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GREAT NEWS: Sainsbury’s Ban Fireworks

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Fantastic news as yesterday Sainsbury’s announced they will not sell any fireworks in any of its 2,300 branches this year.

Sainsbury's Ban Fireworks
Sainsbury’s Ban Fireworks


The First Major Supermarket to Stop Selling Fireworks

A spokesman for Sainsbury’s has said they have stopped selling fireworks following a concern for pets. They will instead be offering “glow sticks” to festive customers.

The move has been welcomed by pet lovers and animal charities. It is a well known fact that loud bangs and flashing lights are distressing for animals.

sainsbury's ban fireworks

The Daily telegraph was informed by Tescos that they will continue to sell them as would Waitrose. Asda will continue to sell fireworks, but as they understand some customers and pets don’t like noise, they are launching a collection of low noise fireworks. Aldi continue to sell fireworks but provide information and advice on how to make pets feel safe and secure.

A spokesperson for the Dogs trust said:”Although they can look beautiful, fireworks can be very distressing for dogs when let off unexpectedly, and because they are so easily accessible all year-round, dog owners are on tender hooks as to when their beloved pooch will next be frightened. We congratulate Sainsbury’s on their decision not to sell fireworks this year and would encourage others to do the same.”


I believe this is a great step in the right direction and Sainsbury’s should be applauded for making such a bold move. Another point that has not been mentioned in all the Press is that this is also important for the elderly. Every year we hear complaints from the elderly of the horrific noise levels of fireworks. I have been in estates when there have been fireworks going off and it can sound like war zone, terrifying for animals and the elderly. Once again I applaud Sainsbury’s for a great step forward.

If you feel the same or feel the opposite feel free to drop me a line.

A happy Dave

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