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How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have? How to Care for Them

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How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have? The dentition of an adult dog has 42 dazzling white teeth. They are divided into incisors, fangs, and molars and are positioned in the upper jaw and lower jaw so that they can interlock when closing the mouth. This type of bit is called scissor bite, which is often also known by the English term “scissor bite”.

This bit is responsible for ensuring that the dog can neatly bite its prey and food and tear it apart. The dog does not grind and salivate his food. But swallows down the small parts where they are digested in the stomach. The slinging of a dog thus has no effect on the digestibility of the food. However, one animates the dog to chew its food so that it does not swallow itself to big bites.

How many Teeth does a Dog have? – The Structure of the Dogs Teeth:

The 42 teeth of a scissor bite are divided into 20 teeth in the upper jaw and 22 teeth in the lower jaw. The upper dentition consists of 6 upper incisors, 2 canines, 8 anterior molars and 4 posterior molars.

How Many Teeth Do Dogs Have

The lower dentition consists of 6 lower incisors, of which the middle usually turn out a little smaller. Furthermore, 2 canines, 8 anterior molars, and 6 posterior molars are attached to the underside of the dentition.

The Functions of Each Tooth: 

  1. The incisors of the dog are the so-called cockroaches, with the help of which the meat is tickled by the bones. The incisors are also used for grooming. With them, the dog nibbles possible fleas and dirt from the fur.
  2. The dog’s canines are also called fangs and are located to the left and right of the incisors. These are sometimes the most important teeth of the fur noses, as they can thus capture their prey, the food, and even toys.
  3. The premolars are also called premolars or fangs. They serve with their sharp edges for chewing and tearing the food.
  4. With the molars, the molars, bone, dry food and hard food pieces are crushed. The posterior molars are dull and compare to the human molars.

How many Teeth does a Dog have? When will the Dog’s Teeth Develop?

Puppies cannot see the light of day, but after only 3 weeks the first teeth that break through the gums can be noticed. Already at 6 to 8 weeks, puppies have their fully developed milk teeth dentition. The first teeth remain but only for a relatively short period in the mouth of the dog, because already at 4 months, the tooth change begins.

When will the Dogs Teeth Develop

This is, depending on the breed, mostly complete in the 7th month of life. Dog owners usually do not even get the loss of their teeth, because the milk teeth are often simply swallowed with the food. The greater is the luck of master or mistress if nevertheless a first lost milk tooth can be found and kept.

Why is Dental Care so Important for Dogs?

Generally, the teeth of a dog are stable and strong. But our beloved pets are always prone to tartar and tooth decay. Of course, this has to do with nutrition and feeding. Dogs fed exclusively on wet food do not get a natural chance to clean their teeth. If the biter is not cleaned regularly, then it does not take long and tartar is formed.

Special chewing bones, dry food and so-called Denta sticks remove food particles between the teeth and also tartar has almost no chance. Some dog breeds are naturally more prone to tartar. Especially small dogs like Chihuahua, Miniature Pinscher, Yorkshire Terrier and Toy Poodle are more likely to suffer from tartar than large breeds like a German shepherd, Doberman, and Co.

Dental Care so Important for Dogs

With regular dental care, responsible dog owners can proactively counteract these problems. For tooth cleaning, specially designed toothbrushes and toothpaste suitable for dogs should be used.

Toothpaste, which people use, is rather inappropriate. Important for the toothpaste for the dog is that it cleans well and the dog also tastes good. Of course, dogs lick the toothpaste, so it must be harmless.

There are toothbrushes with soft, long bristles, but also so-called finger toothbrushes, which are put on the finger and clean the teeth with nubs. Brushing your teeth rarely makes dogs fun from the start. The sooner you start with the dental care, the more natural it becomes for the four-legged friend. A little patience is definitely part of it.

Here is The How the Dog’s Teeth Can be Cared for:

Also, the teeth should be checked regularly by the veterinarian. Tartar can be quickly and easily removed by the veterinarian. However, if you are not so sure about animal oral hygiene, your teeth may rot and cause painful inflammation. Some teeth can then only be surgically removed.

Dental Diseases in the Dog:

Most dogs suffer from tartar. If one does not remove this, then the gums can ignite. This is extremely painful and the dog is not appetite, because he does not want to eat with pain in the mouth .

Periodontitis, which is triggered by bacterial plaque, can also lead to severe inflammation to the point of tooth failure. Eucalyptus oil has an anti-bacterial effect and helps to keep the dog’s teeth healthy.

Coconut oil can be used if there is already an inflammation in the mouth of the animal. The reddened, often painful area must be carefully brushed several times a day with coconut oil.

By appropriate nutrition, dental care and regular checks, serious dental problems can be largely avoided.

Conclusion on How Many Teeth does a Dog Have?

As you can see, the dog’s teeth have to be cleaned regularly. Without intensive care it can lead to illnesses and the loss of the teeth. What are your dental tips for dogs?

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