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How to Discipline a Cat? Effective Ways to Solve 4 Cat Behaviors

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Cats are so playful, energetic, and stubborn that it can be quite a challenge for pet owners like you to discipline them. Is your feline friend like that? Do you want to learn how to discipline a cat without losing your mind? Read this article and find out how.

Let’s face it—cats aren’t exactly role models when it comes to behavior. They like to scratch their claws on cabinets and cupboards. They can be very finicky when it is time to eat. And they can bite and scratch anyone—even you!

What You Will Need

The following are the things you will need in disciplining your cat:

How to Discipline a Cat

1. How to stop a cat from scratching


First of all, you should understand that scratching is a normal cat behavior. It’s something you cannot completely take out of your cats.

That said, your goal is to train your cat to sharpen her claws on acceptable objects and not on your furniture.

You can give her a scratching post. There are numerous scratching posts that you can find online, like the PetFusion Ultimate Cat Scratcher Lounge or the Go Pet Club Cat Tree.

You can also lessen the damage that your cat’s nails will have on your sofa or cabinet by trimming her nails. There are plenty of nail trimmers you can use for this purpose such as the Safari Professional Nail Trimmer.

If you catch her scratching your cabinet or any inappropriate object, don’t shout at her. You can discipline her by clapping your hands.

You should also have a spray bottle filled with water on standby. When you catch her sharpening her claws on an inappropriate object, you should immediately spray water on your pet to discipline her.

2. How to discipline a cat that bites you.

How To Discipline A Cat That Bites You

Cats bite people due to several reasons. It could be because of emotions like agitation and fear. It can be because of mouth or tooth ailments. Or it may stem from the lack of playtime.

The first thing you have to remember is not to punish a cat that bit you, no matter how angry or scared you may be. Getting physical with the cat won’t solve the issue. In fact it could only make her more aggressive.

If your cat bites because of play-fighting, you can start changing this unwanted behavior by interacting more with her. You may want to give her a toy like the Jackson Galaxy Air Prey Toy.

Using this toy, start to engage with your cat. Teach her how she can redirect her attention and aggression to the toy.

If she continues to bite your hand during play, stop the session. Turn your back to her. This should tell her that you didn’t like her actions.

3. How to discipline a cat that poops outside the litter box.


Your pet just pooped outside the litter box for the nth time. What are you going to do to correct this behavior?

First of all, you should look for a reason why she ignored her litter box again. If she pooped in the shower, it may be due to several reasons like the litter box smelling of ammonia or being full of feces.

Cats are very clean animals. So if you can, give your pet two litter boxes. For example, the Petphabet Jumbo Hooded Cat Litter Box may be the litter box for her poop. Then give her Van Ness CP6 Enclosed Cat Pan where she can pee.

Make sure that you position these litter boxes away from where she eats and drinks.

You can also discourage her from pooping in the shower by leaving some water in the bathtub.

4. How to stop a cat that constantly meows

How To Stop A Cat That Constantly Meows

Cats that meow a lot can be a nuisance. They can become so annoying even to their owners.

If your cat has suddenly become whiny, then think of the probable causes. It might be because of a health problem.

You might have changed your work schedule or become too busy. This could have negatively affected your pet so much that she has meowed a lot recently.

If the latter is the case, then it is time to show your pal that you care for her. Have regular active play sessions with your feline friend.

You should also introduce to her the concept of the word “quiet.” When she meows frequently, look at her and say ‘quiet’ in a calm manner. Once she gets the message and stops meowing, don’t forget to give her a treat or a reward.


Disciplining a cat is one of the few challenges that cat lovers have to overcome. Sure, cats can be stubborn but this doesn’t mean that humans can discipline them.

By following the strategies we shared, you should be able to control your feline friend and prevent her from doing unwanted cat behavior.

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