardiac Complications

This race has a congenital predisposition from very young to malformations of the heart.

One of the most common is the pulmonary stenosis.

Ophthalmic Diseases

A hereditary problem that presents the French Bulldog is the entropion that consists of rolling inward the edge of the eyelid.

Generally, it affects both the upper and lower eyelids.

It is corrected by surgical procedure.

French Bull Dogs Neurological Diseases

Several conditions that can damage your spine are:

Herniated discs may appear in different heights of the spine, causing great pain and lameness.

In the worst case, it could cause paralysis, which would imply surgical treatment.

It is very important for precise diagnosis, to perform exams.

The Leptospirosis

It is a disease caused by a bacterium transmitted by rodents through the mucous membranes.

Subsequently, it spreads rapidly throughout the body, causing serious problems to the internal organs of the dog.

Allergic Reactions

The French Bulldog is usually a dog with allergies at the level of the skin like dermatitis.

Also, they may have allergies due to food intolerance such as chicken, veal and rice.

It is important to perform allergic tests if you notice any visible reaction such as redness of the muzzle, skin or lips.

The Hemivertebra

This congenital malformation, which forms wedge-shaped vertebrae mainly affects short-tailed and bolted breeds.

The inadequate or incomplete development of a vertebra or the poor development of blood vessels can result in the hemivertebra.

The symptoms that appear are the pain, paralysis of its back part.

In more advanced cases, the dog loses control of the intestines and bladder.

French Bulldogs Respiratory Diseases

Due to its crushed nose, it is common to present complex malformations of the upper respiratory tract.

Usually, they are related to gastrointestinal problems, can be corrected by surgical techniques with a laser that eliminates nasal tissue.

So you can have a better space for air.

French Bulldogs Respiratory Diseases

The most known complications are:

  • The soft palate
  • The narrowing of nostrils.
  • The version of the laryngeal sacs.
  • The right way to train it

All dogs have different character and form.

If you want to have good results, set standards from the same time.

Use the teaching method according to the characteristics of your French Bulldog.

Teach Him to Relate to his Environment

  • Establish roles, showing that you are above him. That you will give him orders that he must fulfill. Do not make exceptions in the determined norms that the family places.
  • When it comes to punishing, do not hesitate. However, you must be moderate and without aggression.
  • When you behave badly you should see your attitude change.
  • Reward their good attitudes and compliance with standards.
  • Set limits and show him where in the house he can rest or play.
  • Teach her what her space is in the house.
  • After teaching these rules. You can continue with more complex training.

Tips When Buying Frech Bulldog

It is important that you keep in mind certain things like below points before buying a bulldog:

Tips before buying French Bulldogs
  • Search for a Good Breeder: This way you will have the certainty that the puppy is healthy and excellent exemplary by the standards of its breed. A good breeder will give you a guarantee that comes from healthy parents, their papers in order and pedigree. It will provide you with all the information you request about the origin of the puppy. Know very well the breeding places in your area. If possible go in person.
  • Choose a Puppy: Know the litter and the options of choice they offer you, observe their appearance, be well fed, without signs of illness. It is important, that you bear in mind when choosing one that this race demands a lot of attention.
  • If you do not have money to buy a French Bulldog puppy, you can adopt one.

This domestic pet dog although playful and sweet is quite quiet and reserved.

If you own a French Bulldog or think about adopting or buying one.

Surely this fun dog will make your home happy.

But you have to take care of it very well and spend a lot of time.

Thus, he will live much longer in an excellent and cheerful way.

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