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How Often Should I Clean The Litter Box?

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A clean place is a safe place!

Cleanliness is one thing that should be kept around you. Cleanliness keeps a lot of diseases away from you. Keeping your house neat and tidy, have you ever thought about your kitty? By this, I mean your cat’s litter box.

Sometimes, you must have noticed that your beloved kitty may not like his litter box. Cleanliness is next to godliness in case of kitty’s litter.

As a good parent if you are responsible for keeping your child neat and clean, then as a cat lover and owner also only you are responsible for keeping her as well as litter clean and keep your kitty away from bad-smell pop.

Below down, we will be telling you as to how often you should clean your cat’s litter box:

Twice a Day

After the cat has finished its business of scratching, you should make sure that you clean it. Cat’s litter should be cleaned up at least twice-a-day.

If you’re at home and randomly watches the litter, you should clean it up as soon as the cat makes it dirty. If the litter is kept dirty, it is unhygienic as well as harmful to both you and your kitty. So, scoop up the mess as soon as possible.


You should use mats as these are specially designed to trap litters. Some of these mats are hard while some are soft. Mats play a big role in diverting the minds of cats from litters. Its soft surface makes the cats play with them for a long time.

Refill Frequently

Whenever you see that litter gets empty, you should immediately fill it up for your kitty. Always you should make sure that it gets filled it up with fresh as well as good quality litter.

The height of the litter should always be maintained of two or three inches.

Full Cleaning

Your work will not get over by just refilling or scooping it frequently. For hygiene purpose, at-least the litter should get properly washed once a month.

In this process, you should dump all the remaining litter and should wash it properly with the use of soap as well as water.

Always use hot water and mild soap. Be cautious not to use the scented or harsh one here. Also, your soap should be chemical free.

Don’t Fix the Broken Litter

It is quite natural for your litter to break up during the use. Many of you may think of fixing it.

Let me make you aware that don’t ever fix up the litter and make it useful again. Sometimes, changes are unavoidable.

Replace at Frequent Intervals

You should replace your litter with a new one at frequent intervals. You should not use your litter for more than six months.

The reason being litter absorbs bacteria during usage. If not changed, they can become harmful as well as unhygienic.

You should also buy a good quality litter to avoid diseases. Overall the replacement period also depends on the quality of litter you are using.

Besides keeping care of your kitty, don’t forget to keep yourself hygienic. You should always wash your hands before and after cleaning the litter box.

Also, you should keep a stock of the tools you need to do the whole process. There is no brainy work, but should be done very cautiously.

For the emergency purpose, you should have a spare litter box always.

This will help you to frequently changing it and get rid of cat’s unpleasant smell.

Some cats are little different from the other one. They can stop using litter little soon compared to others. If you are using plastic litters, you should change it if it has been scratched a lot as these scratches can become a room of debris as well as bad odor.

By frequently cleaning and replacing the same, you can avoid diseases as well as the bad health of your cat as well as your family members.

You should see that litter is kept in a little silent place, where you don’t have to go frequently.

There are many options available in the market from where you can choose the best one for your kitty.

Don’t get fooled up by picking a cheap quality. Like you, your cat should take a bath every day. This will keep her fresh and active most of the times. To do your work easily, there are self-cleaning litters available that tells you as to when the cat has entered the litter and when it has left.

We hope that this information has given you the ideas about litter and its cleaning process. I would love to solve your issues to the best of my ability. So, which litter are you using for your lovable kitty?

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