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Home Remedies to Remove Bad Breath from Dogs

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Have you noticed a foul odor or fishy smell in your dogs? This is an unambiguous symptom that they have problems in the mouth, mainly accumulation of bacterial plaque, which can lead to infection and tartar. It may also be due to stomach problems and other disorders.

So it is the veterinarian who must review them in person and diagnose the cause and give treatment. So, although you can buy pills for bad breath from dogs, puppies or adults and follow the treatment that the specialist tells you.

Home Remedies To Remove Bad Breath From Dogs
Home Remedies To Remove Bad Breath From Dogs

You can also combine it with changing habits and some home remedies to remove bad breath from dogs. In this article, we give you the best home remedies for dogs bad breath. Check the Complete article and enjoy home remedies for dogs breath.

Natural Home Remedies for Dogs Bad Breath

Surely as an owner, you have already noticed that the dog’s breath on occasion, is not at all pleasant. However, there are people who do not mind that the mouth of your dog has a strong smell and continue with the same affection or kisses as always. But halitosis or bad breath can be the result of the accumulation of bacteria in our dog’s mouth. Which is the beginning of the digestive tract, so it can be dangerous for him.

Feed Your Dog Correctly

The first, as we have pointed out before, is that the veterinarian tells you the possible cause and gives you directions to solve this problem. You can get an idea of what can cause this bad smell.

When you have a diagnosis, whether the problem of bad breath of your dog is stomach or only oral. Apart from giving medication if the specialist has prescribed, the first thing to review is the type of food you give to your Dog. The reason is that if there is a problem in the diet that consumes for more than solutions now the problem of the smell with some pill or remedy, it will only be temporary.

Feed your Dog Correctly

For example, wet or semi-moist food in cans or sachets tends to stay very easily between the teeth and accumulate. Besides, if the composition of the food you give to your dog is not adequate, it does not matter if you feed it dry or if you feed it wet. Since it will have deficient nutrition that will cause various problems, among them those that are They give in the mouth, stomach, and intestines.

In addition, bad breath is very common in old dogs because they have a worse quality of mouth. Especially if they are of small breeds, minis or toys, and if this is coupled with an inadequate diet. The problem of foul breath can be aggravated until an infection very serious in the mouth. Which will cause pain, loss of teeth, retracted gums and even the infection can reach the jaw bone. So, before it gets worse for little bad breath that you notice in your dog, check your dog food.

Some tips to choose your dog’s food to avoid or treat bad breath are:

  • Feed him a combination diet between dry food or wet food, preferably homemade. It is important for the oral health that bites the balls or croquettes of the feed because they exert a cleansing effect on the teeth. But the homemade food made to measure gives them greater health in general.
  • Also, not to give both types of food at once. But at different times throughout the day do not digest the same and this can cause stomach and intestinal problems that lead to bad mouth odor and other problems.
  • If you give him food purchased either feed or wet. Make sure that the composition is of quality. The fewer cereals the better, although they can contain you should not be their main ingredient. Because this has to be animal protein.
  • You can give specific feed to treat oral problems. They are composed of ingredients that care for oral health.
  • If the problem of your dog is rather stomach or intestinal. You can also buy specific treatment feed and your veterinarian will inform you.

Coconut oil to remove bad breath from dogs

The first home remedy for the fetid breath of the dogs that we propose is coconut oil, which is a natural product very beneficial for people and also for dogs. It is used for a variety of treatments and to maintain good health, but you must know how to use it without overdoing it.

remedies for bad dog breath

For example, for the health of people, it is used a lot to prevent cavities, as well as to recover the natural color of the teeth. Well in the dogs works the same way, being very effective. Specifically, this natural product is considered a potent antiseptic, antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory and regenerative, among many other aspects. Here you can consult all about the benefits and properties of coconut oil for dogs.

To treat your dog’s bad breath with coconut oil follow these guidelines:

  • Acquire organic coconut oil as natural as possible.
  • Add 1 tablespoon 2 or 3 days a week in the food of your faithful friend.
  • If your dog already has very bad breath, you can give it up to 2 or 3 tablespoons a day until it gets better.
  • Most dogs eat their usual food with mixed coconut oil without problems. But if yours does not feel like it, it is best to apply the oil on the toothbrush with which you usually clean your dog’s mouth and clean its normality.
  • That is replacing the dog toothpaste. If you do not usually use a brush then you can buy one or use a single-use latex glove, apply oil on your finger and massage gently through all the teeth and gums of your dog.

So you know, if you thought “my dog smells bad breath” get down to work and apply this effective remedy, in a way we recommend. You will really see some difference in the smells from bad breath.

Fresh and Mineral water

Although it may seem basic and logical. Sometimes to those who forget the importance of the water which we give to our dogs. Many people use the tap and that’s it but you have to bear in mind that there are areas where tap water is not completely portable or is loaded with products such as chlorine, or it accumulates a lot of lime.

what can i give my dog for bad breath
what can i give my dog for bad breath

Therefore, if you do not know for sure that the tap water in your area is totally adequate for regular drinking. That is if you are not sure that you would drink it daily instead of bottled water then it is not suitable for your dog one either.

To prevent and improve a fetid or stinky breath problem in dogs it is necessary that the animal has access to fresh and mineral water. Such as the one which we use to drink like a water bottle. Give this type of water and not a little safe implies an improvement in the health of the whole body. Especially the digestive system and the kidneys.

Parsley against the Bad Breath of Dogs

Parsley has great effects against bad breath, as it is refreshing a powerful cleanser and good for soothing digestive problems. In fact, people use it to treat bad breath.

To give parsley to your dog to remove the bad smell of mouth you just need to chop a few pieces of parsley. Mix them with your dog food and give it 1 time a day until you notice improvement but at the most a week in a row. If it is only for prevention or the problem is slight giving it 2 times a week will be enough. In any case, never give more than a little per day for a maximum of one week, too much parsley can cause damage to the health of your dog.

fix bad dog breath

Another option is to boil a handful of parsley to make an infusion. Pour it into a spray bottle or diffuser and use it to spray this liquid into your dog mouth after brushing your teeth. If you are afraid of spray, you can wear gloves and dip one or two fingers in the parsley infusion and massage your dog’s teeth and gums for a few seconds after brushing daily.

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Apple Vinegar

Another great remedy for oral and gastrointestinal problems is apple cider vinegar. Here you can see all about apple cider vinegar for dogs like benefits and its dosage. Specifically, it has a great neutralizing effect of bad odor in the mouth of dogs, is detoxifying, digestive, antibacterial and anti-inflammatory among other properties.

dog bad breath home remedies

To use this natural remedy against the bad smell of dogs mouth, You just need to add a few drops of apple cider vinegar in the food or water of your dog every day. The best thing is that you start with a small amount to see if you accept it or if you reject it. Since not everyone likes the smell but if you do it little by little. You can get used to it.

Again, if you can not get it in the food or in the water. You can apply it after brushing with a spray and use it instead of the toothpaste or apply it with your finger. You can do it daily or between 2 and 3 times a week, as you deem necessary.

Candies and Vegan Awards to Take Care of Your Dog’s Breath

Why do we say they are vegan? Well, because vegetables are the best foods to have a healthy mouth. Therefore, if you are going to give a prize or treat to your dog try to make it a vegetable, especially fruits and vegetables. It is recommended that dog should eat a few pieces or a piece of these foods every day. Apart from the food, you give them. In addition, being food that you love as a reward. It is a good idea to remedy if your dog is a puppy. Since they can even be used for game tracking or sowing.

natural remedies for bad dog breath

How to remove bad breath from a puppy dog or adult with vegetables? Very simple, as we have pointed out before give a few pieces or a piece a day, but specifically of these vegetables:

  • Carrots
  • Celery
  • Apples
  • Tangerines
  • Oranges
  • Watermelon
  • Cantaloupe

In addition, in stores, you can find prizes made with mixtures of these vegetables and others.

Toys for Dogs that Clean their Mouth

In addition to all the above, another recommendation that we give you is that you include in the habits of your dog to play with toys really suitable for him and not with household items. Apart from the fact that most of these dog-specific toys are designed to entertain and amuse them safely, many of them are good for teeth and mouth care. Some of the best ones are:

  • Rope toys
  • Cloth toys
  • Rubber toys like the kong.
  • Special bones for mouth cleaning.

how to make my dogs breath smell better

Above all, it is vital that you remember to help your dog have basic oral hygiene. Wash your dog’s mouth several times a week or daily. As recommended by the veterinarian, always using products suitable for dogs.


Hence, you have learned the Home remedies to remove bad breath from dogs with few of these tips. Just follow these few steps and start implementing these home remedies and remove the bad breath from your dog. I hope you like the article with these awesome home remedies. Like the article and share with your friends on social media networks. Feel free to ask your questions in the comment section below. Stay tuned to Dogsfud for More awesome articles on Dogs.

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