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The Average Great Dane Price

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They’re big, they’re gentle, and they’re quite costly. Yes, the Great Dane is a magnificent breed, but you should expect a hefty monthly bill when it comes to caring for one, not to mention the purchase investment.

If you’re still debating whether or not this is the right breed for you and want to get a good idea of the average costs involved, we will give you some specific calculations today in our article.

It’s good to know the Great Dane price in general when you are ready to purchase one, but the buck doesn’t stop there: it is equally important to calculate in food, veterinary costs and eventual breeding/show costs should you choose to go that route.

Buying a Great Dane – How Much Will I Spend?

The average cost of purebred puppies with pedigrees is:

  • Puppy: $1,600-$2,000

The AKC has a section of their website called the AKC PuppyFinder. Here, a list of AKC-registered Great Dane breeders are listed for those who are interested in purchasing a puppy, and this is where we looked for pricing info.

Some breeders only provide this “on request,” but others like this one were quite upfront about their pricing. In fact, we would feel pretty good about contacting them based on the way they presented themselves on their website.

Another breeder listed their puppies on the AKC PuppyFinder site with a general $2000+ in the price section, so depending on the breeder and the bloodlines of the parents, we can easily see the price exceeding $2000 in some cases.

This breeder priced hers at $4000-$6000 due to their show potential.

A few other factors that play into the puppy price calculation include:

  • Color
  • Gender

Adopting Is an Alternative and Will Lower the Great Dane Price Tag

If you know that you love the breed and have decided that it is the right fit for your family and lifestyle, then the Great Dane price will reduce drastically if you to adopt.

There are quite a few Great Dane rescue organizations sprinkled across the U.S. and after a quick internet search, you can easily find one located in your area.

Many rescue organizations are non-profit, and as such, their time is valuable, and your donations are important.

We’ve seen several organizations charge $25 for the application fee (non-refundable in most cases) since it takes time to read and determine who is the best fit for the dog.

On this rescue site, the adoption fees varied by dog (we can imagine that this is due to the cost of the dog in terms of food and special veterinary needs if any), and they seemed to average between $300-$550.

Food, Bedding Costs

Feeding a 120-pound dog every day will require quite a bit of kibble, and it isn’t going to be cheap, either. Males can get up to 170 pounds or even more!

  • Food. You need to be careful about the amount of protein that is in the food that you choose, so rather than purchasing based on cost or popularity, make sure you opt for food that is in the 23-25% protein range.*

Eagle Pack is a popular brand. The Puppy formula has a 23% crude protein minimum while the Adult formula has a 25% crude protein minimum.

A 30-pound (or 13.7068 kilos) bag of either one will run you about $40.

According to their feeding guidelines, a dog that weighs 120-140 pounds should eat 6 ½ to 7 ¼ cups per day. Calculating that to grams, you will feed 624-696 grams of food each day. We’ll round to 700 just to make it easier.

13,7607.8 grams in a bag at 700 grams per day means that it will last you about…

19 days.

That means you’ll need at least two bags per month for a grand total of…

About $80 per month in food costs.

If you have another type of food in mind, find out how much it costs and do a little basic math to figure out how much it will cost you each month.

  • Bed. You’ll need an XXL-sized bed for a Great Dane, which can cost you around $150.

Other beds are sized for large dogs, but Danes are EXTRA, EXTRA large and you’ll have to invest more money into something that they can fit in.

If you want a crate, add on another $130 or $140 to the bill.

Veterinary Costs

It’s quite difficult to guess the veterinary costs since it depends on where you live and the rates that your vet charges; however, there are regular charges that you can expect to pay as a part of your Dane’s annual checkup, including:

  • Rabies Shots
  • Flea, Tick and Heartworm Preventatives

There are many others that you might need to get, depending on the dog’s health, and since ear infections and giardia happen, you should calculate some emergency vet money into your budget every month!

*Disclaimer – We used reliable sources to help provide you with information about the Great Dane price and average care costs, but we are not animal nutritionists and not veterinarians, so please ask your vet or a breeder about the specific protein needs of the dog you will be welcoming to your home.

Our Sources

If you would like to learn more about Great Dane costs, we encourage you to check out some of the helpful resources we used to provide you with the average calculations we provided in our article.





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